Dio El
17 Pluto
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Dio El
Author :Prananjay
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17 Pluto


I woke up.

The spaceship was still in space flying beside a light blue planet.

I squinted my eyes and immediately widened them.

It was Pluto.

The last planet of the solar system which was removed later due to technicality or some other reason.

I admired it for a moment and then I spoke aloud.

" I am awake now why aren't I already on Earth? I didn't think that I gave any instructions to be woken up before reaching the surface?"

" Passenger the planet Mars is currently facing an invasion from a subspecies of their race with a different pallette. The Ship on detecting it immediately engaged camouflage mode to avoid detection"

"Okay" ' this definitely was the DC earth' " What is the suggested course of action ?"

"The ship attacks the native leadership to establish dominance and use the planet as an off world base meanwhile enslaving the population and using their technology and crippling them completely"

" Are we capable of doing that to a completely alien species? It sounds like a suicidal plan"

" The ship has made a cursory scan of the weapons their shielding is tier9 and our shielding is tier30 KS with orbital bombardment we can efficiently establish our presence and annihilate the native population"

" What about friendly relations? "

" The dominating species appears extremely xenophobic and biologically too different to establish similarly."

" What about the losing side?"

" The subdued species is weak and doesn't offer any advantage additionally 95% has already been exterminated with extreme prejudice"

" Hmm. I would like to assist them"

" That option carries no advantage will end up being a burden"

" Let me be the judge of that. Advance under cloaking and reprogram the largest ship you can find for my use."

" Command Accepted"


J'onn J'onzz wiped the blood dripping from the side of his forehead. He was a defender of his planet and he could not defend it. There were screams of his brothers and sisters clawing at his brain their telepathic bond had become their weakness. Every moment he could hear screams in his head, his people begging, being separated from their loved ones and he could not do anything.

"Forgive me"

"Forgive me"

He chanted as he lead a small group of people which consisted of his wife, daughters, father and his neighbors away from their homes.

They could do nothing but postpone the inevitable. Their homes had been uprooted and they had no means to escape they were just too many of them.

He could sense his people being dragged digging their nails in the earth crying for help and all he could do was look away.

He was not alone.

Everyone in his small group of 15 people knew there was no escape their launchpad had been the first to be occupied and he felt it through their shared conscience when a group made their way in and was about to take off when it the ship exploded he could feel as if he had been there fire a common foe for both of the races was used against them.

He rubbed his arms unconsciously he could feel the charred flesh and the horrible smell.

He was weak.

He was powerless.
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Instead of fighting he was running.

His father disapproved but there was nothing to be done.

" Brothers and Sisters we are making good time we will be reaching a safe house in minutes. Do not lose hope."

He looked at others not one voiced a complaint.

They were all broken and dead inside.

His wife squeezed his arm and he squeezed back as assurance.

His daughters had fallen asleep after crying he could not hold them and tell them everything was going to be alright. Their enemies wanted genocide and there were no prisoners taken.

He prayed that someone save his family if not him.

He wished that he could see his daughters grow up yet he would be content if they could survive this ordeal.

As he took one step after another. He felt it the telltale signs of movement underground. The enemy was here and was underneath them.

Everyone froze up and silently began praying.

He took out a gun from his robe and a spear and held it up like a javelin.

The whole place became dead silent.





His brow creased he could see their outlines through the explosion of smoke and dust their white bodies trembling with anticipation and he could almost smell the dried blood on their fingertips.

He knew that they were more of them than that appeared before his eyes.

While these four stopped them from running full Sprint in one direction the real danger came from the ones who were still underneath.

Hands would rise and grab the feet pulling them down.

As he kept on staring at his attention was focused on the ones behind him. When he suddenly felt it and using the move he practiced a million times threw the spear behind him burying in halfway into the soil and he could he a yell of pain.

The ones outside growled at him.

All he had was his gun.

This was it. He looked at his family for the last time and turned back to face them. When suddenly he heard the sound of a ship but before he could make out what was happening.

Four beams of green light rammed into the white Martians blowing them up.

The movement beneath his feet intensified.

" Protect yourselves. The remaining ones are coming up"

9 White Martians jumped out few of them using the holes already made the remaining making their own entrances.

All of them mad with anger they had sensed the death of their comrades.

They had weapons primed and charged to shoot and they would have if they had got a chance.

Multiple beams erupted from the East with precision targeting killing all of their enemies.

J'onn was surprised and shocked had the Gods finally decided to help them or did someone successfully board a ship.

He didn't have to wait for long.

Like a Messiah descending from the sky. He saw ship float inches off the ground in front of his group.

It turned around and he watched the side of the ship open with a short man standing in the middle with a full body suit with solid dark glass helmet and he felt as if he was being judged whether or not he was worth saving.

His wife and his children stood behind him as did the rest of the survivors.

The ship spoke.

" Come with me if you want to live"

A short crisp sentence which relieved him and everyone else. They didn't need to be told twice.

Their group began run forward the creature moved to one side and allowed them to board.

Few of them greeted the short creature but there was no answer like a statue made of stone he stood unmoving.

Yet they didn't stop boarding. He boarded with his family and cast one last look as the opening closed up.

His wife held his hand as the ship rose upwards into the sky.

And he saw his father praying on his knees.

They were alive but their home was gone.


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