Dio El
5 Annoyance
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Dio El
Author :Prananjay
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5 Annoyance


The classes proceed one after the other and I believed that Kara might do some mischief during her lesson.

Which might have been her intention as well until she saw her Mom in one of the front seats and gave a big sigh of defeat and proceeded to take the lesson strictly without deviation the benefit of everyone. I now knew how much Kryptonians had antagonized all their neighbors stealing resources, establishing satellite bases on other planets, blatantly interfering in other planets business there was even a list of words that Kryptonians were not allowed to say to aliens from other planets which might drive others to frothing rage.

It was funny.

And I was immensely glad that Superman did not grow up here.

Also I knew who all would shoot first the moment they realized that I was a Kryptonian.


Green Lantern Corps



Daxam by being neighbors with Krypton had issues since the beginning of space travel.

Green Lantern Corps they stole a ring and tried to create a power battery but failed the Green Lantern of their section had ensured that no ring would ever land on Krypton and their successors had ensured it as well.

Korugar Illegal mining in their system leading to the extinction of 5 native species of animals. Last one was attributed to Brainiac who in order to complete a project indulged himself and till date Korugarians were still demanding reparations for the damages.

The Guardians had imposed a heavy fine on anyone who traded with Krypton and Krypton been in isolation for a while.

The ordinary Kryptonians were xenophobic and felt anything that wasn't Kryptonian wasn't worthy of attention.

All this was never mentioned in comics or the TV show and during an episode when Brainiac told Superman the truth led to him having a mental breakdown.

As the class ended I was confronted by Mrs. Zor-El, who apologized for the disturbance and that the perpetrator would be suitably punished for such behavior I nodded back and didn't say anything. I was afterall abandoning them to their fate. Forming bonds would be giving me emotional baggage and nothing else.

There was no way or shape I could warn them and expect to be believed. A traitor to the planet, a 10 year old, an average former student of arms class.

I didn't even remember when it happened on Krypton the only consolation that I had, was that there was no tension between the government and military.

Zod was off-world and a quick search revealed that just yesterday both Jor-El and his wife were seen in public attending a science meet and I could determine that the no noticeable baby bump.

So I was safeish.

Kara also looked like a younger version of the girl on the show.

Another guarantee that I had time.

My ten years were spent learning the Martial arts of Krypton it was at beginner level but something was better than nothing.

Which wasn't of much use in my current age.

As I reached home I could see some graffiti painted on the walls and the bots were already cleaning it up.

Primary bot A6 approached me and gave me a summary.

"5 teenagers indulged in defaming & attempted destruction of private property they have been apprehended and will be serving time at the local correctional facility."

"D701 do you want to impose a financial fine as well? You are not required to do so but if you do your claim will be approved under the destruction of private property Law 676.5"

"No, I don't want to impose a fine. How much time are they serving & is there a way to reduce it?"

"Negative. As per the law they are required to serve 2 weeks and it cannot be either reduced or increased."

"Okay. Continue with your regular duties"

As the bot flew away from me.

I took off my shoes and immediately a hatch opened on the side of the wall and my shoes went in as if there were magnets attached at its base and it was moving like it was on an incline.

And within 5 seconds I got a notification that my shoes were cleaned up and now the shoes were placed in the bottom rack of the wardrobe.

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I was going to miss this level of comfort.

Everything in the house was controlled by an A.I.

As I did my daily update for General Zod. There was news he was coming back after dealing with some rebellion in the colonies.

This was news and not good news for me.

As I pondered the implications of his arrival.

Primary bot A6 approached me and announced.

"D701, Kara Zor-El is requesting entry to your abode she is carrying a box with dimensions 10"x10"x5" carrying 25 pieces of a consumable product by the scan of her box it has been determined that no product has been used that might be harmful to D701 "

"Okay, Let her in"

"Command Accepted"


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