Divinity Jam
20 Don’t Mind Me, I’ll Be Over Here Conducting Another Massacre
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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20 Don’t Mind Me, I’ll Be Over Here Conducting Another Massacre

In the process of talking about his achievements to Tzatziki, Jam also told him what he was currently doing. Tzatziki immediately stopped Jam from going back to the academy. He proposed that, since Jam had a ton of extra time, he should keep training in the Wolf Range.

Jam argued that he still needed to return, not for turning in his mission, but to get a better Space Ring with more room; he wouldn't want to leave behind all the wealthy corpses that would result from furthering his training. To fix this problem, Tzatziki gifted Jam the Spatial Storage technique; this way he probably wouldn't need a Space Ring ever again.

True Gravitational Manipulation, focused on manipulating space and time to disrupt local space, time, and gravity. It did have a few other basic applications, like shortening local space, but, it didn't have a comprehensive way to store things in space like Tzatziki's Spatial Storage technique.

[Spatial Storage: Open a personal pocket dimension. Volume of the pocket dimension is determined by user's Space Dao, Dao Degree. Amount of true space available is determined by the user's Time Dao, Dao Degree. Current Space: 1 km3 dead space, 1,000 m3 true space]

With Jam's insights into the Dao of Space, he would have access to a personal dimension consisting of 1 cubic kilometer of space, exactly ten million times bigger than his Space Ring's capacity of a mere 100 cubic meters. The only catch concerning this skill was that this 1 cubic kilometers of space was made of dead space, meaning only inanimate things could be place here.

To remedy this problem, the Spatial Storage technique also had a section dedicated to the process of generating true space. To generate true space and allow living beings to enter one's personal dimension, a cultivator needed to not only practice the Dao of Space, but also the Dao of Time. If one were to introduce Time Dao insights into their Spatial Storage technique, they could produce true space. With Dao Contact in both the Dao of Space and the Dao of Time, Jam could produce about 1,000 cubic meters of true space. As his Dao cultivation for these Daos increased, so too would the ratio of true space to dead space.

This true space would come in handy for Jam, if he were to ever need a place to secure living beings, like a contracted Demonic Beast. Jam could also use this true space to store spiritual herbs. The one thing Jam could not store in his personal dimension was himself; Tzatziki told Jam that if he wanted to enter his own dimension, he would need to reach Dao Domain for the Dao of Space.

Now that Jam had resolved the issue of not having enough space, he followed Tzatziki's instructions. He had already taken Tzatziki as a mentor, so Jam would follow his instructions for training.

Once Jam returned to the Wolf Range, Tzatziki first instructed Jam to show him all the skills he had been training in, without holding back. Tzatziki had to know what Jam's limits were, that way he would be able to give Jam suitable challenges without having him risk his life.

One by one, Jam displayed his Styles of the Cosmic Bow, Thunderfire Cataclysm, True Demon Form, Foundational Beam Magic, and True Gravitational Manipulation. Jam had been focusing too heavily on the Styles of the Cosmic Bow, as he hadn't even started practicing the core skills of all his other skills.

Jam's most poorly trained skill was his Foundational Beam Magic. He had deemed this skill to be way too dangerous to train in his house back in the academy, and never got around to using it in the Wolf Range during his first visit. This resulted in him not even being able to properly use the basics of the skill in front of Tzatziki.

"You shouldn't play with cultivation like this! Why are you practicing five skills if you can't even use one at a decent level!" Tzatziki was truly mad at Jam. To him, it seemed like Jam was playing with his cultivation. He reasoned that Jam probably saw all these "cool" techniques and chose to train in them recklessly, and to a certain degree he was right.

However, it wasn't that Jam was playing with his cultivation, it was that he never got the chance to start practicing with all his techniques, and for the techniques he did practice, he wasn't alloted nearly enough time to reach a level that a god like Tzatziki would consider "decent." If Jam was given a bit more time he would surely reach a "decent" level of proficiency with each of his skills.

