Divinity Jam
6 Don’t Look At Me Like That! I Swear I Was Only Cultivating!
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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6 Don’t Look At Me Like That! I Swear I Was Only Cultivating!

Jam is currently in the Meridian Connecting Stage, right now he needs to use energy from the environment to unlock and connect his blocked meridians. With the techniques that Jam picked up from the library he would be able to learn the foundation for manipulating six types of energies: Stellar, Thunder, Fire, Space, Time, and Demonic energies.

Additionally, Jam would be able to develop his own Bow Essence and Beam Essence. All non elemental energies are called Essences and can not help a cultivator cultivate. They mostly come from weapons, and can instead, exponentially enhance a cultivators proficiency with their weapon, after manifesting their weapon's Essence; it's also sometimes called Intent, i.e. Bow Essence is Bow Intent.

Jam reached his courtyard, and for the first time, he took a tour of his new home. While he had been here before, when the lecturer showed him to his house, Jam was busy with Rina and didn't have the chance to enter his courtyard. To no one's surprise, even though Jam had monstrous talent, he wasn't given a courtyard in the inner circle of the academy.

The outside of his house was very plain, only consisting of worn out black paint. Once Jam made a bit of money, he vowed to upgrade his house to look, less dilapidated. The outside was the only thing Jam had a problem with, as there was a ton of space inside the house; there was even a second story.

After exploring his new home, Jam was very impressed with the academy. His house was three times larger than Woody's place, and had a total of six rooms. On the first floor, there was the master bedroom, a kitchen space, two unoccupied rooms, and a guest room. Additionally, there was a second floor in Jam's courtyard where the whole floor was empty with no rooms.

Jam didn't bring anything with him from Reed city aside from the clothes on his back; so the first thing that Jam did, was to take a shower and clean is only pair of clothes. As he was waiting for his clothes to dry Jam, still naked, began to practice cultivation; he had nothing better to do.

Jam decided to train in the Styles Of The Cosmic Bow first; considering that he faked Cosmic Control being his superpower, he didn't have much of a choice. The Styles of the Cosmic Bow mostly focused on fusing stellar energy with Bow Essence. However, it also had sections, dedicated to manipulating stellar energy and Bow Essence by themselves.

If Jam trained in any other technique other than this one, he would effectively be telling everyone that he either had more than one superpower, or, that he had insane talent for multiple energies, as all the technique he had on him were some of the most extreme ones from the free section of the library.

Jam didn't have a bow so his cultivation was rather slow, as the Styles of the Cosmic Bow would have Jam drawing in energy, by having Jam connect himself with his bow, thereafter creating a resonance with Stellar energy.

Without a Bow Jam would have a harder time resonating with stellar energy and he also wouldn't be getting insights into the Dao of Bows, therefore not developing any Bow Essence. Jam's "slow" cultivation, and "harder time" reasonating with stellar energy were all relative to him with and without a bow, as even without a bow his cultivation was still rising at a jaw dropping speed.

After a couple minutes, Jam had collected enough stellar energy, and within his body a soft crackling sound could be heard, as his first meridian was unblocked. Along with the cracking noise, more black viscous impurities were ejected from Jam's body. However, they were not enough for him to notice. 'That was easy, well whatever, 107 more meridians to go.'

In the Meridian Connecting Stage a cultivator would open anywhere from 1-108 meridians. Some people had limited potential, and the general consensus was that one had to at least have 72 meridians opened and connected, before attempting to break out of the Meridian Connecting stage and into the Qi Collecting Stage.

The more meridians a person activated, the better their foundation. At the cost of spending more time in the Meridian Connecting Stage, they would receive purer energy depending on how many meridians they unlocked; 72 meridians bringing with it the least pure form of energy, and 108 meridians giving a cultivator the purest form of energy.

If someone were dumb enough to try and break through with less than 72 open meridians, one of two thing would happen. The cultivator would be lucky and have his cultivation deviate, leaving them a cripple for the rest of their life. Or, the cultivator would be unlucky and instantaneously explode into a pile of flesh and blood.

Jam surmised that he had the best potential a person could have, since, you know, he has unlimited potential with all energies and Daos. Therefore, he should without a doubt, be able to open and connect all 108 meridians.

Jam kept cultivating with Stellar energy for several hours, every time another meridian was opened, Jam's rate of progression would be enhanced. When as he was finished unblocking his 36th Meridian, Jam saw his door open.


Seconds before Jam's entrance door was opened and the person outside the door intruded on Jam's Room, a young girl's voice could be heard "Jam! Hey! Are you still asleep?" Rina had been knocking on Jam's door for more than five minutes without any response. She had been ordered by the Sect Head to bring Jam to back to her, so that he could pick up some items that were prepared for him.

Angry that Jam was "ignoring" her, Rina stormed into the room and immediately regretted doing so. Jam was on the floor, still naked, in a rather odd cultivating position. He was sitting lotus-style with his arms and hands postured as if he were holding a bow. Jam's house came with no furniture, so he had to deal with cultivating on the ground; not that it would bother him, as this was the norm for him back in Woody's place.

Rina had no way to avoid this misunderstanding. It was reasonable for her to think that Jam was ignoring her, as she had been locking and yelling at him for several minutes. Even the Sect Head wouldn't believe that a newbie like Jam would be able to enter a meditative state within a single day of formally practicing cultivation.

While Jam was cultivating, he had entered a trance like state and lost track of time; only focused on collecting energy. This trance like state blocked all the sounds from registering in Jam's sense. However, Jam was still blinking his eyes so the act of someone opening his door woke him up from his cultivation session.

"FUCKIN' SHIT!!! Are you brain dead?! For fuck's sake, Who enters someone else's house without permission?" Jam's roared at Rina while he stood up. He made no effort to cover himself up, and stood there in the middle of the room waiting for Rina's retort.

Jam was angry that she entered his room without warning. What if Jam was doing something secretive, something that he didn't want others to know about? How would he explain himself if she caught him doing something strange like… Using Divinity to teleport around the room!?

"..." Rina was shocked senseless.

"Not going to say anything?" Jam was still pretty mad, but also a bit regretful at the words he had thrown at Rina. However, at the moment he was justifiably angered, or at least he thought so.

"Why are you not covering yourself up?!" Rina was beyond shocked as she seemed to ignore the heavy duty curses coming from Jam's mouth.

"Oh shit!" Jam finally realized that he had no clothes on. But before he when to reach for them, he had an epiphany.

'Why is she asking me to cover myself? Actually why do people wear clothes in the first place?' While Woody raised Jam, she didn't really teach him much about society and social issues, and Jam wore clothes because he saw that everyone wore them; his social depravity had indeed reached the point where he had no clue why this was an issue...

While he was growing up, he would put on clothes after each shower and had never been in a situation where someone, other than Woody, had seen him naked. Woody didn't seem to care, so why was it such a big deal to Rina?

Jam vowed he would find out the mystery of clothes, but now was not the time. Rina's face looked like someone who was watching the world end, and Jam didn't want to stare at her shocked expression for any longer.

He put on his clothes, and rather calmly asked, "Why do people wear clothes?" He quickly discarded his angered tone as he wanted to get some information out of Rina. How would he get something, if he acted like a spoiled brat? Little did he know that these sudden shifts from being extremely angered to completely calm, only furthered the distaste he left in Rina.

"Follow me" Rina ignored his question and avoided his gaze as she walked towards the Sect Head's Mansion. She honestly didn't know how to react. 'I know he didn't know about etiquette, but this is common sense! Just how was he raised? Is this the first time he has interacted with other humans?'


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