Divinity Jam
19 Enslav… Contracting A Teacher
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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19 Enslav… Contracting A Teacher

In the short window of time that Jam used while traveling from the Wolf Range to the academy, a life changing event would take place.

From outer space, a white sphere of energy was flying at insane speeds, it was, at the very least, moving faster than the speed of light. The white mass was the soul of a supreme cultivator that had recently escaped a siege. The cultivator had recently escaped from what most would call an certain death situation. Luckily for him, he managed to escape at the cost of losing his corporeal body.

After escaping, the soul had a couple options it could take to continue its life. It could find someone to possess and eventually regain enough strength to reconstruct a new true body. However, this supreme cultivator wasn't aligned with an evil path, so that option was out of the question. Taking this option would compromise his values and potentially cause his soul to self-combust.

Another option available to the soul is to pick someone to help him reconstruct his body; but that would be next to impossible. The soul's candidate had to be in the Mortal realm, have an honest personality, and have the potential to one day be able to help the soul reconstruct its body. Otherwise, the soul would be at risk of his "candidate" absorbing the soul for its knowledge.

Of course, as the soul of a supreme cultivator, the soul could escape from any attempts others took to absorb his soul in the Mortal Plane. But the soul was cautious by nature and would not like to take chances.

As the soul was deliberating what to do, miraculously, his soul sensed someone that potentially met his requirements. The signal was coming from Jam on the planet Yhamnigh. The wandering soul couldn't automatically find someone with the specific requirements he needed from a candidate, however, it could detect that, coming from Jam, there was a resonance with Jam's soul.

Having one's soul resonate meant that two souls with about the same moral paths and cultivation were near each other. Jam had never felt this, since he had no morals.

This "supreme cultivator" also didn't have any morals, but that was because he was a shameless old monster. Jam didn't have morals because he was never taught about ethics, and determining wrong from right. For some reason, these two souls were compatible so the wandering soul flew towards Jam.

The soul was clearly excited, as it flew towards Jam at about two times the speed of light; Jam had no way to stop the soul from merging with him, much less detect it. As soon as the Soul merged with Jam, he lost consciousness and was left in an extremely vulnerable state.

The soul didn't want Jam to have no shelter, he was after all, left alone in the wilderness and unconscious. So, the soul temporarily possessed Jam's body and dug a cave in a nearby valley. After securing Jam in a safe place, the soul stopped possessing him, and waited for Jam to wake up.

Jam woke up and was a bit startled. He had blacked out and was now in an unfamiliar place; who wouldn't be surprised by these circumstances? He looked around at found himself to be alone. Suddenly, a voice assaulted Jam from every direction.

"Hello little boy~" The wandering soul felt that playing around at this time was perfectly justified. Given that their souls had resonated, the soul thought that perhaps Jam would have the same sense of humor as the soul.

"Spooky phantoms! Die!!!" Jam had never heard a more creepy voice in his life, and acted instinctively, blasting the cave to smithereens with dozens of stellar arrows.

"Whoa kid, calm down! It was just a joke." The wandering soul thought that Jam would at most become serious. What kind of novice reacts to the unknown with violence? What would have happened to Jam if the wandering soul came with bad intentions?

"Who is talking?!" Jam was still scared, but seeing that the voice wasn't hostile, he stopped attacking.

"Kid I'm in your body, it is after all the safest place for me. At least, that is the case for now."

"What!?" Jam immediately used his internal vision to locate the voice's origin. No matter how long he tried searching he couldn't find it.

"I can make it so that you can't find me so you should stop looking around inside your body and start focusing on our conversation."

"Mhmm." Jam knew the voice was right, so he started to comply with its demands. "What do you want from me?"

"Alrighty then! Let's get down to business." Contrary to what it had just started, instead of talking to Jam, the soul instead conjured up a soul contract, and presented it to Jam.

Jam read the contract and more or less understood what Tzatziki, wanted; he had learned the supreme cultivator's name, as it was required to contractually bind the people undergoing the soul contract.

The contracts contents were as follows: Jam had to house the soul across his journey, and once he became a god, he would reconstruct the soul's previous body, then the contract would end. The contract stipulated that the soul had to be loyal to Jam and not cause his death, knowingly or unknowingly. Should Jam undergo true death, the soul would also undergo true death.

