Dio El
11 Leaving
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Dio El
Author :Prananjay
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11 Leaving


The next few days passed uneventfully although I noticed that the Zor-El's were paying attention to me slightly more than usual.

I was sure that it was because I met Zod and nothing else.

There was also news that Jor El's wife had taken a vacation and was not going to make any more public appearances for the next few months and Kara's mom was handling some of the work.

The countdown has started and thankfully I will be far away in space & what my immediate concern was the rebellion from Zod.

I hadn't been called upon since that day and hopefully I did not want to be involved any more with the Canon characters on Krypton.

What would I do once I meet them on Earth?

That's a question I didn't want to think about either.

Krypton by itself was exhibiting signs there were minor tremors here and there.

Which I found out only because I was looking over the treeline one tree shook violently but before it could affect other trees suddenly bots rose and flew in the direction launched javelins near the tree which stabilized the ground before turning on cloaking tech making them invisible.

I gulped and walked towards my living room.

Brainiac was leaving no stone unturned to ensure that Kryptonians did not suspect anything.

Maybe there was something I could do.

Call the Green Lantern Corps once I am in space because doing anything before that would make my exit impossible and I doubted a Green Lantern could stop a planet from exploding but at least some people could be rescued.

Hopefully planetary extinction is something that they take umbrage against.

My days were passing by but I felt guilty that I was leaving people to their death. My experience was terrible and I hated what Krypton stood for but still I didn't want children even if they are clones to die.
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I hated them for what I went through in the academy, the brainwashing, isolation.

But the same thing was experienced by every other arms class child I wasn't singled out or made to experience something that others didn't.

An earth child could experience love and affection here a child experienced a sense of collectivism and duty.

There were a lot of things, I couldn't shrug it off and if someone asked me uncomfortable questions about it what would I say or maybe all this was the drugs leaving my system making me more emotionally compromised every day.

On the day before my departure from Krypton I met Kara waiting for me near my house.


"Hey" I replied back.

" I heard that you are leaving Krypton"

"Yes. I am "

"I am here to say sorry again what I did was wrong, I shouldn't have blown up on you as well. " Kara spoke as she eyed the ground and Drew circles with her right toe.


"Mom found out that you were leaving so she sent me over with a gift that might help you in your travels"


Kara took a small metal box with handed it to me.

I took it out and they looked like grey Bluetooth earbuds with red lines criss crossing across its surface.

"It's the latest universal translator which just came out three months ago it covers almost 80 of the known galactic languages apart from that it has the standard functions of reading, writing, speaking and history of the text plus the usual independent voice assistance."

"Okay. Thanks" This was a good gift the one I had was 10 years old and was bought as a backup like most of the items in the house.

" Yeah I hope I am not poking too much but where are going as per the space chart to are ending up on a fringe planet."

This was a good opening as any telling the Zor El's might save their lives in this continuity.

"Yes, I am traveling to planet X565 I intend to stay there for a while before moving to other planets and pursue alternative occupations"

"Oh that's a good idea. I have thought about traveling to other planets too Mom and Dad are not very interested in leaving our home."

"Do keep a family space pod I have heard they are quite good and I have read they are cheaper and far more reliable than space tickets."

" Yeah those ones are good will tell Dad about it we haven't had a family trip to space in years now."

"Yes that's good."

" Okay I'll leave now it was much better than the last time we spoke maybe we might even visit X565"

"Certainly. It would be nice to meet your family there"



I walked inside my home.

Hopefully Kara's family is saved this time the spaceship model I recommended was similar to a trailer truck in terms of functionality, strength and utility while Kara's original ship could be described as a high end bike for two people this one could ensure that her whole family survived the apocalypse.

The guilt that had been plaguing me reduced.

The next day I reached the spaceport did the required check-ins and I was directed to one of the pods which I immediately stood inside and was quickly filled with a liquid gel which covered me up from head to toe my pod was lifted off the ground as I watched Krypton for the last time.

It looked beautiful like the images of earth from a spaceship but with more blinding lights and large ponds in place of oceans.

I saw my spaceship was bigger than 3 warships and there were so many robots working on one device or the other. Many that I couldn't even identify it was a pity that I was the only carbon based life form on the entire ship and I was sure that once the planet explodes this ship would explode as well as being directly controlled by Brainiac.

Hopefully by the time my I reach X565 the planet Krypton still exists and has been suitably evacuated by Green Lanterns.

As I heard the pod entering hibernation mode and my eyes began drooping I hoped that I made a difference no matter how small.


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