Divinity Jam
18 Time For Some Live Practice
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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18 Time For Some Live Practice

At the Wolf Range, Jam began to look for Night Rangers to hunt. After reaching the Qi Collecting Stage, Jam had unlocked the ability to use divine sense. And after reaching the Palace Creation Stage, his divine sense's range had grown significantly.

Divine Sense was the ability to extend one's energy outside their body to scan the environment. Aside from scanning an opponent to know their level, divine sense can be used to look for things in the environment. It's like an extra sense that give a cultivator information, without them having to use their natural five senses.

At the Qi Collecting Stage Jam's divine sense had a range of 100 meters. Now that he was at the peak of Palace Creation, he could use his divine sense to detect things up to 10 kilometers from his body. If Jam chose to augment his soul with a soul-enhancing superpower through the use of Divinity, Jam could potentially increase the range of his divine sense's normal range.

However, the most optimal choice Jam could make at the moment — instead of enhancing his natural divine sense range — was to use a superpower like Jared's Void Detection, to be able to cast a wider net when searching, and also search more specifically.

The outer region of the Wolf Range was millions of kilometers long, and Jam didn't want to waste any time. Instead of combing through the mountain with his divine sense, he used Divinity to replicate his classmate Jared's superpower, Void Detection.

Void Detection would let him use the local void to search for Night Rangers. Void Detection worked in a similar way to divine sense. However, at the cost of being worst at detailed micro-inspection, its range was leagues ahead of divine sense. While Jam's Divine sense might only extend up to 10 kilometers, with Void Detection, he could search up to 1,000 kilometers away from himself.

More important was the fact that Void Detection could search for exactly what Jam wanted; it would filter out all other information aside from what Jam wanted to look for. Divine Sense would send Jam details — from the macro scale like natural formations, to the micro scale, as in the texture of ants — within the range that Jam let it reach. While this was useful, Jam was searching for Night Rangers at the moment and did not want to waste his time sorting through all the random pieces of information his divine sense would pass on to him.

With the power of Void Detection, Jam found a den of Night Ranger in about ten minutes. All of the Night Rangers in this den were very weak, with the strongest one being comparable to a Palace Creation cultivator.

However, Jam didn't have any plan as to how he would kill these Night Rangers. Moreover he had never been in a real fight, so, he chose to be cautious and not challenge the den by himself, even if his cumulative strength vastly surpassed those Night Rangers present.

Surrounding the Night Ranger's den, there were several patrols of Night Ranges, presumably watching for intruders to their territory. These creatures were surprisingly intelligent, having a base and patrols surveying their territory. Jam chose to target these patrols until he had enough confidence to fight all of the den by himself.

Now that he was out of the academy, Jam could start practicing his most powerful techniques. In the academy, for fear of causing reckless mayhem, he didn't practicing energy attacks. Little did he know that all the courtyards in the academy were design to let cultivators practice their attacks within them, at least to the Saint Realm.

Jam met with his first patrol of Night Rangers which consisted of 7 wolves. To be safe he chose to start practicing his Styles of Cosmic Bow. This way, he would be able to target these "dangerous" wolves with the safety of distance. Jam used the first skill, Single Shot on every wolf and to his dismay, he realized he had severely overkilled each wolf.

In the patrol, the strongest wolf had been a Palace Foundation Stage demonic beast, even though Jam was using the weakest core skill from the Style of the Cosmic Bow, it still wrecked the wolves' bodies beyond recognition, not to mention the weaker wolves. Everything on the wolves' bodies was destroyed, leaving Jam with no spoils of war.

However Jam didn't dwell on this "mistake" and began to practice the True Demon Form Technique. To practice this technique Jam needed to absorb the demonic energy from the demonic beasts he killed. This technique had to be practiced within minutes of the user completing their kills, or the demonic energy from those killed would dissipate into the environment.

[True Demon Form (Partial Demon Form): Transmute demonic energy into internal demonic power and unlock increasing perfect demonic forms — <1%| Evolvable]

To no one's surprise, the demonic energy from 7 lesser mortal beasts wasn't enough to reach the first level of this technique, Partial Demonification. Jam estimated that he would need to kill several thousand demonic beasts of this level to reach the first level in his technique; killing higher leveled beings would let him progress faster, though.

