Divinity Jam
13 Making Money To Support One“s Distasteful Habi
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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13 Making Money To Support One“s Distasteful Habi

Jam woke up, and started organizing his thoughts. Currently he was internally debating on what to do first. Should he cultivate or practice his secondary occupations? Eventually, he decided on practicing alchemy. Practicing Alchemy would earn him some cultivation resources and money to buy more formulas and materials at the same time.

After deciding on practicing alchemy, Jam left his house and headed towards the Alchemy Division. He talked to the receptionist there, and borrowed one of the free public rooms for alchemy.

Jam didn't have any money, much less a cauldron; he could only resort to practicing alchemy publicly. Every Division of the academy would have a section reserved for their lowest ranking members to practice for free. The only "drawback" was that you would be practicing out in the open and others could see your work.

To the lowest ranking disciples of the divisions, it was less of a drawback and more of a blessing. Afterall, to practice any of the secondary occupations privately, one would need to have a ton of money. To give some perspective, even the shittiest cauldron suitable for alchemy, would cost one thousand spirit stones.

Jam recieved a ticket from the receptionist in the Alchemy Division, which led him to his cauldron and specified that he only had two hours to practice before needing to pick up another ticket. Jam gave his thanks and left immediately.

Soon, he was in front of a cauldron. The cauldron was so similar to the one Jam used in his Alchemy potential determining test, that he almost wanted to call it a clone. Jam began concoct some Energy Gathering Pills. At this point it was the only recipe he knew, so it wasn't like he had a choice. When Jam was receiving items from the Division Heads, Latoya gave Jam 100 ingredient sets for the Energy Gathering Pill.

Jam passed his alchemy test with perfect Energy Gathering Pills; it would be an understatement to call him a master for this specific Pill Recipe. So, as Jam began concocting the pills, he never failed once, in fact he was producing perfect pills faster after every attempt he made. When Jam started pill concocting, it would take him three minutes to produce ten perfect pills from one set of ingredients. By the time he finished using all 100 sets of ingredients, he could concoct a set of ten perfect pills, from start to finish, in less than a minute.

Jam was too focused on his pill concocting to notice the hoard of people surrounding and watching him work. When he did notice them, he thought it was because he had gone over his allotted time, however, his internal clock suggested otherwise. All cultivators that had even an iota of energy in their Dantian, would have an instinctive sense for time; they knew what time it was, from the year, all the way down to the second.

"???" Jam gave these people puzzled looks. Jam learned not to vocalize his thoughts, but they still existed. Currently Jam was thinking 'These nosy busybodies better fuck off.'

No one said anything to him, and Jam had finished using his 100 sets of ingredients, so he left and headed to the receptionist again. Jam might not have realized it, but his pill concocting of the Energy Gathering Pill was so good, other Rank 1 Alchemists would learn a lot, just by watching him.

"Hey, where can I sell pills?"

"Oh, I can take them. What pills do you want to sell?"

"Energy Gathering Pills! I have 1000 pills. How much are they worth?"

"The Energy Gathering Pills are valued at 15 spirit stones a piece, so 1000 sho..." The receptionist didn't finish her sentence as she examined one of the pills, which Jam gave her.

"Are all your pills of this quality?!"


"These are perfect Energy Gathering Pills! If you really do have 1000 of them, I'll give you 50,000 spirit stones for all of them." While the receptionist had seen perfect Energy Gathering Pills before, those that sold them to her were all high ranked alchemists. She didn't expect an Alchemy Disciple to produce pills of this quality.

"Cool. I want to know the price for one set of Energy Gathering Pill herbs, and the price of a cauldron."

"One set of Energy Gathering Pill herbs costs five spirit stones, and caldrons range from 3,000-1,000,000. You should know that 1,000,000 is the hard limit for the Alchemy Division. If you want a cauldron worth more than 1,000,000 spirit stones, you should go to the Refining Division."

"Mhmm… Ok then, I'll take a cauldron worth 45,000 and spend the rest on 1,000 sets of Energy Gathering Pill herbs."

Jam emptied his space ring of all 1,000 perfect Energy Gathering Pills, and waited for the receptionist to bring him his cauldron and the 1,000 sets of herbs. It didn't take long at all, and Jam left the building to head home.

He didn't like the thought of being stared at by all those people while he was concocting pills, so he was glad that he could afford a cauldron after selling his first batch of pills.

