Divinity Jam
15 Be Gentle, Its My First Time...
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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15 Be Gentle, Its My First Time...

Jam gave Cecily a nod and was preparing to head home, when one of the two unfriendly chaps, who didn't acknowledge Jam before class started, stopped him by the door.

"Oi! Now that class is over how 'bout you and me have some fun?" This boy needed to work on his phrasing as all the words coming from his mouth had a scummy feeling attached to them, assaulting all those who heard him speak. It was of great juxtaposition with his monk-like appearance.

"Oh? What kind of "fun" do you want to have?" Jam was a bit surprised to see this guy talk to him after repeatedly ignoring him before class started. Unbecoming of his antisocial personality, Jam actually had a curiosity towards this fellow weirdo.

Jam, as expected, didn't understand figurative speech and took his words literally. Jam didn't understand why someone who ignored him, wanted to have fun with him.

"Obviously I'm talking about entering the ring. You know, right? The sparring ring. It's been a while since someone qualified to fight with me has appeared." This stranger was one of those battle fanatics who only wanted to challenge himself at every possible turn; getting a new classmate would certain tingle his fighting urges.

"??? I have never fought anyone in my life, so I don't think I'm qualified to fight anyone yet." Jam wasn't lying; even though he had trained to his current stage, he had never crossed fists with others. Even back when he was in the Body Tempering Stage, he spent all his time training.

"...Well whatever, even if you've never fought, we can still spar and get you some fighting experience." This kid had the mindset of 'if I can't fight you now, I will certainly train you to be someone able to fight me in the future.'

"Ok, can I at least get your name before we start fighting each other?" Jam was happy to comply as he had never fought with others and was in dire need of a sparring partner, especially now that he was going to start taking missions.

"You can just call me Arnold."

They then headed to one of the sparring rings in the Teaching Department, and Arnold started talking again.

"Alright then, since you've admitted to never fighting before, I'll lower my cultivation to your level and we can start basic sparring."

"Oh right! Before I forget, I should mention this; I am an Alchemist so don't go too easy on me. I can always heal up quickly. The same goes for you too though! I will try my best during this sparring session, so, If by some miracle I manage to harm you, I have stacks of healing pills." Jam wanted to make this clear before they began to fight, in an effort to get a feel for real fights. He didn't want to be treated like a sissy here, then get utterly wrecked in a real life or death fight.

Jam and Arnold then proceed to fight each other. However, it was more of Jam getting smacked around. But, as time passed Jam started to get better, make less mistakes, and waste less energy. Arnold knew how to control his strength to a level so precises, he could fight and incapacitate Jam without harming him.

Jam was still used to having a "mortal" body so he was worried over small injuries like cuts and scrapes. However, that quickly changed after he noticed how quickly his body naturally regenerated itself. Even though Jam hadn't embarked on the path of Body Refining, cultivation processed energy through the meridians all over his body; this meant that slowly, over time, Jam's body would become more and more perfect, the more he cultivated.

When they started sparring, Jam would be downed within three moves, but by the time evening rolled around, he could fight with Arnold for twenty rounds before being subdued. This sparring session was as basic as a cultivator's fight could get; neither Arnold nor Jam used energy and were purely using hand to hand combat while fighting. They didn't want to go around annihilating their surroundings.

Jam's eagerness to spar and his seemingly infinite stamina surprised Arnold, since Jam has constantly been losing round after round for hours, never seeming to lose his fighting strength. In fact as time passed, Jam began to imitate Arnolds style of fighting, unconsciously conditioning his body to punch and kick as hard as he can while still retaining control.

Jam learned many lessons in his first sparring session and would learn more and more as his experience increased. After he decided his basic hand to hand combat skills were good enough, he would move on to "live" sparring.

Live sparring meant that cultivators would use all their strength in a sparring session. This included superpowers, and energy-enhanced techniques. In a live sparring session Jam would be able to practice his Style of the Cosmic Bow, attack with stellar energy, fire stellar arrows infused with Bow Essence, and evaluate just how well he would do in a real life fight to the death.

"Jam, you're pretty good, how about you and me spar after every class. Soon you might be able to challenge me." Arnold himself had to call off the sparring session as he was the one getting tired, more specifically he was getting bored of this unexciting form of combat; as a battle fanatic, even though all fights were welcomed, he would rather spend his time fighting at his peak.

"Sure, I'll do this after every class… its just, I don't understand why you ignored me before class started." Jam was curious as to why Arnold acted nice to him after class ended, but completely ignored Jam's existence when they were in the classroom.

"Oh, that? That is just a part of my cultivation, before starting class I force myself to focus solely on the myself and ignore everyone around me. I cultivate the Dao of Emotions and one aspect of it is the aspect on one's "Self," by emptying myself for that period of time I can gain insights into that aspect of the Dao of Emotions."

Jam could have figured it out sooner if he had just asked Arnold about his superpower. Arnold's superpower was actually Berserking. It was one of those rare non elemental superpowers; it would let him erupt with strength exponential to his base strength. Berserking was part of the Dao of Emotions, more specifically it was under the aspect of the seven sins, the sin of wrath. If Jam knew that Arnold had berserking as a superpower he might have inferred everything that Arnold told him.

"Oh, well, do you know about that other guy? Was he doing something like you and ignoring me for his cultivation or something?"

"You mean Jared? Nah, he's just a cunt. He thinks he better than all of us because of his superpowers." It was kind of funny to Jam; the contrast of a boy dressed like a monk, Arnold, calling one of his peers by one of the big-boy heavy-weight curse words, a cunt.

"What kind of superpowers would make him think he's better than the rest of us?" Jam caught Arnold little clue of Jared having more than one superpower! This was the first time Jam had heard of someone with two superpowers, which goes to show how rare it is.

"Jared inherited the superpower of Void Detection from his mother, and Disintegration from his father." Arnold couldn't help but be a bit frustrated. Arnold knew that he had a phenomenal superpower as well, but, two is better than one; especially in Jared's case.

Void Detection was regarded as one of the greatest detection superpowers, as it used the void itself to find whatever its host wanted. Disintegration was a Dao Domain level superpower that was even more useful than Void Detection, fabled as the superpower with greatest attacking prowess.

"Yikes! Those are both pretty ridiculous superpowers." 'My Divinity is still leagues ahead of his superpowers, since it can easily replicate Disintegration and Void Detection.'

"Well it's getting late so see you in class on wednesday."Jam gave Arnold a nod, and then proceeded to head back to his courtyard.


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