Dio El
8 Secrets
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Dio El
Author :Prananjay
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8 Secrets


As soon as I reached home, I needed rest and I called the bot.

As soon as I got confirmation that the bed was ready my body was lifted off my feet and my body was floating horizontally on top of a bed of clouds which was moving gently towards the bedroom there was no sound, the lights began dimming as my body was gently placed by the clouds of black gas which disappeared immediately after doing their job.

"Bot" I spoke as my face was buried in cushions as my clothes were removed and changed into sleep wear.

"Run a diagnosis on my body and tell me how many unnatural objects exist in my body and what are the functions they perform."

"Command accepted "

As my head began feeling heavy and my eyes closed up & I fell asleep.

~~~~Next Morning~~~

I woke up to the sound of the alarm. A metallic ring that echoed through my entire body like a Buddhist singing bowl which had been struck thrice.

As I stood up from my bed the primary bot was activated and was waiting in static.

"Bot, my daily updates"

"Command acknowledged, the Zor-El family has sent mail to General Zod on your behalf and has copied you on the mail another copy has been sent Brainac."


"General Zod has received the mail and has given his permission to remove all the millitary enhancements present in your body. Brainiac will assist in the procedure soon as it gets your consent to begin."

"What about non millitary enhancements? And I asked about the number of foreign objects in my body and their purpose yesterday."

"There are currently 3000 enhancements present in your body which regulate hormones, brain patterns, optimum body built, foreign environment aclamatization, sensory organ optimization, radiation resistance, pain resistance, anti-torture bots and other minor enhancements. The millitary enhancements that will be removed from you are sensory organ optimization, radiation resistance, pain resistance, anti-torture bots present in your blood stream also loyalty program will also be removed"
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"Okay, loyalty program what does it mean?"

"At any given point of time you cannot disobey the order of a higher ranking Kryptonian officer nor can you willingly or otherwise cause harm to Krypton".

"What would have happened if I did something ?"

" Your body will immediately lock up and a signal will be sent to Brainiac to collect you"

"Have any of my actions been in violation of the loyalty program?"

"Yes, the action of leaving Krypton without permission from a high ranking officer of the millitary would be in violation of the program. You will be sent to a mining colony for 10 years as punishment."

"Why wasn't I informed of this? This directly causes harm to me and my welfare"

"Individuality is secondary on Krypton, your action of leaving the planet would deprive the planet of a healthy Kryptonian of prime age who can be utilized in activities like mining, medicine, infrastructure and science"

"Okay" I sighed. Better now that ever, I sympathized with Zod for going complete genocidal on Earth he saw Clark as someone who betrayed Krypton and it's ideals.

And surviving the fall of Krypton by spending my days at a mining colony was not my idea of freedom.

"Bot, send a thank you message to the Zor-El's for their assistance and send another message to General Zod for his permission"

"Acknowledged, message received by recipients. Zor-El's have responded back by saying it was the least that they could do to help a fellow Kryptonian while General Zod has also acknowledged the message and has scheduled a meeting with you on his arrival you are required to be present at 16:00 hours at Zod residence, this meeting cannot be cancelled, rescheduled or postponed"

Hearing that message there was just one statement in my mind.

"Well, shit."


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