Divinity Jam
2 Divinity
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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2 Divinity

Now the year is 9980, it had been several millennia since the assimilation of Earth into the Mortal Plane. On the same night the Jam reached the Meridian Connecting Stage, he also turned ten years old.

Jam was a ten year old, but his physique could match most mortal teenagers. He was tall, with a standing height of 1.8 meters (5' 11''). Even with all the training Jam did, his body was not of the swole-buff type. Instead, he was covered with perfectly toned and lean muscles. Jam had pure silver irises, as well as pitch black hair.

Currently, Jam was speechlessly staring at his hands. After awakening, some information manifested within Jam's mind. Woody told him the once he awakened, he would intuitively know what power he got and how to control it; if he got one, that is.


The message made no sense to Jam. However, it let Jam know that he did have a superpower. Jam stopped focusing on the message, instead focusing on the superpowers he wish he had. One by one each of those superpowers manifested in reality. When Jam thought of fire, a small flame would sprout out of his fingers. Thinking of thunder would yield static sparks flying around. Jam could teleport himself a couple centimeters. Jam wasn't sure if he could manipulate time as any attempt he made right now wouldn't be perceived.

Jam moved on to the rarest powers he heard of: Hidden Senses, Gravity Control, Invisibility, Shape Shifting, etc. Somehow, as long as he thought of the power he wanted, he would have access to it.

Of course Jam was but a greenhorn when it came to cultivation; his sad excuse for a cultivation base wouldn't let him use his powers to rise to the heavens in a single step. Jam would need to cultivate energy if he wanted to show more formidable versions of his "superpowers."

This "superpower," if you could call it that, would be both a blessing and a curse. It was common knowledge that the greater the superpower a person has awakened, the harder it will be on that person's road through cultivation.

However, having a superpower by its own right would mean having greater potential, with regards to cultivation; the greater the superpower, the more potential. Trading difficulty for potential was always welcomed as potential was what made a cultivator valuable.

This wasn't an issue Jam needed to be concerned about right now as his eyes glittered with a myriad of thoughts. Jam, while growing up with Woody, developed a rather "mature" disposition and was a cautious young man.

How else would he be capable of reaching the Meridian Connecting Stage with no resources at the mere age of ten? Only Jam himself knew the pain and anguish of training his body with no medicine to help him cope. Many were the nights where he would toil in training despite his normal background. At least the resistance he gained towards pain and suffering here would help him become a fearless cultivator later.

Jam wouldn't tell anyone about his true superpower, he would instead pick a superpower from his arsenal to display publicly. Having Jam's superpower, which Jam named Divinity, be known to the public could cause a several potentially catastrophic results in Jam's life. Even though Jam had never seen the cruelty of others first hand, he knew of greed, jealousy, and envy, and with Woody's stories about the evils of cultivators running though his mind, the thought of revealing the existence of his superpower never even crossed his mind.

Jam decided to only display the superpower of Cosmic Control. Cosmic Control was an elemental superpower, that would let a person control all types of cosmic energies; be they solar, lunar, celestial, stellar, or star energies. Of course, with Divinity, Jam could control any type of energy he wanted any ways.

Even though Jam and Woody lived a poor life, they could still afford basic forms of entertainment like the internet. The internet is were Jam learned about the different types of superpowers, and how best to train his body. These were basically the only things Jam knew of though, as he didn't have the interest or need to search about other topics. Jam also never went to school, it was a mystery how he even knew how to read and write...

Jam settled on displaying Cosmic Control, as it was one of the most practical powers. Cosmic energies could be used for attacking, defending, cultivating, healing, even practicing alchemy and artifact refining.

It was currently still nighttime and Woody, being an elderly mortal woman, was already asleep. Jam would have to wait until sunrise to tell Woody about his awakening. In the meantime, he would need to take a shower as the impurities he had excreted along with the sweat of his routine were starting to assault his nose.

The next morning, a hyperactive Jam just couldn't wait any more and was already running laps around the city while waiting for Woody to wake up. He was on his thirty seventh lap when he saw Woody exiting from their house.

"Woody! Good morning, looky here, I have a surprise!" Jam might be serious and mature in his thoughts and disposition, but when he faces the woman that raised and cared for him even though they weren't related, his inner child was put on full display.

