Divinity Jam
7 The Difference Between Boys and Girls
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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7 The Difference Between Boys and Girls

On the way to the Sect Head's Mansion, Jam kept trying to get answers from Rina, but she just kept walking and ignoring Jam until they reached their destination. Then, they were before the Sect Head once again.

"Mhmm... What's wrong with her?" The Sect Head noticed Rina's odd composure and wanted to know what happened. She would never imagine the ridiculousness of their upcoming conversation.

"I don't know. After she uninvitedly entered my room… look this might seem weird without context, so I'll start the story from the beginning. Yesterday, I washed my clothes, and as you know I came to the academy without any more pairs. So, while I was waiting for the clothes to dry, I began cultivating. I lost myself in cultivation and when I woke up she in front of me. Anyways, to answer your question, I think she got shocked because I asked her why people wear clothes." This time, before Jam even began to talk, he showed the proper etiquette of greeting his senior with a bow and a Daoist greeting. It didn't change the nonsensical nature of his words though...

"Mhmm… You say you don't know why people wear clothes?" The Sect Head was somewhat taken aback by this stupid question. She had the same internal questions Rina had back when Jam asked her why people wear clothes.

"Yeah. I don't get it. Humans are like the only animals that wear clothes… Why is that? You probably know right? I mean you are a mighty Sage. With your insights into the Dao you should know why people wear clothes right?"

Jam thought about this issue throughout his journey from his house to the Sect Head's Mansion. He reasoned that this matter was one about the nature of human beings, and that only those with high enough insights into the Dao would understand this profound mystery. After all, all Daos eventually converge into one, encompassing all types of knowledge. Once someone progressed far enough into their Dao they would be able to derive any and all forms of knowledge from their understanding of the Dao.

The Sect Head didn't know where to laugh or be offended. Some idiot just asked her if she knew why people wore clothes based on her insights into the Dao. She wanted to laugh at this retarded question, but at the same time, she saw that Jam really believed in his theory.

"Kid, people wear clothes to not be indecent. Would you dare run around the academy in your birthday suit for all to see?" The Sect Head thought that this simple question would let Jam intuitively understand the answer to his problem.

"How is someone indecent if they don't wear clothes? And why should I care if people see me naked?"

Rina: "..."

Sect Head: "..."

Jam: "Mhmm?" Jam waited for a while, and seeing that they were not responding, he made a questioning sound as if to startle them up from their pondering.

Sect Head: "You really don't know?" At this point the Sect Head was starting to believe the really existed a ten year old boy who lived without making contact with other humans in his life.

"Nope, I don't get it."

"Alright then, do you at least know the differences between boys and girls?" The Sect Head thought that Jam would at least know this bit of information.

"Yeah that's obvious; girls are small and nice to look at, while boys are big and uhh… they're not ugly but I'd rather not stare at one." Jam felt proud of his answer. He had eyes, so his answer should be correct.

'There's no way.' Both Rina and the Sect Head thought at the same time.

"Are those the only differences you know of?" The Sect Head really wanted confirmation now. However, the thought of a ten year old boy not knowing this, up until now, universally understood common-sense question, made her unintentionally show a humored smile.

"Pretty much." Jam oblivious to their internal laughing, kept his tone positive, feeling that he was correct.

"You do know that girls and boys have different body parts right?"

"What?" Jam was genuinely surprised.

"Boy and girls have different body parts." The Sect Head was on the brink of giving herself a face palm. 'Am I really having this conversation with a ten year old?'

"Oh really? From what I can see while girls have a nicer shape, and their face are more aesthetically pleasing, they don't have anything weird that I know of. Men and women have the same number of legs and arms, they both have one head, with two eyes, a nose, two ears, and a mouth. Where are they different?" Jam once again, retorted, in what he thought to be a perfect response.

"Their crotches are different." This mighty Sage, actually spoke such words.

