Dio El
3 Socializing
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Dio El
Author :Prananjay
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3 Socializing

The next day I used the fly06 personal transport vehicle to reach the location of the course classroom and I found a small number of children near my age from the science faction attending with their parents. It was quite different from my childhood.

"Bot describe the family life & childhood of science faction "

My personal bot hovered next to me and replied.
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"The Kryptonian government believes that the science faction needs more human interaction as they are relied on for innovation which is possible when one has the choice to think independently, for facilitating this children from the day of sale are taken care of by the parents and educated on the current status so that they can find answers to questions and have the ability to ask. Due to the current status of Krypton amongst its neighboring planets of being a tyrant and oppressor they are being trained to facilitate diplomacy as currently Krypton due to its policies is banned from interplanetary trade majority of planets do not allow Kryptonians to visit even on temporary or tourist basis due to acts of aggression committed against them and their planet."

"That is more than I asked"

" I have measured your pattern of asking questions and I am able to predict your future questions"

"I should be gushing and feeling thrilled about advanced you are, but all I feel is a sense of unease and wariness. Alright enough discussion lead me to the entrance have you updated the database with my new name"

"Yes your name is Dio En and all the instructions are aware of the name the instructors are also aware of your background and have decided to use a wait and see approach. Due to animosity cultivated due to difference between upbringing and societal norms science class see themselves as superior to Arms class. You will face discrimination although they will not sabotage due their inherent arrogance."

As I reached the door it automatically opened mentioning my name and seat number to which I was directed to and sat down next to a blonde girl on my right and a brunette on my left there were individual screens on each seat and reminded me of computer labs on earth.

Kara POV:

I heard him before I saw him the "terrorist kid" how could he even dare to come here. Dad had painstakingly designed this chamber to mimic the classrooms of old and everyone who came usually let out a sigh of nostalgia which was captured by the optics near the door and yet he just dismissed it as ordinary.

Using my forefinger I tapped my left wrist and a small screen came up.

KA2A: Did you see the guy who just walked in?.

N3A: Yes, that red hair is striking I never thought I would see someone having such a rich color in science class and he's quite good looking.

KA2A: Forget about his looks. Did you forget who he is?

N3A: I don't think I have seen him before is he famous or something?

KA2A: He's infamous he is D701 from arms class the terrorist kid.

N3A: Oh! That's so sad. How did you find out his information is supposed to be classified not even his appearance is made public.

KA2A: I asked my aunt and she showed me his file.

N3A: That's illegal. You can be sent to prison for that.

KA2A: Stop being a wuss. All the adults know only we are being kept in the dark.

N3A: If Rel and other boys find out it will be a huge mess. You're parents are too lax with you.

KA2A: You're just jealous that I get to head a class by myself.

N3A: That is not something to be proud of you do know that it is usually used as a punishment class.

KA2A: So it doesn't matter I will make the class fun. He even enrolled for it.

N3A: No do not approach him. Approaching him with foreknowledge is not making friends but is manipulation.

KA2A: Watch me.

As I watched the videos I felt a hand tap my shoulder I looked it was the blonde girl.



" I am Kara from the science class who are you?"

" I am Dio today is my first day here"

" Really are you from some other Kryptonian colony?"

"No I was brought up here "

" Are you sure?"

"Are you interrogating me? I don't like being asked personal questions."

" Huh. I asked you should answer"

" Are you sure what you are doing is actually asking instead of ordering. I am not comfortable so I won't."

"You are so full of yourself"

"You are disturbing me " I spoke and activated the noise cancellation buds in my ear.

Kara fumed he was ignoring her and he was doing it so blatantly.

N3A: Told you it was a bad idea.

KA2A: How dare he ignore me. Does he not know who I am?.

N3A: I think he doesn't. Even then your Dad started this class because you were lagging behind and since he couldn't give you personal tutoring he did this don't mess it up.

KA2A: I don't like this class. It's boring and I want to become a reporter covering news.

N3A: In your dreams that occupation has become extinct 700 years ago and plus robots do it all the time and it is preferred.

NA2A: I will find a way meanwhile our class needs to know that a dangerous individual is amongst us.

N3A: Are you stupid? You will be sabotaging his learning and if the others find out it will be a huge fight"

KA2A: Oops already did it anonymously and this chat has been deleted from mine and yours. Let's watch the fun now.


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