Dio El
4 Conflic
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Dio El
Author :Prananjay
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4 Conflic


As I saw the video I was surprised. Another example of Kryptonian excellence in technology. I had assumed that the lessons would be like the lessons on Earth and I would actually need to concentrate but it was not so. Every word, exclamation, period I could recall perfectly as if I had read it thousand times and memorised it verbatim.

The progress Krypton had made in the field of education was mind boggling. Even when I was interrupted by Kara I could still recall everything I had just .

I could see why Kryptonians were so egotistical such superior learning. They had forgotten more about technology than a human being had learnt in centuries.

As I marvelled over it. I felt suddenly the hair on the back of my neck standing. I immediately became alert. Back at the academy we were taught how to never neglect any feedback through our senses as being Kryptonian our physics were primed to perfection if we felt danger it was guaranteed that we were under threat.

I leaned back a bit the chair bending according to support me and I quickly moved my eyes left and right without moving my head.

Kara was muffling her laughter with her fist while her fingers danced on the table in anticipation. Her friend showed exasperation and a little bit worry her body was facing towards me while her face stared at the screen ahead.

I could feel animosity in my surroundings growing. My emotions were going haywire but I kept a lid on it. Over the past 10 years we were taught not how to attack over perceived threats but combat only genuine ones.

I took a breath and counted backwards if my training had been completed I could've been in more control yet the flight or fight response was at high alert.

I instinctively moved when I felt the slight creak of an arm being extended behind me.

My left arm in response shooting behind my head as a flying object collided with my wrist and fell down.


A shrill noise erupted. As a robotic voice spoke authoritatively.

"Student 7675 Rel Qz you are found guilty of disrupting the class you are banned from attending the physical robotics class until you reflect on your behavior and provide a suitable reason to be allowed to be here. Collect your belongings and leave now."

"Student 9923 Dio En are you injured? If yes you are to report to the medical center immediately if you are alright the class will resume."

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"I am fine" I replied. This was surprising I expected to engage in a fist fight but the calculated response no concession programming in the bots. Made everything easier to handle.

The boy who threw the object which had been a lightpad was already collected by the cleaning bot and the boy himself had been removed from the class without fanfare.

I was anticipating some conflict by which I could measure myself against the science class students but it was not to be so.

The lesson resumed.

Kara looked disappointed. I could infer that she was somehow involved but jumping to conclusions had been beaten out of me years so all I could do was continue with the class.

N3A: Look what you did. You better apologize to Rel after the class he is surely sulking outside.

KA2A: Yeah I will buy him some Anax as sorry for this. But I didn't think that the response would be so prompt or it would turn up this way. I expected some fight or some name calling but nothing happened.

N3A: Of course, nothing would happen this is not some primitive institute where Kryptonians indulge in fist fights like primates. You should stop watching the history channel it is history for a reason nothing in it applies today and don't try to deny it I was with you when you were watching the wallcast on primitive classrooms and teachers.

KA2A: Yeah I understand. I won't bother him anymore.

N3A: I know you, Kara. Don't even try to rope in your family to make his life miserable. Rao knows they indulge you too much.

KA2A: Okay. Okay I won't do that. But isn't it strange that an arms class is learning science?

N3A: No it isn't. He has no other choice but to study science. I feel bad for him. Don't you go painting him with the same brush as his parents. The point of these classes is that we can better our relationship with others not find reasons to hate others.

KA2A: Okay. I won't do that.

' I will find out what he is doing anyway and then prove it to you that he's up to no good. Just you wait and watch'


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