The True Demon Form technique had three levels. The first level was Partial Demonification, or partial demon form; in this level a cultivator would be able to transform parts of their body into a demon. The next level was Lesser Demonification, where a cultivator would gain a full Lesser Demon Transformation. The final level was Greater Demonification; in this level a cultivator would be able to transform into a True Demon. The technique stated that if a cultivator reached the final form, they would inherit a True Demon Legacy, and potentially be able to advance past this known final form.

Jam ran up to another patrol, this time not using any core skill. Instead he used regular stellar arrows. This time, he managed to kill all the Night Rangers without completely destroying their bodies. However, he needed to work on his aiming, as he had missed the vitals on three out of the ten wolves in this patrol.

Jam didn't do anything to the bodies of these wolves as he didn't know any dissecting skills; he wouldn't want to damaged to body trying to take out the valuable parts. He cultivated his True Demon Form technique until he could not longer continue doing so, then stored the dead wolves in his Space Ring, before moving on to other wolves.

Jam continued to hunt Night Ranger patrols, and after gaining enough confidence, Jam returned to the Night Ranger den. This would be the first real challenge he had to face as there were hundreds of Night Rangers crawling around in the den.

When Jam was "fighting" with the Night Ranger patrols, it was less of a fight and more of Jam practicing his archery. Not once, did a Night Ranger survive long enough to know that they were being hunted by Jam; he could shoot stellar arrows at rate of a machine gun, and as he killed more and more, his accuracy increased.

This time there was no way Jam would be able to shoot down all the wolves, before they noticed him, so he would have to learn how to shoot while moving and defending.

Jam wasn't an idiot, so he chose to target the strongest wolves, those at the Palace Creation Stage first. The most dangerous part of this operation would start after the wolves discovered him, and Jam didn't want the strongest wolves to be around at that time.

Jam began firing arrows and managed to take out all 47 Palace Creation Stage Night Rangers, as well as 51 Palace Foundation Stage Night Rangers, before alarming the rest of the wolves.

As soon as the wolves reacted to Jam, he found out just how badly he was underestimating these wolves. There were actually 10 Core Formation Stage Night Rangers hiding within the den. Of course, Jam only found out when they surrounded him, as his divine sense and even void detection, could only detect beings of a lower level cultivation than Jam's own cultivation.

Even though Jam underestimated these wolves, he was no pushover himself. Disregarding the fact that his Stellar arrows couldn't kill these Core Formation Stage Night Rangers, as soon as Jam displayed Single Shot the highest level wolves started to die out. This being his first time shooting targets that actively sought to dodge him, Jam failed to hit some of the wolves several times, but as time passed he grew used to the rhythm of the battle. After disposing the ten Core Formation Night Rangers, Jam began a complete massacre. At some point the wolves started to retreat, but they were no match for Jam's speed and precision.

Within five minutes of assaulting the Night Ranger's den, Jam could be seen standing alone, next to a pile of wolf corpses, cultivating. With all these dead demonic beasts surrounding Jam, Jam could at last reach the first level of the True Demon Form.

[True Demon Form (Partial Demon Form): Transmute demonic energy into internal power and unlock increasingly perfect demonic forms — 100%] → [Partial Demon Form: Transmute demonic energy into internal demonic power; able to change part of the body into a demon. Unlock increasingly perfect demonic forms — <1%| Evolvable]

Additionally, now that Jam was able to achieve Partial Demonification, he also reached Dao Contact with the Demon Dao.

After storing the hundreds of Night Ranger bodies in his Space Ring, Jam began to experiment with Partial Demonification. Changing his chest would give him demon armor. Changing his arms, would give him blade like fingers and elbows. Changing his legs would transform them into a metallic abomination. Last but not least, Jam could demonify his head, but no apparent change took place. In his Partial Demon Form, the part of Jam's body which he demonified would enhanced by multiple folds.

As Jam looked at his Space Ring's contents he didn't know if he should laugh. The mission only asked him to kill fifty Night Rangers; he had already destroyed the territory of one entire pack of Night Rangers, consisting of about 500 wolves. At least the academy would take all these Night Ranger Corpses in exchange for spirit stones.

After he returned, Jam would also need to buy a Space Ring with a larger capacity. 100 cubic meters might be a lot, but looking at how Jam could kill hundreds of demon beasts in mere a mere hours, the space wouldn't hold up.


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