Dio El
7 Mind
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Dio El
Author :Prananjay
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7 Mind


Kara stood next to her Mom and Dad as they ran multiple devices over Dio. She still couldn't believe that the phrase she had read was actually still effective or still being used she had found the code in a book that if spoken to an arms cadet would render them immobile. It was one of the things she had believed that had been removed after the last rebellion from the millitary as it was supressing freedom.

"Kara, what were you thinking? This child would have been permanently paralyzed if we hadn't arrived when we did"

"I'm sorry. I thought that it was just a rumour that millitary cadets have no sense of self and are no more than puppets for the council"

"Kara, our government or a clearer way to say it our planet is a conquering planet and for the sake of that goal our millitary is incredibly strict you can even say that a warrior who doesn't fight is useless. So they have their entire bodies optimized for combat with sublime and sometimes direct orders ingrained in their minds that even prevents them from even thinking about rebelling."

"That's brainwashing"

"Yes, but majority feels that these restrictions are meant to be else they couldn't feel safe"

"I don't know Dio but even then I don't think he would harm someone without a good reason."

He sighed "Even if he had one he would be unable to, as long as he is a cadet he can't throw a punch all he can do is take it even against someone with the intention of killing him"

" What! That's horrible!"

"Well, nobody trusts a cadet to hold back if he starts to fight. A cadet against even an adult science or arts class alumni would be incapable of even surviving even in a group of three there is absolutely no chance of victory they are literally born to fight and kill"

"But if they are so dangerous then why ?"

"Because we created them that way. We need them and by the time they graduate they are completely indoctrinated their motto, goal and dream are only of Krypton and they dream of bringing glory to Krypton any added advantage is that any Kryptonian born on Krypton needs they will get it for him or her even at the expense of their own life"

" But then his parents would also be like him?"

"Yes, that the secret the council has been keeping from everyone do not try to tell anyone about it we have authorisation to know it because of our work. Even if an outsider tells or tries to spread Brainiac will kill him and his entire family without hesitation.


" Can we remove the brainwashing from him as he is no longer part of them"

"No we can't, but your aunt can help him. Zod is on his way back and his position of General allows him remove it or we can send a request to Brainiac to remove it"

"Will Brainiac actually help him? And not try to get him killed?"

"Brainiac is an AI it's priority will always be there for resolving Kryptonian issues and this child although a pariah is a Kryptonian so his welfare is also it's job"

"Thanks, Dad"

"Don't thank me yet, you need to apologise to him for almost killing him and tell him about the brainwashing poor kid I don't think he would be aware of it. I won't do it on your behalf"

"But, Dad"

"It's final"


~~~~~POV change~~~~~

I felt like waking up but I could not. I tried opening my eyelids but they felt extremely heavy. I could not see or hear or smell anything my mind was active but my body was frozen.

What happened to me.

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Did I die again?

Was I in purgatory.

When I heard a word.

"A33256 AWQR activate"

Suddenly my body was back in my control my eyes opened and I felt all my senses once again.

"What happened?"

"Thank Rao, you look fine. I thought I almost killed you. I am very sorry for that. I will compensate you for the trouble I caused but how could I know that the old control command was still effective. But still it was good that I found out else you would have never known"

"Stop" as my mind began processing what Kara said. There are brainwashing codes in my head which can shut me down immediately.

The fear which I had buried for all these years came back but I couldn't even change my expression. The years of torment my face was blank & not reflecting the whirlwind of emotions inside.

I looked at her.

She was standing next to me there was a pity there.


"My home"


" I the stupid idiot used a brainwashing code on you and accidentally almost killed you"


"I'm really sorry"


"Are you okay now?"

"Yes" I could now feel everything again.

" Okay"


"Freedom" I asked I was still having a hard time saying sentences.

"Yeah, Dad said that you will need to speak to General Zod or Brainiac to remove it. I asked Dad he said that since you are no longer part of military there would be no need for you to be under it."

"Thank you"

"Do you need to me to take you home"

"Self "

"Okay, I understand if you are still angry."

"Rest"..... "Home" I spoke as I tried to stand up and almost stumbled.

"Watch out" Kara spoke as she caught me by my arm and stabilized me.

"Hmm" I stood straight for a second and Kara left my arm then I began walking.

" Take the first left you can't miss it" she spoke but thankfully didn't follow me.

I reached the balcony my primary bot was there.

"Home… take me home"


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