Dio El
15 Tomar-re
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Dio El
Author :Prananjay
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15 Tomar-re

Sector 2813

The Green Lantern of Sector 2813 Tomar-re read the information that he had just received. It had arrived by Scry code and had barely 4 words.

"Extinction Krypton Months Help"

He couldn't pinpoint the origin of the message because the place of origin was too vague and seemed to be broadcasted towards him instead of a linear message channel. He had just received the message before the connection was broken.

A gentle probe by his ring revealed that message was not a hoax and not some type of misdirection and the sender had ensured that it was untraceable. He immediately called Oa.

"Hello Guardians, Green Lantern 2813 reporting to the council"

"Greetings, lantern the council is listening. Report"

" At 16:00 hours, I received a distress message while patrolling my sector. The Kryptonians are under threat of extinction and it is to happen in a matter of months. The cause is indeterminable at this moment but I will find it. The source for the information is unknown but it is certain that the sender has taken a lot of precautions in order to send it."

"Hmm. This is most unusual someone who has Krypton's interest is very rare in the deep space. We shall endeavor to contact the Kryptonian administration and confirm the same meanwhile you have full access to investigate this."

"Thank you, I will find out what is happening there"


Jor- El stood among the council as an emergency meeting had been called.

Jor-El turned around to his nearest councilor and asked " What happened? This is most unusual to be called so late in the evening"

"Well I just heard one of our missiles crashed into an inhabited moon and about 500 Kryptonians are dead"

"What! But how?"

" Even I have no idea we will have to wait until everyone is present. From what I got from the grapevine is that the culprit has been caught"

" Oh!"

A loud voice boomed.

" The council is now in session"

Every single councilman stood up Jor could see all the major houses and their crests shining against the wall and a circular platform rose in the middle of the circular room. Until it was at was at everyone's eye level then it suddenly melted revealing Jax-Ur with his head bowed and his arms legs bound"

" That's Jax-Ur, he's the one responsible"

" How could he accomplish this ?"

" We all knew he was a deviant scientist who associated with criminal elements"

Voices rose among the council as people began discussing.

"Silence" The head of the council spoke.

"Jax-Ur, you stand accused of destroying Wegthor, an inhabited moon of Krypton with a population of 500 Kryptonians. How do you please?"

Jax-Ur raised his head and looked at one and all. He looked as if he had aged by decades.

" Not guilty" he spoke.

The council head looked at him and replied.

" The missile was created using your technology and incriminating evidence was also found in your residence that suggested you planned to overthrow the council. Do you deny this accusation as well?"

" No to both. I did plan to kill you all and the missile was created by me but I never launched it to Wegthor."
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Jor-El gasped. He had a sinking suspicion that Krypton's enemy was responsible.

"Impossible, you were found next to the missile with alcohol in your system and other substances"

" I am telling you I didn't do it. By Rao, I wasn't even drinking and I have a blank spot in my memory since last 48 hours"

" Do not try to give excuses. The council recognises your lies and now we vote"

Crystals rose from the ceiling and landed in everyone's hand.

Jor-El grabbed his crystal and gave a gentle squeeze and so did the people around him.

The crystals rose out of their hands and went back into the ceiling and red light shined on the Jax-Ur.

" Jax-Ur the council finds you guilty. You are sentenced for your act of mass murder imprisonment for eternity in the phantom zone."

Jax-Ur's shoulders bent inwards and spoke.

"I am definitely the worst criminal of the Phantom Zone"

As Jax-Ur was enveloped in an ice coffin and flew upwards into the opening of the phantom zone projector.

The council head spoke.

" In light of the recent events we are imposing a complete ban on space travel. No Kryptonian is allowed to leave the planet henceforth."

"But…" Jor-El almost spoke up.

" Brezzzmup" A loud beep interrupted him.

" An emergency call from the Guardians of Oa"

The council head placed his hand on his forehead.

" Connect it."

Addressing everyone present "We are having an eventful day after all might as well get it over with while everyone is present"

The image of the Guardians appeared in the center.

"Greetings Kryptonians" the voice of multiple Malthusians spoke as one.

" At 16:00 hours today one of our lanterns received a distress signal while patrolling. The message stated Krypton was on the verge of extinction with a timeline of months and a call for help."

The entire council was surprised and shocked.

Jor-El had almost lost hope when he heard the last order and now suddenly the Guardians are contacting them about a threat to their entire species. The timing was too perfect. Were they the ones responsible?

Questions rose in his head.

The council head looked at the Guardians and spoke.

"We the council…"


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