Divinity Jam
16 Why Is My Cultivation So Demanding?
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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16 Why Is My Cultivation So Demanding?

Back at his house, Jam restarted his Spirit Attracting Array and began cultivating. This time he was cultivating Space and Time energy from his Gravity Manipulation Technique. Cecily told Jam that the effects of studying several Daos would become apparent starting on the Saint Realm.

However, now that Jam needed to take missions and spar with his classmates, he would need to start cultivating all the techniques he had stockpiled to get some practice. By starting to cultivate these techniques now, he would be giving himself a good foundation for the Saint Realm, and he would also be gaining additional skills that he could use at the moment.

Jam cultivated his True Gravity Manipulation technique for a couple hours, before reaching Dao Contact with the Dao of Space and the Dao of Time. At this point it was safe to assume that Jam could reach Dao Contact with just about any Dao, even if he were given a couple hours. Jam kept cultivating, and once he was at the highest peak of the Palace Foundation Stage, he ran into a wall. No matter how much energy he attracted, his body started to reject all of it.

Since he couldn't progress in his cultivation, he began to cultivate his other techniques. He already knew he had to fulfill certain requirements every so often, to progress in cultivation, due to the runes embedded in his Dantian Space. Right now, Jam had to figure out what the requirements were for him.

During Cecily's lecture on the Mortal Realm, she had gone over the various requirements that people with runic Dantian Spaces might need to reach before attempting to breakthrough. This was relevant to their class as everyone that could enter the core disciples of the academy, unanimously had potential great enough to warrant runic Dantian Spaces.

The requirements were different for everyone, but usually they fell under the categories of having to either get more energy than the average, expand the Dantian Space more than the average, or reach the same level of Dao cultivation in several Daos.

As Jam began to cultivate the Thunderfire Cataclysm, he discovered he could continue to gather fire and thunder type energies, but couldn't break through yet. This meant that he needed to get more energy than the average, at the very least. If he didn't breakthrough by the time his body stopped being able to absorb energy, it would mean that he would also need to reach Dao Contact in other Daos; in which case, he would progress with the Dao of Fire and the Dao of Thunder.

How many other Daos? He didn't know as Divinity was outside the scope of what the academy had ever seen. Every single person recorded with the need to reach the same level of Dao Mastery with several Daos, has only needed to do so for three Daos at the very most. This clearly wasn't the case for Jam as he had reached Dao Contact with four Daos already; three if you discounted the Dao of Bows, which wouldn't help Jam in his cultivation.

Jam wouldn't know if he also needed to increase his Dantian Space to breakthrough, as that requirement would only become evident after he reached the Saint Realm.

Jam continued to cultivate his Thunderfire Cataclysm technique until he reached Dao Contact with the Dao of Fire and the Dao of Thunder. After Jam had entered Dao Contact for the Stellar Dao, he had found the trick to reaching Dao Contact faster for seemingly every other Dao he came into contact with, as the time it took for him to reach Dao Contact became less and less with each subsequent Dao Jam achieved Dao Contact with.

After reaching Dao Contact with the Dao of Thunder and the Dao of Fire, Jam noticed he could start constructing his Dao Palace. It turned out that Jam would need to reach the same level of Mastery in five Daos before being able to make a breakthrough. Cecily also told Jam that people with these requirements would have their cultivation restricted in the same stages.

Before the Rebirth Stage, Jam would need to advance five Daos to Dao Infusion. Before the Saint Realm, Jam would need to develop five incomplete Dao Domains. And before the Sage Realm, Jam would need to perfect five Dao Domains. Most insane of all, Jam would need to Master Five Daos if he wanted to challenge the Immortal Realm.

The difficulty of advancing in Dao cultivation was infinitely harder than normal cultivation. In normal cultivation, at least the cultivator could see his progress. In Dao Cultivation, a cultivator would be almost completely blind; one wouldn't know if they were about to break through to the next level, or if they were still in the beginning of their Dao Degree's level.

Moreover, the gaps in Dao cultivation were much larger than in energy cultivation. In energy cultivation as long as one's Dao cultivation was higher than their opponent, there was a chance for victory even with a lesser cultivation base, but the reverse was not the case.

Right now, just on the merit of having Dao Contact with the Stellar Dao, Jam would have a decent chance at killing Core Formation cultivators; this was the case even when considering, that Jam had never fought before.

Jam had reached Dao contact with six types of energies: The Dao of Bows, Fire, Thunder, Space, Time, and the Stellar Dao. Now that he could breakthrough into the Palace Creation Stage, he would have to build his Dao Palace with these types of energies.

