Dio El
6 Talking
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Dio El
Author :Prananjay
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6 Talking


Out of all the ways I had expected to spend my day meeting Kara Zor-El with a box full of cake was not something that I had imagined.

As the doors slid open and she stepped in. I had decided that I was neither going to be friendly or unfriendly. Caching anyone's attention was bad and after I made my way to Earth and she recognized me she could potentially make my life very difficult.

The show had painted a very unflattering picture of her. I was still unsure when I will end up on Earth would it be before Superman, before Supergirl or after them both I didn't have a phantom drive to cross Galaxies in the blink of an eye or even that I could make it out of Krypton's orbit.

Everything was up in the air and I didn't have anything to assure me that I would be reaching safety to Earth and not get lost in space.

I noticed that she was wearing Kryptonian toga with a mark of house El and then looked at me in the eye and then looked down leaning on one leg and then another.

I was simply standing in front of her my mind not giving me the proper greeting. Do I say Hello or Hi when we met people on Krypton or was it an Earth thing.

The uncomfortable silence stretched.

I was tongue tied & she was obviously waiting for me to say something or anything to break the silence and I didn't know what to do. We hadn't been taught about this or even I had no inkling of the right way. I had forgotten how to speak to people.

So I said the one thing that all bots and humans respond to - their name.

"Kara Zor-El" I said that and stopped and hoping she would get the hint and start talking.

"Dio En" she responded back and said nothing else.

And we were back in the room with uncomfortable silence.

She probably thought I was arrogant and conceited I was having my first social interaction with a peer of the same age in 10 years. My communication skills had gone extinct I was thinking too much and saying too little.

I made another attempt.

" You brought a box"

This finally elicited a response from her that wasn't a mirroring of what I said.

" It is an apology box for the class. I still think that you should be punished. What your parents did has created a setback for Krypton's relations for the next

decade at least"


" Do you have any idea how much effort I put into feeding required info to the bot to create this? I also have remedial lessons every third day on discipline and bullying? "


" Ral from our class is already being punished by his parents"


"Are you trying to annoy me?"


"Do you know any more words other than okay and no?"


"I know the joke that goes around that arms class is for verbally challenged you are just proving the stereotype."

"I'm sorry" I want to say something different.

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"I'm really getting mad at you right now"

"I'm sorry" why can't I say anything else.

"Wait a second! Tell me about Kryptonian anthem"

"The anthem was written during the golden age of Krypton by Haz Gb during the year…."

"Stop, Replace the word Krypton with Daxam and say it again"

"The anthem was written during the golden age of Dax…"

My body began hurting and my heart rate sped up like an engine my ears felt like they were going to burst.

I couldn't breathe and the last thing I saw was Kara yelling help while looking at her wrist and a worried look on her face, I could see the sweat dripping from her head as darkness claimed me even as I tried to fight it.


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