Dio El
2 Gathering
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Dio El
Author :Prananjay
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2 Gathering

"The planet Earth is located 50 light years away from the colony X565 which was previously dominated by insect life form and after extensive cleansing is suitable for Kryptonian occupancy, the planet is currently a virgin planet having carbon based life forms due to starlight source being unstable extended stay is harmful. The costs for travel are 10000 kryps and it will take 6 months hibernation travel to reach there. There is no direct flight to Earth but one way spacecraft can be acquired locally for 4000 kryps."

"Okay, make the required bookings and additionally download all the civilian tech available from the Beacon net. I want everything art, culture, literature, music, science both biological and technical with emphasis on inventions made till date"

"Command accepted. Your flight ticket is on the 7th of next month due to obscurity of the destination and your current balance is 10000 kryps after all the required deductions. Please proceed to L24 pad for departure and the time is 09:00 hrs."

"Any issues while processing this command or details that I need to be aware during boarding?"

"Perishable food items and any kind of weapons are not permitted on board. You can carry only 2 temporary bots for personal security as due to distance from Kryptonian servers bots are subject to malfunction."


This was good I expected there to be issues like insufficient balance or ban on travel for me but apart from me being labelled a social outcast there was no obvious issues.

"Make me a physical copy for the ticket and the light data is to be stored on portable device"

"Command accepted"

Now that I had ensured my survival the next step would be food and clothing.

"Bot buy me clothes for every day wear and food should be available in the house till my flight date"

" The food stores at the residence is currently at 25% capacity and will last for 3 months while clothing will be difficult to procure as all the local establishments have declined to provide clothes to you due your pariah status."

"Finally something that shows the Kryptonian justice system, repurpose the fabric available in the house for me in the latest styles for me. Find out the night life clubs and bars which I can frequent."

"Currently 6 sets of fabric are being repurposed based on the Beacon trends Glass issue and due to your current age being 10years you are forbidden from entering night life establishments"

"Not surprising. That puts a damper on my plan to party until my departure. Are there any courses that I can learn for free"

"There are 3 courses you can attend having one month duration near you : Healing internal and external by Alura El , Physical Robotics by Zor El and a social group by Science class on the benefits of Cross species integration and growth by Kara Zor El, all 3 are within 10 minutes walking distance"

I stared in shock was this for real.

Supergirl was my neighbor.

What are the odds of that.

"Sign me up for all three"

"command accepted"


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