Dio El
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Dio El
Author :Prananjay
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When you read a lot of reincarnation and transmigration stories you are somewhat prepared for the other world immediately after you figure out which fictional universe you belong to. If you are expecting a smooth sailing system dependent MC you are in for a surprise.

For when I was reborn it wasn't a world of swords and magic nor was I born as someone who has ultra rich parents. I was born as a orphan whose parents were sacrificed by Zod during the war against Daxam. If you still have not figured it out I was born in the DC universe as the son of two warriors obviously from the semiclone tank as natural births were out of fashion.

I was meant to be soldier like my parents whom I never saw except for when they sent me to the academy for basic training.

As I was undergoing my training I got the news that they were sent on a assassination mission to kill the Daxam royalty which they failed and the government did a plausible deniability and branded my parents as terrorists as no Kryptonian was capable of doing such a thing.

I was kicked out of the academy as they didn't want the future soldiers infected by the such radical and treasonous child who was definitely a future issue.

At this point you might be wondering why I am treating it so coldly. My parents were warriors who felt that emotional attachment was a burden and only gave me existence as they were required to do so under millitary law. My first memory was of me being pulled out a bubble as and being placed on a cold desk as my parents signed the documents authorizing my purchase and then being cared for by a faceless robot who taught me everything from walking to reading all my primary education was done by the robot during the time of my development my parents individually came and observed. I felt for the longest time like a animal in a zoo.

You might be thinking at this point I should have shown my intelligence reading writing as one year or so. Frankly as a one year old being able to have conscious thought was a miracle in itself over the ever gnawing hunger and the tiredness. As I grew older by a year I couldn't roam by myself as a little bit of movement beyond the parameters would make the robot grow arms and legs and it would pick me up and drop me back to the original spot and it never got tired.

As my primary education was the same way an exoskeleton was placed on me covering me completely making me walk stand run and if I tried to sit down it wouldn't allow me to do so. My first video was a propaganda about the glory of Krypton and how my individuality was meaningless.

As I experienced this I was glad this place was going to blow up in the future.

Until I reached the academy I didn't have a single memory of having human contact. I felt extremely shocked when I realized that every other child was the same as me. No heartwarming stories about brothers, sisters, family. During the hand to hand combat was the first time that I touched another living being who did try to pluck out my eyeballs.

As we grew up surrounded by touching or being touched was strange, weird and made everyone feel uncomfortable which we were made to overcome. We didn't speak unless we had to deliver a message or receive one.

As I became a 10 year old the news came and I was picked up by two G420 bots and sent back to place where I learnt the fate of my parents.

On arrival at my parents house one of the G420 informed me about my current circumstance.

"Former trainee D701 you have been excommunicated from the academy due to your family being marked as terrorists. As being too young to be sent to prison for being associated you have been publicly shunned by the council and cannot in future apply for any military or government positions you are free to apply for any position that does not directly or indirectly impact the government."

Ripping off the Band-Aid was something these people were too good at.

" Your genetic donors didn't make any plans for you so their individual accounts have been terminated and their savings have been put under your name D701. Your personal bots have been updated with the new protocols and additionally you are also the owner of present abode."

I breathed a sigh of relief and for the first time in this world I asked something.

"How much do I have in my account and am I allowed to travel to another planet ?"

"D701 you have 50,000 kryps in your account and a ticket for space travel costs around 30,000 krps to known planets furthest being the mining colony B880 being under the control of Krypton AI Brainac for resource extraction. You are banned from traveling to Daxam, Nx550 and Zdr660."

"Okay. You can leave now"

The two bots flew out to the academy as I gazed at this world. Flying cars, superior trains, space travel, cloning, complete automation. I could start a new life here not being subject to any mandatory program I could read learn write whatever I wanted.

"Primary bot A6 find the planet Earth based in the milky way galaxy and find out how much time it will take to get there"


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