Divinity Jam
12 It Turns Out I’m Not “Completely” Broken!
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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12 It Turns Out I’m Not “Completely” Broken!

The elder who teleported Jam to the Sect Head's office, teleported with him again. Now, Jam was in another room, after looking at the instructions on the wall Jam learned that this was the room for testing Inscription Talent.

The teleporting elder gave Jam his Stellar Bow back and told him that once he finished this test another elder would teleport him to the next test. After the elder finished conversing with Jam he teleported back to continue doing whatever he was doing before he was tasked with escorting Jam.

And just like that, Jam began a marathon of tests. He tested for Inscriptions, Formation Arrays, Beast Taming, Illusions, even Cooking. Every single test for secondary occupations was met with resounding success for Jam. Apparently, the same level of talent Jam displayed on his Alchemy and Refining tests, carried over to the rest of the secondary occupations.

Then Jam was moved to the attribute tests, the ones which were like the test for affinity. There, Jam tested his willpower, soul strength, and body potential. The willpower test subjected Jam to several illusions, given the fact that Jam had recently advanced to being a Tier 1 Illusionist, he managed to get better result than he would have, prior to taking the Illusionist test.

Jam's body registered as being perfectly suitable for Body Refinement; which was to be expected. How else would Jam have been able to complete the Body Tempering Stage in a mere five years, without resources or a Body Refining technique? His body had to be suitable for body refinement, otherwise, he would have killed himself advancing at such a fast pace without the resources to treat himself.

The result of these tests effects on the Sect Head were predictable; Jam kept shattering the Sect Head's mind with each completed test. With godlike talent for ALL secondary occupations, willpower at the level of those in the Spirit Realm, and a physique perfect for Body Refining, Jam seemed like a reincarnated immortal. It was his soul strength, which registered at "normal" levels, that gave the Sect Head some solace.

Jam's soul strength was at the same level as those at the Palace Creation Stage. By no means was this soul strength weak, when considering that Jam was at the Qi Collecting Stage, two stage below the Palace Creation Stage. But, when compared to his Physique and Willpower, it was clearly lacking. There were plenty of people that surpassed Jam in this aspect; However, all of them heavily specialized in soul strength.

Who knows how crushed the Sect Head would feel if she knew that the reason why Jam's Soul Strength was so low was because he didn't want to cheat by using Divinity to replicate an soul-type superpower like True Soul. If Jam chose to use Divinity to replicate a superpower like True Soul, which would amplify soul strength by dozens of times, he would without a doubt shatter the previous record for Soul Strength as well.

However, doing so would cause the Sect Head to wonder how Jam managed to do so without a soul-type superpower. This could lead to her discovering Jam's true superpower, and that was something that Jam wanted to avoid at all costs.

Willpower and Body Refining compatibility could not be enhanced by any known superpowers, only soul strength. So, Jam's results in the other tests could not be attributed to him using a superpower; that was not the case for soul strength, and Jam didn't want to be investigated. So he just put up with appearing to not be completely broken.

Once Jam finished the last test, he was teleported back to the Sect Head once again. This time, in the Sect Head's Office, Jam was surrounded by elders. The tense atmosphere, coupled by the fact that Jam was under the pressure subconsciously emitted by all these elders, made Jam unable to speak. He had to slowly get used to this intense environment.

"Alright, now that everyone is here, we can start the meeting. As all of you know our academy recently received a new disciple the other day through the principle teleportation array. We have already discussed his recent achievements in cultivation and Alchemy, but as he kept challenging more tests he showed… "gifted" results." The Sect head the waved her hand a screen detailing Jam's test results was laid bare for all to see.

Jam thought it was fortunate that the test for affinity could not be shown to others. However, the truth was that the creator of the Affinity test, made it this way to allow all the cultivator in the academy a fair shot in their path of cultivation. If the higher ranking members knew of every disciple's affinity, they would neglect some of the more hardworking disciples that had less talent, in favor of those with more talent.

Sometimes it was those who put in the most effort that became the strongest; not the ones with the most talent. By hiding the affinity levels of the people inside the sect, every member of the sect could have a chance to cultivate; even those with trash-tier affinity.

All the elders in attendance drew gasps and started discussing among themselves. After several minutes of discussion the elders were divided into two groups. Half of the elders wanted to treat Jam as a precious treasure and nurture him, extensively. While the other half wanted to hide Jam's results from his peers and have him train and work like all the other member of the academy.

Jam had only been in the sect for a couple days, and aside from the Ultimate Dao Contact he displayed, not many people knew of Jam's talent. All those who did understand Jam's talent were in the room right now debating. No one from Jam's generation knew of his talent. If he were thrown into a crowd of his peers, Jam wouldn't draw much attention.

The split in opinion was a clear 50-50, and it would be up to the Sect Head to break the tie. The Sect Head's response was simple "We're hiding his achievements! That's the final answer. All of us have worked hard to reach our current statuses, he should have to work if he wants resources. Besides, With his talent for alchemy alone he will soon be able to buy any and all resources we'd be giving him anyways."

All this debating took place through the elders' energy transmissions, so to Jam, it looked like the elders were staring at him, the screen with his results, and each other for several minutes. Jam saw that the atmosphere of the room changed at some point, and the Sect Head asked Jam what he was planning on doing.

"I plan on joining all the division of the academy, after all, I do have talent for all the secondary occupations. Since there is still some time before I can partake in the lessons with my peers, I'll be cultivating and making money with alchemy."

In the room, there were several elders that had been staring at Jam with "hungry" looks after looking at his results. Jam guess that these seniors were the various Division Heads, that were after him for his talents in their respective secondary occupation. Jam felt that if he didn't give these seniors some closure they would assault him or something.

The Sect Head ended the meeting and the elders began departing. Some of the Elders, presumably the Heads of the Refining, Illusions, Inscriptions, Beast Taming, Formations, and Cooking Divisions, took turns giving Jam items similar to what he received when he finished his Alchemy test.

He received six medallions, each medallion had a different shape. The cooking medallion was a basic white pot, the artifact refining medallion was white furnace, the beast taming medallion was a white snake, the illusion medallion was a white tinted Phantom, the Inscription medallion was a white talisman, and the Formation Master medallion was a white flag.

These Division Heads also gave Jam some basic materials to start practicing with. Latoya gave Jam some sets for making more Energy Gathering Pills, the Head of Refining gave Jam some metals, the Head of Cooking gave Jam some spiritual meats, the Head of Inscriptions gave Jam some talisman papers, the Head of Illusions gave Jam a book on Illusions, and the Head of Formations gave Jam some array flags.

After everyone left, Jam gave the Sect Head a nod, then departed. Jam had taken all these tests back to back, and with his current low cultivation base, he couldn't ignore the fatigue the had accumulated in his body. He went to his house and slept for the first time after joining the academy.

Cultivation was the process of making one's body approach perfection. Even though Jam had been "active" for the past days, stressing his mind, body and soul, he made a complete recovery after just five hours of sleep. Jam was beginning to see why cultivators didn't care about time; sooner or later he wouldn't have a need for sleep!


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