Jam didn't talk back to Tzatziki, as he had made a couple good points. In all honesty, Jam could live without his True Demon Form and Foundational Beam Magic techniques, as he only needed his other skills to cultivate five Daos to continue progressing in his cultivation.

Tzatziki made Jam chose one skill and only use it until he reached a "decent" level with it. He would stay in the Wolf Range training the skill he chose until one of two things occured. Either, Jam would reach the level of proficiency that made Tzatziki satisfied, or, he would run out of time and have to head back to the academy to take his second class.

Jam chose his Foundational Beam Magic, as it was the skill he had the least amount of experience with. More importantly, if he ended up in a dangerous situation, he wanted to be able to use his most destructive skill.

Foundational Beam Magic was a truly insane skill. The minimum requirement to cultivate the core skills of the technique, was for the user have unlimited affinity for two types of energy. However, the most destructive abilities one would possess after mastering the Foundational Beam Magic technique, could only be attained by a cultivator with unlimited affinity for four or more energies. Jam had unlimited affinity with all energies so this wasn't a problem for him.

The way the technique worked was based on three basic types of energy principles: The Point, The Beam, and Support (Beam).

[(Mortal Realm) Point: Creates a singularity of energy to concentrate and compat energy. Increasing insights of the Dao of Beams will increase the amount of energy the user can compact, as well as the final size of the singularity — 0%| Evolvable]

[(Mortal Realm) Beam: A traditional ray of focused elemental energies to create a perpetual ray of death. Increasing insights of the Dao of Beams will increase the intensity of the elemental energy the user can infuse with their beam — 0%| Evolvable]

[(Mortal Realm) Support (Beam): Manifests a beam around the user. Increasing insights of the Dao of Beams will increase the intensity of the elemental energy the user can infuse with their beam — 0%| Evolvable]

For Points and Beams, Jam would have to condense the energy from within his body. He could chose to fire off his charged Points and Beams from his palms or fingers. Support Beams were condensed from outside the user's body; like when Jam conjures stellar arrows by using the aspect of Atmosphere. Skilled users of Beams have the ability to strategically use Support Beams and regular beams or Points while they fight, effectively having countless beams as weapons throughout their fight.

For all these Points, Beams, and Support Beams, Jam would learn to fuse more and more energies together, as that was the quintessential root of the Foundation Beam Magic technique. Without this technique, Jam would be able to replicate beams, points, and support beams, but those beams would never work with as much synergy, as when he used the technique's conjectures and rules. Jam also wouldn't be able to generate insights into the Dao of Beams.

Moreover Beams, by nature, were considered to be weapons, as studying the Dao of Beams wouldn't yield access to beam energy; it would give its users' Beam Essence.

With his skill chosen, Jam began another massacre, this time he wasn't focussing on Night Rangers. To Jam, if he saw a demonic beast, he would recklessly charge towards it, then quickly kill it. At first, Jam couldn't produce stable beams, so he had to start by practicing his Point technique. Jam's first few kills with Points were comparable to the mangled bodies of the poor Palace Foundation Night Rangers Jam killed with Single Shot, back when he took his first kills.

Soon, Jam could control his Points to a manageable degree and would not needlessly decimate the bodies of all the creatures he killed. While practicing his Points, Jam would use all his energy types. In total he had access to five types of energies which he could control to fire off his Points: Stellar, Space, Time, Fire, and Thunder energies. Bow Essence couldn't be used to fire off beams and demonic energy was not controllable.

When Jam attempted to use a Point beam with demonic energy, he first had to Demonify his hands. Once he began to condense his demonic energy in his Demonified fingers, the energy wouldn't stop condensing until it reached close to Jam's full power. At that point, Jam did try to stop the energy from reaching such unstable levels, as that would needlessly waste his energy, and kill everything around him. But Tzatziki told him that stopping a technique already in progress, would cause serious injuries from a backlash.

In the end, Jam found two things. One, when he used demonic energy to power his beams, he could not stop the charging process to control the beams power, it would always be extremely powerful. Two, using demonic energy to power his beams take them to their most destructive states, his other energies could not compare to his demonic energy.


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