The soul made the contract this way after being berated by Jam for having too loose of conditions. In the end, the soul was happy that Jam picked up on his mischievous actions, as it showed that Jam wasn't a complete idiot.

By having this soul accompany Jam, he would be able to learn much more about cultivators, as well as have a loyal teacher. It would be a bit annoying having to house a foreign soul, as it would have knowledge of Jam's most secret affairs. But, the soul would be eternally confined to not give away Jam's personal information; even the thought of doing, so would cause its immediate death.

Jam initially resisted the idea of having someone always watching over him, but that only lasted until Tzatziki unintentionally revealed a bit about his cultivation.

"Mhmm. How strong were you before you became like this… I don't really need any support from others until I reach the Immortal Realm, so, if you are not even an immortal, I don't think there is a reason for me to accepting you."

"Immortal? Did you just lump me in with those weak ants?!" This was the first time that Tzatziki had responded to Jam in an somewhat angered tone.

"Ants? How strong were you before you fell to call immortals, ants?"

"I don't know what you mean by "were" as if I've lost my strength. The moment my body is reconstructed, even if my cultivation regresses a bit, I can reach my previous full power quite quickly."

Jam noticed that Tzatziki didn't want to talk about his cultivation so he didn't continue pestering him about this topic. In any case, having a teacher-like figure that's stronger than immortals would assist Jam for a "very" long time.

Originally, the soul would never have agreed to Jam's conditions, those of dying if Jam also dies. However, after repeatedly scanning Jam's Dantian Space and not being able to see its contents, aside from his cultivation base, the soul made up its mind to truly support Jam. Before, the soul have devolved into his soul state, he was literally a god. If even he is not be able to see through Jam's Dantian Space, that would mean that Jam's superpower outclassed his.

By establishing this sort of soul contract, Tzatziki would be killing two birds with one stone. He would be establishing a long term bond with Jam, since the journey to godhood couldn't be completed in one day. After Jam became a god, seeing that Jam had resonated with Tzatziki's soul, Tzatziki reasoned that Jam would feel gratitude towards him and would return some gratitude for being taught by him. Tzatziki would also have someone to help him right now, in his moment of absolute vulnerableness.

In the end, Jam and Tzatziki both signed the soul contract. Jam then told Tzatziki about his superpower. He had to know now to not be surprised later, besides, he would eventually find out.

"Divinity huh? That's a pretty good name but, are you serious though? Any kind of superpower? Mhmm… Can you replicate my superpower then?"

"Probably. What's your superpower?"

"Decaying Life. It's a superpower that is derived from the Dao of Time. Seeing as how you're at the Palace Creation Stage, if you used it on let say… that plant over there, it would age from its current state until death in about a minute."

Knowing the characteristics of the superpower, Jam walked up to the plant that Tzatziki pointed him towards, and used Decaying Life. To no one's surprise, it really did age and die in one minute. To stop Tzatziki from doubting Jam's Divinity, Jam just started casting out all the superpowers. Flames, Thunder, Water, Wood, Earth, and Wind type energies began to destroy everything around himself.

"Whoa thats pretty neat kid! I'm guessing your cultivation must be restricted, due to your absurd superpower."

"Yeah, I have to maintain five Daos and I also need extra energy as well. I'll probably need to expand my dantian space more as well, you know, after I become a Saint."

"Yikes! That pretty harsh kid. I'm very impressed that you've managed to reach this level after cultivating for ten years!" If Tzatziki had a physical body, he would most certainly be doused in a layer of cold sweat. Jam had to maintain five Daos? Even he only need to maintain three, and he became a god!

"Uh, no. I only recently got accepted into the academy..." Jam proceeded to narrate all his achievements, from him completing Body Tempering in five years, with no resources; To being a prodigy in all secondary occupations, and him passing four stages of cultivation in five weeks.

After Jam finished explaining just how insanely overpowered he was, even Tzatziki, a real god, couldn't help but curse the heavens for being unfair. But, He was glad, after all, with Jam current rate of progression, he would be able to reconstruct Tzaziki's body relatively quickly; Moreover, now that Jam had access to Tzatziki's guidance, he would progress even faster.


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