Divinity Jam
8 Creating a Spectacle!
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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8 Creating a Spectacle!

Jam bade farewell to the receptionist and left the library to head home. The journey home was uneventful and Jam reached his house in less than ten minutes.

In his house, Jam took a shower, he had several pairs of uniforms in the space ring that the Sect Head gave him, so after finishing, he wasn't naked this time around. The uniform for the Cultivation Academy wasn't anything special, it was comprised of a robe, with the insignia of the academy directly covering the heart.

Jam probably wouldn't be interrupted again until classes started, so for now he would be cultivating and taking on the Training Ground Tests. Jam resumed his cultivation and smoothly opened all 108 meridians within a day. Now that none of his meridians were blocked the next step would be to connect them to his Dantian in order to progress to the Qi Collecting Stage.

Connecting the meridians to the Dantian were much easier than Jam anticipated, and he completed the Meridian Connection Stage with a perfect foundation in just two days since the start of his formal cultivation.

When the last Meridian connected to the Dantian Jam unlocked the ability of "Internal Vision." This ability would let Jam view the status of his body internally. Internal Vision would be of great help for treating injuries, but its most important function was to monitor the Dantian Space.

Within every human, there was a Dantian. It was located in the navel and once it was activated, a person's life as a cultivator would be centered around filling it with energy and expanding its size.

Upon activating the Dantian, a person could see the size of their Dantian space which would give them more or less an idea of how hard their future cultivation would be. Every Dantian came in a different shape with different sizes; the bigger and more complex the Dantian Space, the harder it would be for a cultivator to advance. However, those with bigger sized innate Dantians, unanimously had much better potential.

Jam drew in a cold breath as he stared at his Dantian Space. Within the books Jam read in the library he learned that the smallest recorded Innate Dantian Space was about 100 cubic meters, while the largest was 81 cubic kilometers. Jam's Innate Dantian Space stretched out to 999 cubic kilometers.

Additionally, Jam's Dantian Space was oddly shaped like a cardioid, with nine rhombus-like shaped tips protruding out of it in a symmetrical fashion. There were also a bunch of dim gold colored runic shapes within his Dantian Space. From what Jam understood, these runic shapes only appeared in Dantian Spaces that were innately restricted.

This meant that Jam would have to complete additional tasks to progress from certain stages of cultivation. These additional tasks could be something relatively easy, like having to take more energy, to more complex tasks, like needing to master several Daos to a specified level before being able to make a breakthrough.

Now that Jam had entered the Qi Collecting Stage, Jam had to completely fill up his Dantian Space with elemental energy. Jam had connected all 108 meridians to his Dantian, thus his rate of absorbing energy would drastically improve. Nevertheless, he still needed to fill up 999 cubic kilometers of space.

The only way Jam could keep up his cultivation pace was if he used alchemical pills. These pills were very expensive and Jam didn't even own a single spirit stone. The only way to resolve these problems are to either become an alchemist, which would let Jam make his own pills, and also sell some pills on the side, effectively making him a money making machine. Alternatively, Jam could also earn spirit stones from missions, that were allocated by the academy.

In any case, the first move Jam had to make, was see how much faster he could absorb stellar energy after connecting all his meridians to his Dantian. The notion of processing energy faster the less meridians a person opened was predicated on whether or not a cultivator managed to connect all his unblocked meridians.

Rarely were there people like Jam who could unblock all his meridians, as well as connect them. It was already rare for someone to be able to unblock all 108 meridians. Only the best of the best were also able to connect all 108 meridians to each other as well as the Dantian.

Jam, being one of the few people with a perfect foundation, would see his energy absorbing capabilities increase by a ludicrous amount. At the very least, he would be able to process and purify energy ten times faster than before.

Jam seated himself in the posture used to practice the Styles of the Cosmic Bow, and after reaching a resonance with the local stellar energy, Jam unintentionally caused a storm to erupt within the academy.

Above Jam's courtyard, a beam of pure stellar light, which originated from Jam, could be seen piercing through the sky, extending towards the heavens. There were chime like noise emanating from the beam, and as some of the Academy elders and higher ranking members closed in on Jam's house, they began to recognize what was happening.

The first elder to recognize the phenomenon unintentionally shouted "Ultimate Dao Contact!"

Immediately all the other elders came to the same conclusion, but were shocked to see it come from a courtyard for regular disciples.

Dao Contact was the first level of Dao Accomplishment a cultivator could achieve. It would manifest when a person gained enough insights into a Dao to begin to change the local environment. Dao Contact by itself was not something special as most people would reach it by the time they reached the Core Formation Stage.

However, this was no regular Dao Contact, it was Ultimate Dao Contact! A sign the the Dao was being held back by the cultivator's cultivation base.

When a normal cultivator reached Dao Contact, there would be a phenomenon, but it wouldn't escalate to the degree that Jam was currently displaying. Ultimate Dao Contact though, was a completely different story. If a normal cultivator reached Dao Contact with the Stellar Dao, at most he would have a starlight aura surround his body.

Ultimate Dao Contact showed a cultivator resonated with their Dao in one of the most intimate ways, and that even though that cultivator was a novice at using their Dao, it was because of their current cultivation base. As soon as Jam's cultivation base progressed a couple more stages, he would keep making these ridiculous displays; unless of course, he personally intervened an suppressed the natural phenomenon himself. Jam would be able to keep making these spectacles as long as his superpower transcended his level in Dao Accomplishment.

After some time, the Stellar light beam faded away, and as one of the elders began to walk towards Jam's Door. However, before this elder got very far, the Sect Head showed up and opened it herself. The elder that was heading towards Jam's door stopped and let the Sect Head take care of Jam's business.

"Kid, it's your third day here! Do you not know the meaning of control?" While the Sect Head's tone might seem reproachful, but everybody, including Jam, could tell she was just pretending to be mad, and was instead, very satisfied with Jam's progress.

"Greetings Sect Head, It's not like I want to cause such a commotion, I was just testing out how much faster I can absorb energy after breaking into the Qi Collecting Stage."

Everyone, except the Sect Head, dropped their jaws. "You mean to tell me, that you just entered the Qi Collecting Stage?!" one of the elders screeched at Jam.

"Huh? Yeah, I've been in the Qi Collecting Stage for like ten minutes. Why? Is there a problem?"

"A problem? Do you know how insane it is for someone to reach Dao Contact at the Qi Collecting Stage? Forget Dao Contact, what you just displayed was Ultimate Dao Contact!"

"Oh? That was Dao Contact?!" Jam didn't immediately connect this phenomena with Dao Contact as he had read that, usually, only Core Formation Stage cultivators could achieve that.

"Yeah kid, now you have a Dao Degree of Dao Aspect, and everyone here knows it. Next time, you should hide your abilities. You wouldn't want your enemies to know your trump cards, right? Luckily, you shouldn't have any enemies, and all of us here right now are elders of the academy. In any case, as a cultivator, you should learn to be more careful." The Sect Head gave Jam her two cents then teleported away to her Mansion.

After the Sect Head finished talking, it seemed like all the elders received a message to disperse, as they all started heading back to what they were previously doing.


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