Dio El
10 Revelations
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Dio El
Author :Prananjay
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10 Revelations


As I I walked through Zod's residence.

I had always imagined his residence filled with awards, prizes and notable accomplishments and my imagination was false as Zod's house was the perfect example of minimalist living.

There were no pictures there no memorabilia there was just the symbol of the House Zod it looked like a monk's residence the robots directed me to his office.

While the Zor'el house was bursting with personality here the house was no different than a cheap motel in between stops.

I walked inside zod office. He was tall, a very imposing person of 6'3 or 6'4 with a slight bit of salt and pepper beard he was in his dark blue uniform and was standing against the window gazing at the sunset both his hands clasped at back as a robot took notes using a light pen the room was white and with multiple memory crystals kept in a neat pile.

He turned around and looked at me.

"Cadet 701 or Dio En as you have decided to name yourself.

I have gone through the reports of your time at the academy and I am happy to say that your absence would not adversely impact Krypton and as such you can leave the planet peacefully and without interference. I would like to ask you one thing what do you think about Krypton? What do you feel about Kryptonians? Are you going to come back sometime later or do you wish to spend the rest of your life in exile ?"
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My mind was frozen I didn't know why I didn't immediately respond. Since I had entered the room my body had immediately adopted the kryptonian equivalent of attention my palm was on my chest and my other hand was at the back in such a manner that a fist was visible. This was the standard military salute which was taught to anyone when facing a superior officer and although I had left the military I was still doing it which was a punishable crime but I couldn't stop myself. Additionally he had asked me a question and I was unable to answer I wanted to speak but I couldn't.

"I see" zod replied.

"The mind manipulation & the brain mapping is still having an effect do not not worry your body will purge it soon. This kind of thing is very common among people who have left the military they develop a strong sense of patriotism or or try to act against the enemies of Krypton to prove the loyalty and try to get back into the fold.

By this time next week your body and mind will be complete control of your own and you would not be forced to do anything anything that you do not want to do this my goodwill.

"At ease, you can speak now"

'What' I thought.

This was something that I never thought of even after the brainwashing implements and tools in my body we removed. I thought that I would suffer no side effects and according to what is Zod said right now they were still acting up and it is very common too.

"Thank you sir I am grateful."

"Do not think much about it, D701 .What happened to you made me realise something important I wasn't consciously aware of this so you can say in a manner that you have helped me you're dismissed."

That was it.

A dismissal as abrupt as any.

There was no talk of shared history, about my parents, or anything even remotely emotional. It was simply as if I had brought a file which he stamped and told me to move along.

Using the least number of words to convey everything he wanted to say and letting me know that my new sense of patriotism was nothing more than the lingering effects of the brainwashing they subjected everyone to.

My fear of Krypton rose to the forefront once again.

"What did he say at the end? I helped him.

Was the reason for Zod's failure in Canon due to the brainwashing which was already in his body?

Did I mess up the original timeline?"

As my body turned around and my heart hammered inside my body.


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