Dark Star Survivor
212 Falling Flames
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Dark Star Survivor
Author :Enraged_Bear
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212 Falling Flames

As it turned out, the falling androids were not as big of a problem as Zoey had thought they would be. Viridi and her were linked together on a level that Zoey did not fully understand, and just as the androids were about to reach them Zoey realized that their link was getting even stronger!

Zoey had turned around on Viridi's back, holding on with one hand while she got ready to bring out her Crystal Claw to defend themselves when Viridi suddenly reached out through their link, and in the next instant Zoey was sharing her vision with Viridi! Not only that, somehow she was also able to see exactly what Viridi was seeing!

Though the feeling of seeing through another's eyes while simultaneously sharing her vision with another was new to Zoey, it felt natural now that they were doing it, and it would be an immense help right now! In fact, Viridi almost instantly displayed the usefulness of their linked vision by using her tail to smash the closest falling android into the side of the shaft while she continued to pilot their descent with perfect precision! Through Zoey's eyes, she could see the enemies and debris falling behind them, and still maintain control of where she was going!

Zoey took care of the next two androids herself, with a well-placed Shadow Blade slicing them both into pieces and sending them off-course. Another flick of Viridi's tail and another Shadow Blade claimed a third android that had been trying to come in from another angle. Zoey and Viridi were easily keeping the falling androids from reaching them by working together in this manner, but Zoey quickly realized that their biggest problem was still coming!

The ever growing storm of debris above them was getting larger as it fell, and a lot of it was gaining on them! The sections of wall that had been ripped loose, shredded machinery and hydraulic engines, all of that along with the three mangled bridges were falling behind them, threatening to crush them in a mess of metal and oil before they could make it out of the shaft alive. A quick glance at her map showed Zoey and Viridi that they did not have enough time to make it out before the debris reached them, so they would have to improvise.

Knowing what she had to do, Zoey glanced back at the approaching chaos behind them before telling Max to hold on tight. Then she put on the glasses that she had made before, and activated her Dark Star Vision. She had used this technique many times before, but this time it was different. Her vision was currently linked to Viridi, and when she activated her Dark Star Vision, it actually applied to both of them!

Through their link, their minds were working in perfect concert, and now both of them could see the world with extreme acuity and precision through each other's eyes! Every spec of dust, every piece of falling debris was suddenly displayed to them in complete clarity, allowing them to see everything around them as if it was moving extremely slowly in comparison to them.

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Zoey realized that through her link with Viridi, her Dark Star Vision was somehow being enhanced to a degree she could not achieve on her own. Everything was clearer and sharper, her sense of perception enhanced far more than normal, and thanks to that they could both see where they needed to go to avoid the rapidly approaching mess of debris behind them.

As the first bits of machinery came barreling past them, Viridi adjusted their path with a deft flip of her shadowy wings, turning them out from under a massive section of wall that fell past them while streaming oil and machinery behind it. Zoey adjusted her position so she could hold on better and split an android in two pieces as it tried to jump at them from an adjacent piece of falling debris.

Max held on tightly to Viridi's back, his eyes carefully watching the scene around him as Viridi corkscrewed through the air to avoid another chunk of machinery. He trusted Viridi and Zoey, but nobody was perfect. If they needed his help, he would not hesitate!

Meanwhile, Zoey turned another three androids into scrap with her Shadow Blades as Viridi flipped over in midair and used her powerful legs to push off from a large panel that had gotten too close, launching the three of them through a small gap just before it was closed off by a several-ton structural beam. They had only just avoided the crushing weight by a breath, but the danger was still very much present.

A sudden explosion sounded above them as a falling section of debris smashed into a particularly volatile portion of the shaft's walls, triggering another rain of debris along with a large plume of flames that ballooned out and subsequently set most of the oil-soaked mess falling behind them alight in a massive ball of fire! Just when the falling debris was not enough trouble, they got a goddamned fireball too?!

Zoey was exasperated by the ridiculous situation, but the problem was they were still a ways away from where the shaft ended! Zoey could see through Viridi's eyes the flash of lightning from the storm below the city, but it seemed like they would not get free from the shaft before the mass of flaming oil and metal reached them!

Through their link, Zoey and Viridi's minds were working together like they were meant for it, and both of them knew exactly what they had to do...


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