Once he got home, Jam took out his new cauldron and stationed it in one of the empty rooms on the first floor of his house. Jam was very pleased with the cauldron's appearance; it was completely black with decorative gold patterns on the exterior. This cauldron would be useful to Jam until he became a Rank 4 Alchemist, at the point, he would need to get a better cauldron.

Jam stopped admiring his cauldron and began working immediately. Several hours later there was a small mountain of pills behind Jam; 10,000 perfect Tier 1 Energy Gathering Pills to be exact. Jam himself, had never tried one of these pills so he wanted to see how much of an effect it would have on his cultivation.

The Energy Gathering Pill made a cultivator's body take in energy from the environment faster. The better the purity of the pill, the better its efficiency. For any pill to form, the general rule was that it needed to be 50% pure. Every 10% increase would be a level for a pill. 60% purity was the standard for low tier pills, 70% purity for intermediate tier pills, 80% purity for advanced tier pills, 90% purity for peak tier pills, and 100% purity for perfect, or consummate, tier pills.

All of Jam's pills reached the consummate tier, therefore these pills would give the best possible effect. Jam ingested one pill and began to cultivate. He took out his Stellar Bow to cultivate the Styles of the Cosmic Bow.

Jam cultivated for three hours, that was when he noticed that the effect of his Energy Gathering Pill dissipate. Jam was very impressed; in a short three hours Jam filled his Dantian Space to 3% max capacity.

The pills would increase Jam's cultivation pace by five times, for three hours — for a Tier 1 pill that was pretty insane. After Jam used a real bow to cultivate he also gained a boost to his cultivation pace of a bit over 3 times. Otherwise, if he only relied on using the Energy Gathering Pill, he would at most fill 0.9% of his Dantian Space.

Jam went back to the Alchemy Division and sold 9,500 pills, reserving 499 for himself to cultivate with. He earned 475,000 spirit stones, with which he spent 200,000 on more alchemy formulas and their respective sets of ingredients to practice with.

Jam bought formulas for body refining, energy refining, soul refining, healing, energy restoring, poison removing, curse removing, etc — pretty much all Tier 1 and Tier 2 formulas. He also bought around 50 sets of ingredients — per formula — to practice these new formulas with.

Thereon, Jam began an insane cultivation frenzy! He would use Energy Refining Pills, like the Energy Gathering Pill, at night and practice new formulas during the day.

In two weeks Jam completed the Qi Collecting Stage and entered the Palace Foundation Stage. In the Palace Foundation Stage, Jam would need to create a solid platform of energy to support the Dao Palace, which he would create in the subsequent stage. Ideally, the Platform would occupy 75% of the area of the Dantian Space, and considering Jam's Dantian Space, it would need a height of 81 kilometers. In total the dimensions of his Dao Palace's foundation would be 750 kilometers in width and length, and 81 kilometers tall.

Solid energy would be hundreds of times denser than gaseous energy, so even though Jam would only need to make 4.6% of the energy in his Dantian Space solid, to him it would feel like redoing the Qi Collecting stage several times.

After advancing into the Palace Foundation Stage, Jam learned that the effects of his Energy Gathering Pills dropped; he would only improve twice as fast with Tier 1 perfect Energy Gathering Pills. However, this was offset by the fact that he could draw in more energy now as well; everytime a cultivator made a breakthrough into a higher stage, their rate of natural cultivation would increase exponentially; this effect was even more noticeable on cultivators who made a breakthrough across realms.

Since his pills were already perfect, the only way to get more out of them would be to advance to Rank 2 Alchemist, and make Tier 2 Energy Gathering Pills.

Jam wasn't content with his rate of cultivation, and becoming a Rank 2 Alchemist would be impossible until he reached the Palace Creation Stage. Thus, he went to the Formations Division, and bought several array flags, and the guide to making the Spirit Attracting Formation. While he was there Jam thought it would be convenient to buy all the other Tier 1 and Tier 2 formations, and left the Formations Division with 75,000 less Spirit Stones.

Coincidentally, the Spirit Attracting formation was the a superior version of the formation Jam used when testing his potential for Formation Arrays. Jam bought more array flags because he needed better array flags than the ones that the Head of Formation had left him; different types of arrays required different types of array flags, some even needed other formation array tools like array discs..

Jam returned home, after a bit of practice, he had no problem setting up the Tier 1 Spirit Attracting Array. Boosted with the Spirit Attracting Array and Energy Gathering Pills, Jam's cultivation pace skyrocketed. There were still three weeks until Jam could start attending classes, so he continued with his insane cultivation frenzy.


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