Divinity Jam
9 Stellar Skills
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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9 Stellar Skills

Jam was left alone in his room, and he began to observe the differences in his body. He had read that cultivators, upon reaching Dao Contact, would be able to manipulate their Dao's energy more effectively and gain the ability to influence their immediate environment.

Before attempting to use his stellar energy, Jam used Internal Vision to check out how much energy he absorbed. Even though Jam had a full 108 meridians connected and absorbing energy, with the addition of the phenomenon when he gained his Dao Aspect degree, in the end, Jam barely covered 0.01% of his Dantian Space with energy.

Still, 0.01% of 999 cubic kilometers filled in a couple minutes, meant that if Jam kept progressing at this rate, he would finish filling his Dantian Space in a couple months. However, he would progress even faster if he picked up Alchemy. Thus, Jam decided that after testing his newfound ability to manipulate the environment, he would return to the Training Grounds to take the test which would determine his potential for Alchemy.

At the very least, it was guaranteed that Jam could practice alchemy as the most basic requirement for practicing alchemy is to have an internal fire. When Jam was showing his alchemy to others he would create stellar fire, but when he was isolated he would opt to use one for the most appropriate flames for alchemy, Purification Fire.

Purification Fire was a superpower, that all alchemist and artifact refiners dreamed of having; It would increase the success rate of pills forming, while also increasing the potency of the pills, the same enhancing powers worked for artifact refining. Jam needed to use stellar fire in the presence of others, as purification fire could only be obtained from its corresponding superpower; there were no technique to develop it.

Now that Jam had entered the Qi Collecting Stage, he could project his energy — which he gathered while cultivating — outside of his body. Adding on the fact that Jam had reached Dao Contact level stellar energy manipulation, Jam could now attempt to use some basic skills from the Styles of the Cosmic Bow, even without a bow.

Jam manipulated his stellar energy to change into the shape of a bow, and after a couple minutes of practice, he could materialize a solid bow of pure stellar energy. Next he condensed some arrows, and began to cultivate.

It was still late at night so for the next couple hours Jam cultivated his stellar energy. With the addition of the stellar energy bow, Jam could begin forming Bow Essence, to progress in the Dao of Bows.

Weapon-based Daos worked from achieving resonance between the cultivator and their weapon. Solely on the principle of being in touch with his weapon, Jam could gain insights into the Dao of Bows. These insights would be verified through target practice, or by doing some of the exercises shown in the Styles of the Cosmic Bow manual.

Jam's house was relatively big, and on the second floor, Jam had plenty of space to practice with his bow. He practiced all sorts of exercises, and was happy to find out that the bow was a weapon very suitable for him.

In the past, Jam had tried training with swords and staffs — as they were the only weapons he could use, while still being in Woody's care. Though Jam could use those weapons to train with, they felt tedious for him to train in. For some reason, training with the bow was just fun for Jam.

After testing his potential for energies, Jam thought he was prepared for any results his future cultivation would yield. However, each time his talent was displayed it made him more and more surprised.

This time, Jam's progress in the Dao of Bows was insane, almost to a comical degree. In the first couple hours of gaining insights into Bow Essence. Jam not only completed manifesting the basics of Bow Essence, he also evolved it, effectively putting his Dao of Bows halfway through Dao Contact. Jam had learned his lesson, this time not causing any phenomenon to develop.

When Jam developed his Bow Essence at first it was clear. However, after it evolved to become Tier 1 Bow Essence, it turned from clear to white in color.

From what Jam had read, Essences were composed of 10 tiers. To reach Tier 2 Essence, one had to reach The Palace Creation Stage, a full two stages ahead of where Jam was currently at. Jam experimented for a while to see how he could use his Bow Essence.

For now, Jam wouldn't be able to sustain using Tier 1 Bow Essence. Even using Basic Bow Essence would deplete Jam's energy reserve extremely quickly. Thus, Jam would need to use these abilities conservatively; at least this would be the case until he raised his cultivation base.

Good news was that, at least for now, Jam probably wouldn't need to use Bow Essence. Jam had taken the Sect Head's Advice to heart. As long as his life wasn't on the line, Jam would refrain from displaying too much his talent.

Jam practiced several skills of the Style of the Cosmic Bow and could, with confidence, say he was adept in using all the skills he trained in. Aside from forming the stellar bow, Jam could form stellar arrows, stellar flames, and stellar armor.

While Jam couldn't constantly use his Tier 1 Bow Essence, Jam could still train with a bit of Basic Bow Essence; he started to practice some archery skills. Jam didn't know how he would fare against moving targets, but, for stationary target, he reached 100% accuracy while targeting within 100 meters around him.

Jam planned on training the core skills within his Style of the Cosmic Bow technique, after his cultivation rose, and could reliably support his training efforts. The moment Jam attempted to conjure advanced skills he would exhaust his energy far too quickly, similar to when he tried using Tier 1 Bow Essence.


All parts of the academy were open all the time, allowing Jam to not waste time and immediately use the Training Grounds. Now, Jam would test his potential for Alchemy.

Before Jam, there was a completely different scene than the one he saw at the Affinity Test. Jam was currently looking at a line that spaned about 150 people. Unlike the Affinity Test where only the new disciples would go to test their affinity, The testing grounds for most other tests, including secondary occupations, was always being used.

The line for testing alchemy potential also tested already established alchemist who were trying to raise their rank. The same applied to all the tests of the secondary occupations. Secondary occupations, like alchemy and artifact refining were called "secondary occupations," because without exception, the primary occupation for all cultivators was cultivation.

Jam stood in line for about two hours until it was his turn, where he had to speak with the supervising elder. As Jam got a bit closer to the front of the line, he could see how a supervisor processed those wishing to take the test.

A person would tell the supervisor what alchemy rank they were challenging, then the challenger would enter through the door behind the supervisor. Every once in a while, the elder would make some gestures and the color of the door would change. Jam also took note that once a person entered the door, they wouldn't come out.

"What rank test do you want to take?" The supervising elder didn't think that someone would be test for potential since disciple recruitment wouldn't happen for another month.

"Mhmm? I'm here to test for potential."

"Oh… Ok then." The elder while surprised that someone wanted to test their potential now, still, didn't really care about Jam, so he made a couple gestures and the door behind him changed to a pure white hue. "You can enter here to take the test."


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