"Oh? What happened?" Woody was used to Jam's mannerisms, but rarely would he give or show her something. After she told Jam her stories and told him to cultivate, he took it to heart and was constantly either resting or training his body. This was the first time this week where he proactively talked to her.

"Woody, last night I had my awakening! Look at this." Jam then proceeded to stretch out his hands and extended his fingers. On the tips of his fingers there lay a small amount of each type of cosmic energy. Jam wanted to show off, so after showing each type of energy on his fingertips, he collected the largest amount of energy mass his cultivation base could support, so that Woody could see each type of energy more clearly.

Woody was in a minor state of shock. Jam would show her his progress every now and then and it had always been reasonable. But, Jam had been at the peak of Body Tempering for only a couple months; reasonably speaking, Woody couldn't believe he passed it so soon, especially with his lack of resources.

While she had faith in Jam being able to train hard enough to awaken, she didn't think he would reach it at ten years old. Ten years old was, on average, the age most inner sect disciple awaken, and only under the condition of having access to the best techniques and resources.

Moreover, Jam didn't awaken some worthless ability, he displayed Cosmic Control. With access to many types of energies, Jam was lucky enough to be able to choose which Dao he would like to Major in.

Superpowers, for the most part, dictated what Daos a cultivator could purse. If a person were to have a fire attributed superpower, they would probably have good affinity for fire and should pursue the Dao of Fire. Not many were lucky enough to awaken a superpower like Cosmic Control, with access to several types of energies, much less Divinity which, theoretically, had access to all superpowers.

After calming down, Woody was having an internal conflict within her mind. On one hand she was happy with Jam's potential, she always wanted him to be accomplished in his life. But, on the other hand, she knew that he would soon leave her as his potential would make him a great candidate for cultivation. As soon as they went to the nearby branch of the Cultivation Academy and showed them Jam's superpower, he is guaranteed to be accepted and sent to the academy's headquarters.

Woody knew that Jam didn't know they would be seperated after showing his superpower, so she explained it to Jam. "Dear, this is great news! I'm so proud of you! How about we spend one more week like we are now, before we send you off?"

"Send me off? Where am I going?" Jam didn't expect this response. In fact hearing these words triggered his traumatized mind 'is she going to abandon like my real family? Just because I became strong?' Jam was overreacting and he quickly regained his cool after Woody explained herself.

"You are a talented child, You've reached the Meridian Connecting Stage after just five years of cultivation. You also have a rare and highly sought after superpower, Cosmic Control. Most important of all, you've accomplished this at the mere age of ten; without any resources you've reached the accomplishments of those inner sect children. What sect wouldn't want to take you in after you show them your talent?"

Jam now understood what Woody was talking about. The second a major power of the Mortal Plane caught a whiff of Jam's potential, they would immediately recruited him in fear of other sects stealing him. While that thought was pretty narcissistic, Jam was convinced it was the case.

For the next week, Jam didn't train his body. He only spend his time by Woody's side; taking care of his and her chores and acting like a filial grandson before his departure. Thereafter, Jam and Woody reached the Cultivation Academy Branch's building where they registered Jam. The Cultivation Academy's branch was in charge of assessing newly awakened cultivators, to see if they were talented enough to enter the academy.

There wasn't a big line for Jam to be assessed, as Jam lived in a rather small city; Last month only twenty people awakened, and most didn't have confidence in entering a major power like the Cultivation Academy. They won't bother showing the academy their mediocre superpowers when they know they won't be accepted.

Not betraying any expectations, Jam shocked the Cultivation Academy's branch and he was scheduled to be transported to the Cultivation Academy's Headquarters effective immediately. His talent was so absurd to the representatives of the Cultivation Academy, that they didn't even have him wait like the others that had passed the academy's assessment.

The academy would reserve a specific day, usually every three months, where all those that reached the academy's standard would be gathered and sent to headquarters at the same time. But Jam's talent was so ridiculous that he became an exception to this rule and was allowed transport to HQ, as soon as possible.

Jam and Woody gave each other their goodbyes and Jam left with the members of the Cultivation Academy. They walked for a very long time, it seemed like there was much more space on the inside of the building than what Jam saw from the outside.

The representatives of the academy took Jam inside a room where there were magic runes printed on the ground. Jam already knew it was a teleportation array, and he would need to pass through it to be sent to the Cultivation Academy's Headquarters. Jam stepped on the center of the runes where he was transported to the Cultivation Academy Headquarters Principle Lecture Hall.


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