Divinity Jam
21 Dodged A Bulle
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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21 Dodged A Bulle

Jam continued to kill with wanton abandon, constantly perfecting Foundational Beam Magic technique. Jam would only stop to collect demonic energy. Tzatziki might have told Jam to only practice one skill at a time, but he wouldn't do something counterproductive like prohibiting Jam from taking in demonic energy.

Seconds turned to minutes, and minutes turned to hours. Once Jam could instantaneously fire off accurate Points, he moved on to beams. After reaching similar levels of proficiency with Points and Beams, Jam moved onto Support Beams. Support beams, ironically enough, were the hardest to utilize in a efficient manner.

Unlike the Points and Beams Jam was used to, he had to understand how to conjure beams from the local space or environment. Mastering this technique took more time than the other two combined. However, once he had all three types of beams at the same level of basic mastery, Jam reached Dao Contact with the Dao of Beams.

Even with the Dao of Beams reaching Dao Contact, Tzatziki didn't think Jam's technique was at a "decent" level, so Jam kept practicing. Once he reached Tier 2 Beam Essence, he checked again with Tzatziki; his technique was still not up to par. After Jam broke through to the Palace Creation Stage, he could begin training his Dao of Beams and Dao of Bows to develop Tier 2 Essence.

Jam's cultivation restricted him from reaching Dao Infusion, and Tier 2 Essences were the max for Dao Contact. Jam had to turn to the fusion of beams to continue improving his technique. Energy fusion was what made Foundational Beam Magic Jam's most dangerous technique. Before now, Jam had been playing around with the most basic beams consisting of single energy Points and Beams.

Now, Jam would begin fusing energies, the more energies fused into one beam the more perilous the energy it contained. Furthermore, certain energy combinations would yield different effects. Stellar energy and Fire energy might yield a relatively mild Beam, when compared to a Beam made of thunder and fire energy. In any case, fusion beams would all be exponentially more dangerous the more energies were introduced to the final Beam.

Jam chose the safest combination of energies at his disposal, stellar and fire energies, to attempt his first fusion of energies. To put into perspective how absurdly powerful this "mild fusion" was, Jam had to move to the middle region of the Wolf Range, as everything weaker than Spirit Realm Beast would evaporate into ashes the moment it came into contact with this stellar-fire beam.

It took Jam a day to adapt to using stellar-fire beams, but after learning the trick to fusion, picking up the rest of the two energy fusion combinations was hardly a challenge to Jam. It seemed like as long as Jam understood how to apply the core mechanics of a subject, he would be able to quickly derive ways to use these mechanics for other aspects of the subject.

This was the case for Jam's techniques and Dao cultivation. As long as he reached a high level with one aspect of a technique he would easily be able to take the other parts of a technique to that highest level he had reached. It was the same for his Dao cultivation, after he reached Dao Contact for the Stellar Dao, reaching Dao Contact for the Daos of Space, Time, Thunder, Fire, Beams and Bows, became increasingly easy for Jam.

While it took Jam a day to get used to using stellar-fire beams, all the other permutations, of stellar, thunder, fire, space, time, and demonic energies were mastered in another two days. From Jam's experience he determined that stellar-fire fusion was his "weakest" combination, and demonic-space was the most powerful.

Of course these terms of being the weakest and strongest were all relative. For example, while the space-demonic beam was objectively the strongest beam Jam was currently capable of producing, against a space type demonic beast, Jam's strongest beam would not be as effective as, let say, a stellar-thunder beam.

Being the most powerful attack Jam could currently pull off, the demonic-space beam didn't disappoint. With Jam's cultivation at the peak of the Palace Creation Stage, he could fire off a Demonic-Space beam that could assassinate even Rebirth Stage cultivators, a full four stages and one realm ahead of Jam.

Tzatziki was finally satisfied with Jam's progress, and he told Jam that there were no problems returning to the academy with his current skills. However, Jam had another two days before his next class, so, he focused on perfecting his Styles of the Cosmic Bow.