"Mhmm?" The only female Jam has interacted with in his life is Woody and even when they lived together Jam never saw her naked before, so after thinking about it, it seemed like it was possible for men and women to have different body parts.

"I've never seen a girl's crotch so I don't no if it's true, but for the sake of knowledge, even if girls and boys have different crotches, what spooky thing do girls have in their crotches for it to cause all of humanity to wear clothes? To my knowledge, the only thing on my crotch is a "thingy" which filters out my bodies waste."

While Jam knew how to read, his vocabulary was a bit basic, to the point of not knowing what the official name for "thingy" was. Remember, he never went to school, and pretty much only researched about cultivation.

"Um.. this conversation is getting awkward, so after I give you your things, how about you go to the library and study human anatomy." The Sect Head knew that she would, at this rate eventually be discussing the birds and the bees with Jam, and she was not having it!

"You're giving me things? Cool." Jam was surprised to learn that the Sect Head had called him over to give him things.

"Here you go." Then the Sect Head threw a ring at Jam.

"Thanks… I guess?" Jam obviously had no idea why he was given a ring.

"That's a Space Ring, you can store anything in it. I have already added some basic things like food, water, and… your uniforms. Feel free to use the rest of the space for whatever you want. Also before you leave, You should know that if you don't reach the next Realm of cultivation within the next ten years, you will be expelled.

Furthermore, because of your untimely arrival you won't be able to attend classes until next semester, which starts in around a month, at the end of August."

Jam didn't really care about being expelled, since he was rapidly progressing in cultivation. Jam was more interested in the space ring, so he used his energy to operate the Space Ring and was surprised by its size; within the Space Ring, Jam had 100 cubic meters of space.

The Sect Head still a bit bothered by her conversation with Jam. She dismissed him, and he left the Mansion with Rina.

"Hey you're a girl right? What's awkward about talking about girls crotches?" Jam still hadn't forgotten to ask her before leaving, in an effort to save him some time from having to read in the library.


Rina was still unresponsive, so Jam just apologized for his curses back in his house, gave his farewell to Rina, and headed towards the library. He had to figure this mystery out sooner, rather than later.

At the library, Jam met with the same receptionist from his last time visiting, and asked where he could find books about human anatomy. The receptionist was intrigued by Jam's request and after giving him directions, she asked him why he wanted to study human anatomy.

Jam recounted his story from the beginning to the receptionist, and she kept giving him weird looks. Jam gave his thanks to the receptionist, for telling him where to get the books, and then searched for them. Jam figured that girls were uncomfortable when asked to talk about the subject of their crotches, so he might as well not waste time asking the receptionist for additional information.

He found the books he was looking for and was interested even before he reached the section for female anatomy. This was the first time that Jam saw all the internal organs of the body, so he legitimately researched the topic. He was amazed at how marvelous the human body was, and even more amazed at the people who made these discoveries.

Eventually, he got to the section for female anatomy and sure enough, the female body was different at the crotch. Jam was expecting to see some spooky imagery, but was instead surprised when he saw there was literally nothing there.

"What the fuck? Why wouldn't they just tell me they have different genitals?" After reading the earlier sections of the book, Jam found out the scientific term for "thingy."

Even after finishing the book, Jam still didn't understand why the subject of genitals were taboo. The book of human anatomy was very detailed, and while the functions of genital were a bit spooky, Jam didn't think conception and birth were inherently bad in nature.

He did learn a bunch of other things though, which would be helpful to him. For example, now he knew where all the vitals where located in the body. In the future, should he ever need to fight another human, he would know where to aim.

He returned to the receptionist and asked her if she could help with his situation. She recommended a couple of books of history, and social affairs. Even though Jam didn't know how all of this was connected, he went along with her suggestion and read the books.

After reading the books he was recommended, Jam finally understood, more or less, why people found this subject awkward. In any case, Jam felt no shame for his body and he wouldn't let something trivial, like a girl seeing him naked, bother him.


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