Divinity Jam
14 Core Disciples Class
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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14 Core Disciples Class

Jam had been in the academy for a mere five weeks, and his progress was startling. Progressing from the Meridian Connecting Stage, to the Peak of Palace Foundation Stage. Jam also took the time to reach the peak of Tier 1 for all secondary occupations, enabling him to create all Tier 1 formations, inscriptions, pills, etc; he also lost most of his money, currently being in possession of just a mere 10,000 spirit stones. If the Sect Head didn't see it herself, she would think someone was pulling her leg.

Right now, Jam was standing before the Sect Head, waiting for her to say something. She had, once again, sent Rina to get him, and was going to tell him where his classes would be taking place. However, Jam had a way to confounded her at every encounter, this time it was with his cultivation progress. After studying Jam for a while, she began talking.

"The start of this new semester marks a new beginning for you. You're quite the talented young man, so you have been placed in the core disciples class. Rina will be one of your classmates so she can take you to class. Remember! Don't go around causing more mayhem! Behave yourself! Everyone in your class has… "roughly" the same amount of talent as you. Most of them are stronger than you so don't try to show off, before you can take care of yourself."

"Ooo, What cultivation stage are you in?" This was the first time he heard that Rina, and others at the academy, had talent as good as his.

"I'm at the peak of the Core Formation Stage."

"Whoa! Aren't you like the same age as me?!" And here we had Jam thinking he was hot shit. While Jam had spent these five weeks in the academy shocking others, this was the first time someone shocked him; that is, if you don't count the times where Jam shocks himself, with his borderline impossible levels of talent.

"Yeah, but to be honest you're much more talented than me. I've been part of the academy since I was born, while you've progressed so much in just over a month." It took Rina several years to accomplish what Jam did in a month.

"Nah. I'm just lucky to have talent for alchemy and formations." Jam wasn't kidding. If he wasn't able to make pills or formations his cultivation would still be at the Qi Collecting Stage.

"You two can talk on you way to class; Dismissed!" The Sect Head wasn't interested in their small talk so she shooed them away.

Jam and Rina made their way to the Teaching Department. Since Jam and Rina were in the same class, Jam just followed Rina around, even after she showed Jam to their classroom.

"How long do you plan on following me?" Rina was still rather perturbed by last month's incident.

"We're in the same class, and you're the only person from my class I know. What else do you propose I do?" Jam thought his only choice was to follow Rina around. He never once thought the she might have friends she would like to hang with, while waiting for classes to start.

Rina had pardoned Jam's indecency after the Sect Head gave her a bit of his backstory. How would Jam know of Mortal Etiquette, never mind Daoist Etiquette, when he spent most if not all his time training?

The Sect Head had very good Divination skills and could see most of how Jam had been raised However, for some reason, she could never see how he was raised before he was five years old.

Rina became even more understanding and accepting of Jam, when she learned that Jam had reached his level of success, with effectively no background. The difference between cultivating with and without resources could be seen by the fact that Jam's cultivation pace had grown by approximately 25 times; and that was just with his self made pills. If Jam was the son of some higher ranked member, he would have access to even higher tiered pills; potentially raising his pace by hundreds or even thousands of times.

"Whatever. I guess you can keep following me; I just hope you don't embarrass me, or yourself." Even though Rina was understanding of his situation, that fact was, Jam had very little common sense. Rina didn't know how Jam would behave, and truly didn't want to stick around when he did something which could be called socially retarded again.

In no time at all, Jam and Rina reached their classroom. Jam was confused, there was absolutely no one present. In the classroom there were only seven chairs, presumably for the students, and a standing podium for the teacher, in the middle of the classroom.

"So… Are we like early or something?"

"Yeah, we're pretty early. Class starts in half an hour."

"Why are there only seven chairs?"

"Before you entered the rank of core disciple, there were only six of us."

"Mhmm? In the entire academy, there are only six core disciples?"

"That's right. Even more weird is the fact that all of us are around the same age. You need to be extremely talented to enter the rank of core disciple."

It was pretty ridiculous for there to only be seven people capable of reaching core disciple status in the entire academy. Jam wondered to himself exactly how strict the requirements were to be a core disciple.

To become a core disciple, one had to either have, one complete Dao Domain tier superpower, or have unlimited affinity for more than one type of energy.

The Cultivation Academy is an upper level sect, with branches of the academy reaching thousands of planets. This allowed them to search for people that met the brutal condition required to reach the core disciples class.

Soon several people entered Jam's classroom. All of them were surprised to see a new face in the classroom, however, some were more friendly than others.

Not five minutes after Jam took a seat, a boy entered the room. As soon as this person saw Jam, he was surprised and rushed over to Jam.

"WHOA!? Are you a core disciple like me?! " The boy was dressed in strange garbs. Jam didn't know what this person was wearing but it sure was attention grabbing! The boy, decked out with white robes, that had strange blue patterns, was styled in the same manner as the his hair.

"Yep." Before Jam became friends with others he would only respond to questions. Moreover, he would only give others exactly what they wanted to know, never expanding on his answers. This way of behaving wouldn't get Jam many friends, but he didn't know it, much less care.

"OHH! It's been ages since someone has been accepted as a core disciple! My name's Kirin by the way and I became a core disciple because I have a complete Dao Domain tier superpower, Thunderscape. How did you get in?"

"Last month I reached Ultimate Dao Contact, and I also have a Dao Domain tier superpower for Cosmic Control." Jam didn't know exactly what tier Divinity was, but it should be higher than Dao Domain.