The reason Jam's cultivation was restricted to not advancing before acquiring these five Dao Contact Tier energies, was because his body innately knew that proceeding without the necessarily solid enough foundation, would kill him. Jam had to make use of all his energies to create the most stable Dao Palace possible.

Because of Jam's insanely large energy reserve, coupled with his Tier 1 Spirit Attracting Array, and Energy Gathering Pills, Jam managed to create his Dao Palace in one cultivation session. It might have taken him one and a half days, but in the end Jam produced his completed Dao Palace.

The Dao Palace was a necessary construct cultivators conceived of to make it possible to carve Dao insights inside the body. Cultivators would take in Dao Insights through the perception of their soul, then they would carved them in their Dao Palace, before continuing to carve them on their corporeal body. Without the Dao Palace, carving Dao insights into the body would be painful if lucky, and fatal if unlucky.

Jam's Dao Palace was very grand and majestic. It was impossible for it to not be imposing, considering the fact that Jam created it with five Dao Contact tier energies. Jam's Dao palace was a sky piercing tower, which extend from the base of his Dao Palace's Foundation to the top of his Dantian Space.

The Dao Palace had a base with a radius of 300 kilometers, and had its walls, covered in the Dao Runes for the Fire, Thunder, Space, Time, and Stellar energies, looked to be highly intimidating. The various energies that were used to create the towered colored it to be very dark and dreary; the Fire Runes were tinted red, the Thunder Runes white, the Space and Time Runes where both grey, and the Steller Runes were yellow. The tower itself was vector black for some reason, and the completed tower gave the impression of evil.

It was a good thing that others wouldn't be able to see it. They might be able to scan Jam's Dantian Space to see Jam's cultivation, but that scan wouldn't reveal the tower's appearance, only its shape, and contents; to be specific, whether or not there was a core.

Along with the newly created Dao Palace came various benefits to Jam's abilities. Not only had Jam's already large energy reserves increased, with the creation of the Dao Palace, Jam would be able to use a bit more energy across his body. Additionally, the Dao Palace had a small scale effect where it would naturally draw in energy from Jam's surroundings. This energy absorbing domain would not passively increase Jam's cultivation, it would instead, replenish Jam's used energy, thus letting him fight for longer.

With Jam's cultivation breaking through to the Palace Creation Stage, Jam now had to chance to form Tier 2 Essences as well as reach Tier 2 in his secondary occupations. Of course, if he wanted to those levels, he needed to put in the work to sharpen up his skills; a cultivator's skills don't just level up because the cultivator makes a breakthrough in his cultivation.

Last but not least, Jam could now start practicing the core skills of his Styles of the Cosmic Bow technique. The Styles of the Cosmic Bow had a total of three core techniques cultivators could learn in the Mortal Realm.

[(Mortal Realm) Single Shot: Imbue an arrow with the Dao insights of Pursuit from the Dao of Bows to create homing arrows. Pursuit is an aspect of the Dao of Bows that as it is improved by a cultivator, increases the arrows strength, speed, and tracking range — 0%| Evolvable]

[(Mortal Realm) Stellar Control: Manipulate stellar energy, either from the user's energy reserves or the environment, to create projectiles — arrows. Stellar Control's efficiency and effects are governed by the users insights into the Stellar Dao's aspect of Atmosphere. As insights into the Stellar Dao's aspect of Atmosphere increase, the user can withdraw increasing amount of the the environment's energy — 0%| Evolvable]

[(Mortal Realm) Power Shot: A fusion Dao attack that results in catastrophic damage. The aspect of Mass Genesis — from the Stellar Dao — is an aspect that focused on mimicking a stellar body work to generate power. The aspect of Weight Shifting — from the Dao of Bows — is focused on concentrating one's strength into the arrow to make it move faster and generate more power; bypassing the limit of energy integration. These two aspects compliment each other to produce exceptional synergy, yielding attacks that can not be measured by the sum of its parts — 0%| Evolvable]

[NOTE: Dao Insight — of any Dao aspect — retained through the training of one skill can be applied outside the skill as long as the user is sufficiently proficient with these aspects of the Dao]

These pieces of knowledge emerged in Jam's mind as he began to practice the techniques in the Styles of the Cosmic Bow. They came from the jade slip he had used to understand the skills and their relative terms of progress. Once mastered, Jam too would be able to engrave jade slips for others to use his skills.


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