Dark Star Survivor
229 Salvation
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Dark Star Survivor
Author :Enraged_Bear
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229 Salvation

"Miss Baiken, Eve said the mission was complete… We should head back to the clan."

Lieutenant Azai's voice echoed in the room that Markus, Baiken, and he were still standing in. His voice was choked and strained, and his eyes were red with sadness, but they had to go soon. However, Baiken showed no reaction to his voice. She continued to stand rock-still as she stared unflinching at the door where Saigo had disappeared only minutes ago. It was as if she expected the General to come back through the door against all odds and greet them with a smile, saying that everything would be fine. But deep inside, she knew that she would never see his face again.

After a few long moments, Baiken turned away from the door and started to walk away, only to stop next to Markus who was still stunned from the series of events. Sensing her stare, Markus looked up to meet a pair of sorrow and pain-filled eyes that glared at him, accusing him.

"You better fucking earn this," Baiken growled at him, her voice raspy with her suppressed emotions, her eyes conveying blame and sorrow as their gazes locked.

Markus understood what she meant. He did not deserve to live, and yet the General had taken his place and spared his life, giving him another chance. What Baiken was saying was that he had a lot of repaying to do if he ever wanted to repay the debt he now owed to the Asurai clan. As Baiken walked away, a resolution formed in Markus's heart.

{I Markus Rellen, from this day onward pledge my life in service of the Asurai clan!} Deep in his heart, Markus made this promise to himself and to the General that had valiantly sacrificed everything to protect the ones he loved. If it took his whole life, Markus was now determined to pay back the Asurai clan in the General's stead with a lifetime of service, whatever that may amount to.

Then, with one last bow towards the orange light and the door where Saigo had gone through, Markus turned and followed Azai and Baiken as they prepared to head back to the clan.


Max smashed the heavy, sand colored weapon that Zoey had lent him through another group of androids that came rushing at him, sending metal parts and oil spraying out in a fan of junk as his strike wrecked the machines. Not taking a moment to rest, he quickly stepped on the ground, appearing meters away in the blink of an eye and swinging his weapon at another clumped up group of androids.

Channeling Leviathan's power into his body, Max's strength reached far higher than any of the Asurai could hope to match, and even Ssaul was shocked by his raw destructive capabilities as yet another group of androids were smashed to rubble with a single strike.

The Asurai clan was currently in a dire situation, and it was only thanks to the young boy Max and his absurd strength that they had managed to survive this long. The clan was currently in the center of the colosseum-like building they had been hiding in, circled together in a defensive formation as hundreds of machines climbed over the walls and came towards them, their red eyes glowing with cold light. Every able-bodied fighter was on the outer perimeter of the formation while the non-combatants were in the center for protection, and everyone was doing their utmost to survive against the vicious onslaught sent against them.

Max was the only one not in formation. Instead, he was out in the midst of the machines, moving like a flash of violet lightning as he crushed the largest groups of androids into scrap metal. Ssaul had determined after realizing his strength that this was the best use of his power, and in reality, it was the only thing allowing the Asurai clan to survive against the machines.

But time was running out. The machines had far too many numbers compared to the Asurai clan, and Max could not use Leviathan's strength for much longer. His body was already starting to fatigue from what he had already done, and the battle showed no signs of stopping. Of course, he would keep going until he couldn't move anymore, but when that happened, the clan would be in even more trouble.

In the back of everyone's mind, they were all worried about the others that were out trying to shut the city's factories down. Would they succeed? Had they encountered any troubles? How would they return safely? Despite their own dire situation, it was the ones that were not here that they were worried about. Despite that, thanks to Ssaul's and Taigen's leadership, and the ground-shaking strength on display from Max, they maintained their defensive formation and held on to hope that their friends would soon return safely.

On one side of the Asurai defensive formation, Taigen's azure blade flashed as another machine was cut down before him, opening a space that allowed him to take a breath and survey the situation for a second. The Asurai clan was no stranger to battles like this where the enemy vastly outnumbered them, and the defence was holding well, but the concern in his eyes was growing the longer they did not hear back from Zoey and Saigo.
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It was at this moment that a massive shadow suddenly blocked out the dim light from above, causing the battle below to pause for a moment as the Asurai and even the androids looked to the sky to see what had appeared. The scene that awaited the caused a fierce joy to spring awake in the hearts of the Asurai clan as their hungry eyes beheld their salvation at last.

Coming down towards them was the elegant profile of the Stella Tenebris, her streamlined edges and sharp angles cutting a heroic shape against the backdrop if the storm encapsulating the flying city. Looking none the worse for wear, the Stella Tenebris had once more come to rescue the Asurai clan from their demise, and their eyes were filled with worship and awe as they looked skyward. It was indeed their salvation at long last.


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