Dio El
13 Suspicions
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Dio El
Author :Prananjay
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13 Suspicions


Outer Rim

At the outer edge of the phantom zone Zod sat at his desk reviewing every single command that the military had executed for the past 300 years.

'What is this?' he mentally pondered. There were deployment orders, resource reallocation and planetary takeover orders which had been successfully executed but there was no response from the council either about them on completion or a review of how the task had been accomplished. There was no audit done.

It was like they had been actually independent but unaware of it.

Additionally resources seemed to disappear. Planet 50SO which was mined by bots for rich metal & mineral deposits till it had become a complete husk showed that there had been no infrastructure or any development done either on Krypton or any known colonies using the materials.

'Is there someone corrupt in the council? Impossible the members give up everything family, fame, recognition, desire and the former families are all well known there hasn't been a single instance of favoritism shown to anyone either in the military or civilian sphere. Where is all the metal gone and this is the 356th case that I have found. Either there is a conspiracy or someone has been stealing resources for what purpose?'


"General Zod, Faora-Ul is requesting permission to enter"


As Faora-Ul entered, she widened her eyes the entire room was a mess. General Zod was always impeccable did not tolerate even a little bit of mess and seeing him surrounded by datapads and documents scattered across the room was entirely unlike him.

"General the documents you mentioned are here. I have followed your instructions and ensured that no AI was used to retrieve the data."

"Additionally all the officers and staff have got the loyalty codes removed and have been exhibiting heightened emotional states "

"Good you are dismissed"

" By your command"

Faora-Ul saluted before leaving the room. As the doors closed behind her.

Zod looked up and sighed.

'He wondered how his soldiers would react if they knew that half of the orders they had followed during their careers weren't approved by the council and even their own mission history had only half of the missions were mentioned than that had been executed by them.

He had been shocked that there were vacations, mentioned which he didn't actually go to or even know about and even withdrawals of credits that he had been unaware of. The time periods were most disturbing as their whole team had gone for mission. Who was actually giving them orders all this time?'

'Even the war against Krogans was heavily doctored to imply that it was their incompetence that lead to it.'

As soldiers of Krypton he had never questioned his orders or even tried to confirm what had happened. He had always been moving from one mission to another.

He had failed he had succeeded but he hadn't received any response from the council. Even his appointment as General had not been an event with much fanfare.

He had received a mail for the appointment and wishes from the council. But there had been no major difference in the tasks he did before now and earlier.

He hadn't even thought to question. Has he been acting against Krypton all these years?

Now that the codes had been removed he had begun by reviewing every single mission that he had been a part of to assure and confirm to himself could he have done it in a better way? There were cases where he had sacrificed his men for no better reason than it would have been more efficient and had yielded no benefit.

The recent mission to kill the king and queen of Daxam was unnecessary. They had stopped trade relations years ago and the science class was trying to reopen that channel. Then suddenly an assassination order. Why? Was good relations with our planetary neighbors against someone's interest. The orders had been read and destroy and had no record anywhere.

Even the mission of the En family was classified as an act in a personal capacity. While he had been disappointed that the attack failed. What purpose did it serve?

His mind was for the first time in his life uncertain about what he was supposed to do.


Jor-El stared at the sheet of paper. He had just proposed installation of a new facility in area code 300 near the learning center which had been rejected without a reason.

He had been offended that he had not received any proper explanation for it and had consulted the systems which shows the land had been unoccupied since 20 years. There was no cultural significance to the area nor was it a disputed territory and there had been other requests that had been rejected in a similar manner.
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He had proceeded to walk to the historic library where documents were still preserved in paper form for research purposes.

A deep scan had uncovered something unusual the land in question was prone to high seismic activity but why was no data available in the digital records?

Similarly, when was the last time he felt an earthquake happen? they had developed technology to reduce the impact but even then a slight tremors here and there was expected.

He even mapped his own house in relation and found out that while not a main vein he his house would still get the occasional shakes ups and while building it he had reinforced the building to withstand it but there hadn't been one since the past 20 years.

Even the population of the organic life was similarly hidden. The white tailed Xwas bird his favorite since childhood had gone extinct and so were many others he was sure that if he walked inside any of the reserves he would not be able to see a single bird no matter how deep he went. His work had always kept him busy but this was ridiculous he had scoffed when he saw Kara's book of plants and animals found on Krypton when he didn't see his favorite bird and filled an appeal to get the books corrected.

He hadn't received a response.

He had wondered that since he had used strong language the publication had decided to not acknowledge his mail.

And later on he had been assigned to a new project which had demanded his complete attention. The issue of the Xwas bird was forgotten.

But now things were lining up the extinction of multiple native species, information regarding seismic zones, the air quality which felt more artificial day by day, no reported natural disasters in the last 20 years.

There was something wrong with Krypton and he was the only one who knew it.


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