Dio El
9 Zod
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Dio El
Author :Prananjay
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9 Zod


Days passed by without much incident since the revelation and the classes went on without any trouble. There were no more disciplinary incidents yet there was an undercurrent of anger directed at me at all times.

If someone thought that the brief interaction with the Zor-El's would end up with me becoming some sort of family friend that was impossible.

They maintained their professional distance there was no favoritism not was there any uncomfortable feelings towards or against me.

Which served me well enough before my operation but now I realized how much of my emotions were being suppressed.

Immediately after the operation, I flinched the moment my feet touched the ground and immediately after the floor heated up to a comfortable temperature like my feet were on tiles which had been kept in the sun for a while.

I laughed at that and then I kept on laughing for an hour continuously after which I felt thirsty and I grabbed a glass full of water and drank it.

My eyebrows shot up and down at the taste initially it was ordinary flavor then by the next sip it was orange juice then by the next sip it was grape juice until it settled back to the usual taste of clean water.

I did not know that my taste buds were also being controlled the whole day was spent relearning how to control my body.

Surprisingly now I could slip, slide and sweat like a normal person after any sort of exercise.

But ultimately I got fully acclimatized and could interact with people without making a fool of myself.

After about a week or so I received a message from Zod that I was to present myself at his residence the next Rao day at the earlier mentioned time.

I had tried to figure out when he was coming back the day and date but I had been stalled on that front with message that military officers arrival and departure are state secrets and cannot be disclosed to outsiders, civilians and officials of Krypton.

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There was nothing much to do after that so I went to the classes, went to the malls and game parlours which went by different names. I saw all the sights and sounds that Krypton had to offer everything from technology to music to art to history all of it.

It was a beautiful experience I doubted that I could have such mesmerizing experience before the operation I could smile, laugh, frown, wiggle my ears and all such things earlier it all seemed that I was piloting a mecha with first person view and limited stimulus I couldn't even think of anything else other than my desire to learn as much as I could and leave the planet.

There were planet wide air purification systems which beat the local Flora by 1000 times. Any of the problems that earth was facing had been solved centuries ago the rivers and lakes were so clean that you could see the bottom of the sea floor through ordinary eyes even at a depth of 600 feet.

People could not get fat or skinny. Everyone was at peak health all the time. The life expectancy was 300 years as the brain could not sustain it any longer which was weird to say that people from 6 generations were still around and looked no different than 30 year olds.

Entertainment was so exploited that for a single musical note there were more than 10 billion variations not to talk of instrumental music. Movies were exhausting for every genre there were 200 billion movies and they were so good that you would end up being emotional even after emotion suppressing implants.

Horror movies were so terrifying that I could not sleep for days after watching barely 1 minute of the movie, same for romance every smallest of action like flinching could make a viewer a crying mess.

Comedy was so explored that it had sub categories for sub categories like a single laugh comedy upto 1 million laughs which was very similar to music.

All this I wanted to save but I couldn't. There was no way I could accomplish that if Brainiac had the slightest suspicion it would shut down the entire planet and use all the energy to save itself.

Absolutely nothing would work, then people couldn't even get out of their house trapped in darkness and waiting for their inevitable deaths.

Worst case even Superman doesn't make it off planet.

Technology here had become so advanced a complete shutdown would be catastrophic on planetary scale.

Could I send a note.

What would it be 'Hey, why don't you go off-world for a while, or I have heard that new virgin planet has been found it is just waiting for settlers, or are you bored ? space travel is having a resurgence.

None of them would work'

My head was obsessed with making a workable solution for evacuation.

As the day arrived I stood outside the Zod residence an hour earlier.

At exactly one minute before the given time the bot of the residence announced.

"General Zod is expecting you"

The gates opened and I walked in.


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