Dio El
14 Other Sources
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Dio El
Author :Prananjay
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14 Other Sources

Other Sources

Two month later

Jor-El stood in his Library the data crystals were playing on repeat he had already seen it multiple times yet he could not believe what was happening to Krypton.

His planet was slowly dying and he had barely months to do something about it.

After the wildlife report he read he had personally left and scouted all kinds of biological and non biological signs that served as an early warning system. He had cross checked and triple checked the data that he could gather.
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None of the digital system had pertinent information about the same. They had reported that all systems were working in perfect condition and did not need any updates or replacement yet he knew all the digital data was fake.

All the reading were wrong.

Even insect life was near to extinction he couldn't get any physical data that could support his claim.

How could they with their level of technology miss this?

Was it their enemies? Was it Daxam, Krogans, Guardians or that self proclaimed God Darkseid?

Impossible Daxam was too close, Krogans technology is inferior to their own even Sinestro was incapable of sabotaging their systems even with a power ring and the Guardians like to prevent major upheavals in the universe and Krypton was not a minor planet whose destruction could be ignored or swept under the rug Darkseid for all his strength did not engage in Krypton and though few of our colonies are near he does not date anger us.

Was it even an outside action?

But this was too big.

Who could benefit from this?

He needed to tell the council there was absolutely no way this could continue.

Their entire race was under threat.

He needed to tell Zod as well.

As he made his way to the living room and saw his wife with a bulging belly he was frozen.

Would his natural born child even get a chance to see his birth planet?

Was there a way to prevent this?

Why hasn't anyone else raised this issue?

His wife looked at him & her eyes brightened and she waved him to come near.

He soundlessly made his way and sat next to her.

He didn't say anything what could he say.

They both had thought for a long time before making this decision and now he couldn't simply pack his bags and leave. Her pregnancy was in a delicate period.

Space travel could very well be certain death for her and his child.

And even if they left where could they go?

Kryptonians had no friends and if someone knew what was going on. They might just rob them.

Was there a planet that they could leave to?

What was Brainac doing? this was his job?

" Dear" his wife spoke.

" What has you so worried? Don't be, We have ensured that the birth will be done perfectly and we would be in no danger."

" I just feel lost"

"Hmm. I read that this was common among expecting fathers. We will be fine."

" Hmmn"

"What happened about the Rao project? Is it going well? I thought that your project was done and you were just waiting until your appointment time is announced"

" It doesn't matter to me more than what is in front of me."

" Oh! You romantic"


"Message from General Zod"

" Read aloud"

" Code 5565"



"Code 5565"

" No no no no"

" Jor what happened tell me "

"Amalak escaped from phantom zone"

"What! But he was under high security in the phantom zone which is said to be impossible to breach"

" Zod thinks he had external help we have find out who is allied with him. Zod himself is right there so how?"

"Could Zod…"

"No Zod can never go against Krypton and its people. I know him I hope the council also believes him, this escape does cast him under suspicion when we cannot afford to do so"

"Zod might have already left the zone and be on his way here. An escape from Phantom zone is bad news we have sent all our criminals there and the likelihood of someone stronger getting out cannot be discounted"

"What do you think the council will do?"

"Recall everyone off-world. Amalak likes to target lone Kryptonians especially and turn them into examples. They might also close the spaceport as a defensive measure and restrict communication"

" I didn't think he was that dangerous."

" He isn't. But he can drum up support quite well and Phantom zone is not some place where you can accidentally get in or out that knowledge will be prized among everyone. High level of technology is needed and knowledge is necessary all of which cannot be obtained unless…"

"Unless what..?"

" I have a hypothesis which I need to confirm I have already stressed you enough. Just keep in mind that no one can hurt you as long as I am here"

"Alright I won't ask but you take care of yourself and let me know what you found out."



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