Dio El
18 Earth
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Dio El
Author :Prananjay
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18 Earth

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The next chapter will be coming after 2nd of January.

Happy holidays to one and all.
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J'onn J'onzz looked at the blue planet as the ship began descending. It was blue, green, white, with small lights of yellow. He watched as the planet came nearer and was surprised by the multitude of colours. It was a beautiful world.

" Come here " he called his children.

They had woken up some time ago and has nestled themselves into their mother.

Peering at everyone from the safety of their mother's arms.

Hearing his voice they ran and grabbed his arms as if someone would steal them halfway.

His heart pained. His children would never be able to forget and he as a father couldn't do anything. If the short man with the ship hadn't arrived they'll would have in the embrace of death.

Shaking his head. He brought them closer to the window.

"Look" he said as his pointed outside.

The children looked out and gasped. He could see their eyes widening in surprise and a small smile on their face as they looked outside.

'So colourful.'

They spoke telepathically and he felt a glad for what he had done.

His wife came next standing near him and lightly touching his arm she looked out as well. There was delight at the colorfulness of the planet yet wariness.

She spoke "Speak to him"

He nodded as the guardian of his people he needed to know what was going to happen to them. The Short man hadn't spoken and he couldn't access his thoughts yet he could see that the being didn't have evil intentions providing food and medical aid when needed. If someone didn't want to accept his help or was scared the being simply gave it to the nearest one and pointed towards the one that required aid.


He didn't how many of them were there on the ship. Yet the being in full black bodysuit was the only one who came before them.

He didn't realize when he had begun walking and stood in front of their savior. He could see how tall he was and how this creature was barely taller than his own children yet had taken the risk to save them. At this moment he felt that the one in front of him was larger and bigger than him.

He saluted and spoke his words.

"Greetings, thank you for saving us"


My mind had gone through a rollercoaster of emotions since I made the decision to save them.

The bots kept me updated on the population as I was reaching Mars. It was similar to timer which had been set on green Martians by the time I had reached 98% had already died from the original population.

As soon as I had reprogrammed the largest ship I could find remove bombs and place it under camouflage the the 98 had become 99%.

First thing I had done was direct the beams and fire near the last remaining population of the greens and I had saved 10 of them while the bots droned on about wasting resources.

And now I had some semblance of I didn't know what to call it.

And the then I saw J'onn with his family.

I didn't think that I would be saving him but the manhunter uniform and watching him across media comics, cartoons, movies, live action I recognized him immediately.

I saved his family.

Yet I felt something was different.

In all my memories J'onzz had been on Earth for 300 years before the arrival of Superman yet my saving him now was uncanny.

I glanced at the bots which showed the day and time currently being followed on Earth and I was surprised it was the year 2000.

I needed to find out more about the situation.

This is not my Earth and it is different from the fictional one I remember.

As I was pondering over the strangeness of the situation.

J'onn came and stood in front of me and spoke.

" Greetings and thank you for saving us" the translator spoke in my ear.

"Alright. " My words were coveyed through the ships speakers. I looked the others were looking at me and listening in.

" My people and I are extremely grateful for your help we wouldn't have survived I would like to ask why did you save us & what do you intend to do with us?"

"Hmm" J'onn was very direct. I could see the undercurrent of fear in his entire body as he waited upon my answer, if I joked that I wanted to eat him he might just make the sacrifice play or ask his people to be spared as I gnawed on his bones. He knew he was in a weaker position and didn't want to antagonize me.

I felt like a bad guy.

" I saved you all because I wanted to and as for what I want to do with you this planet you see"

I pointed outside.

" It's precious to me make a home here live, multiply, explore or even if you want to leave I have no intention of stopping you but while you are here you protect it from those that seek to harm it"

" I promise to you I shall protect it with all I have" J'onn spoke reverently and quickly.

" This world already has protectors who guard it unseen and unheard as the people here do not know that such protectors exist"

" I can assure you that I will take the utmost caution"

" Protect the innocent and know that this land has capacity for good as well as bad. That is all"

I spoke and walked away to the cockpit.

This was good I managed lay the foundation of the justice league.

My eyes searched for the signs of watch tower. It wasn't built yet.

I was home.


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