"Dao Contact? It is very impressive for you to reach Dao Contact at the Palace Foundation Stage, I myself only reached it at the Palace Creation Stage." Jam wanted to correct him and tell him he reached Dao Contact at the Qi Collecting stage, but seeing how friendly this guy was, Jam didn't want to come of as pretentious.

After engaging in this sort of friendly conversation, Jam's taciturn attitude would gradually weakened, and Jam would start to behave more like a normal ten year old kid. The two continued chatting until two more people entered the room at the same time.

"Oh my god! Alex, Cynthia, look! We've got someone new in our class." In a paradoxical way, Kirin seemed to be "friendliness personified." However, he wasn't annoying to Jam.

While the two new faces, Alex and Cynthia, were surprised by Jam's appearance, they weren't as chummy as Kirin. They just gave Jam basic greetings and went to their desks to wait for class to start. Two more people entered Jam's classroom, but neither of them acknowledged Jam.

All of Jam's fellow classmates were odd in one way or another. Kirin had his strange blue-white hair and clothes. Cynthia was carrying around a comically large halberd on her back. Alex was carrying an even larger pair of weapons, a lance and shield. One of the two unfriendly behaved like a buddhist monk, he also looked the part. And the last guy, looked at the class with arrogance so grand, bystanders would form an almost instinctual need to punch him. Rina by contrast seemed to be the most normal of the bunch, if you excluded the aura of pure majesty emanating from her.

All the other core disciples were more or less Jam's age; Kirin was also ten, Alex was nine, Cynthia was almost eleven, and both students that didn't talk to Jam were also ten.

Exactly half an hour after Jam and Rina entered the classroom, another girl entered; the girl didn't seem to be much older than Rina and Cynthia. Jam was confused so he asked Rina "Didn't you say we only have seven people in our class? Who is that?"

"We do only have seven people in our class… She's our teacher."

"…" Jam didn't know how to react. How on earth was a ten year old going to teach them about cultivation?

"Now then, let's get class started! First off, we have a new student in our class. Come up here and introduce yourself." The "teacher" then pointed at Jam.

Jam walked up to the podium to introduce himself "Hi, My name's Jam."

"That's it?" The teacher was a bit annoyed at Jam's taciturn "speech."

"Sorry senior, what else do you want me to say?" Even though he didn't know how this girl managed to get the qualifications to teach his class, Jam followed the rules of etiquette to not further his troubles.

"Give us your age, cultivation rank, superpower, and any other accomplishments you want to share."

"Mhmm… I'm ten year's old, currently I'm at the peak of the Palace Foundation Stage, my superpower is Cosmic Control, and I practice multiple secondary occupations." The Sect Head told Jam not to tell others of his talent for secondary occupations. But, only mentioning that he practices them, was fair game.

"Alrighty then, I guess you're done with your introduction, before I start today's lecture you should know, my name is Cecily, and I'm a Saint God. I may look like a teen, just like you and your classmates, but thats just because I was part of the last generation of core disciples."

Core disciples would usually leave the core disciples class after they became Saints, as their cultivation relied mostly on experiences. Staying at the academy would only slow down their rate of improvement.

Though some of the former core disciple, like Cecily, would stay at the academy and act as reserves for when an emergency broke out, or helped with the management of the academy. These former core disciples would be reimbursed with the best resources and status titles available in the academy for their help.

Cecily had seen the look of doubt in Jam's eyes and directly told him her cultivation so that Jam wouldn't get the wrong idea. At least now, Jam wouldn't doubt Cecily's ability to teach after she revealed her cultivation. That last bit of information she gave Jam, made him understand that even though Cecily looked to be ten years old, that was only a misconception formed because of her rate of improvement.

As a cultivator progresses through the Stage and Realms of Cultivation their lifespan increases, and conversely, their rate of decay due to the passage of time decreases. Jam didn't know how old Cecily was, but for her to be a Saint God and look like a mere eighteen-year-old, it must mean she has broken through several cultivation stages at a very fast rate.

"First order of business is declaring our schedule. We're keeping last semester's schedule of one lecture, one spar, and one discussion every month. As the first day of class, I'm conducting a lecture today. As a tradition, just like the start of all the other semesters, I will give a general lecture on the Mortal Realm."

As so began the lecture. Jam knew most of the basic things about the Mortal Realm. However, with this lecture he had a more profound understanding of each of the stages. If Jam had this class five weeks ago, he would certainly have progressed much faster during his cultivation frenzy. He would still need a ton of energy, but at least he wouldn't be as wasteful as he previously was.

After Jam took this first lecture, he now had a reason to start cultivating the other free techniques he received during the first time he visited the library. Cecily gave some tips for cultivation that Jam had never heard or read about. Jam learned that aside from increasing your level of accomplishment in one Dao, pursuing several Daos, for those who are able, would make cultivation easier in the long run.

Jam had been only cultivating with stellar energy and had no real reason for starting his cultivation of other energies, aside from studying the skills that can only be displayed with those specific energies. Abilities like tearing space and teleporting could only be accomplished with space energy, and Jam wouldn't be able to transform into a demon without demonic energy.

The lesson concluded four hours after it started, and was captivating enough that even the other students, who had heard this lecture several times before, didn't get bored by listening to it again; much less Jam. After Cecily dismissed the class, she called Jam over to discuss something with him privately.

"Here is the schedule for this semester. There are some special dates you should keep track of: A month from now there will be a trip to the Titanic Beast Mountain Range. Two months after we return, we will have our yearly class trip; this time we're going to Ghetti Beach. On the days that we don't meet for class, you are expected to either be cultivating or doing missions."

"Thanks... and see you wednesday?" Jam liked this new teacher of his, so, for the first time, he proactively made a friendly gesture. Cecily gave him a nod and a smile, then continued to go about her business.


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