For another day Jam continued his massacre in the Wolf Range. He mastered Single Shot to the point were even his normal stellar arrows would have a bit of the aspect of Pursuit. He also trained his aspect of Atmosphere, of the Stellar Dao, to the point of being able to condense ten arrows at a time.

While Jam wasn't able to reach a perfect fusion of Weight Shifting and Mass Genesis, he was able to display the absolute most of these aspects, with only his Cultivation restricting him; the fusion of Dao aspects was millions of times harder than the fusion of energy.

Jam's Weight Shifting aspect, of the Dao of Bows, reached to level of him transferring up to 500% of his strength into his arrows. Equally impressive was his ability to multiply his mass by another 500% through the Stellar Dao's Mass aspect.

Jam had to start his training of the Styles of the Cosmic Bow back in the outer region of the Wolf Range, as that technique could not touch the destructiveness of the Foundational Beam Magic. By the time Jam's three core skills of the Styles of the Cosmic Bow peaked in technical ability, Jam could return to the middle region and kill Spirit Realm Demon Beasts without his Beams; only those at the level of Soul Condensing Cultivators.

For his cultivation, Jam had accomplished the most he possibly could for his Foundational Beam Magic and Styles of the Cosmic Bow. Jam could attempt to fuse three energy types for his Beam Magic, but with his cultivation base, if he made a mistake, he would almost certainly die from the backlash, so he reserved this ability as a last resort. Jam also elevated his Bow Essence to Tier 2 with all the training he did in the Styles of the Cosmic Bow.

In these four days Jam stayed at the Wolf Range practicing his Foundational Beam Magic and Styles of the Cosmic Bow, hundreds of thousands of demonic beasts were slayed, with over ten thousand being at the Spirit Realm. Jam hadn't discriminated against the demonic beasts, he killed all those that came across his path equally.

To Jam's surprised even with the demonic energy of several hundred thousand beasts, including the more than ten thousand Spirit Realm demonic beasts, Jam felt that his True Demon Form technique wasn't even close to reaching the second level. Jam felt that his True Demon Form technique would reach the second level after killing at least ten million more Mortal Realm demonic beasts; he could also go for a couple hundred thousand Spirit Realm demon beasts.

It was now the end of Jam's training session, and the man in question looked pretty beat up. He wasn't injured, not even close, but during all the fights he took part in, every once in a while, a beast would swipe at him or bite him; this mostly happened when he started training. All the wounds these bite and claws dealt to Jam were superficial and with his cultivation at the Palace Creation Stage, his body naturally healed without scars.

However Jam's body couldn't repair the damage done to his clothes. Jam clothes looked less like a uniform and more like a homeless person's rags. Additionally, Jam hadn't taken a bath while he was training so his hair was all over the place, making him look like a even more like a homeless person. The lack of showers didn't make Jam smell though, as he merely needed to use his energy to remove any sweat or dirt that had accumulated on his body.

Jam, only now, realized he needed to gain more knowledge, as he had no idea how much money all these corpses would be worth once he returned to the academy. As Jam began to head back towards the academy, Tzatziki began talking to him.

"Kid, you're lucky you ran into me without surpassing the Mortal Realm. If you had proceeded without the information im about to give you, saving your potential would have been extremely demanding."

"What do you mean?" Jam had no clue why Tzatziki started scolding him.

"I've been observing you as you train your skills, and have surmised something critical about your cultivation. Before you began training your skills, you told me you needed to maintain five Daos to proceed with your cultivation." Tzatziki stopped talking to get Jam's confirmation.

"Yeah, that's correct."

"Well, as you've shown me with your techniques, you have a very uneven distribution of the various types of energy in your body. From what you've shown me, it seems like you have much more stellar energy than the rest of your other energies. Am I correct?"

"Yeah, that's right. When I started cultivating, I didn't know about my cultivation restrictions, and mainly cultivated the Styles of the Cosmic Bow."

"I also presume you created your Dao Palace with these energies, which were not maintained at equal amounts in your body, right?"

"Uh-huh." Jam gave Tzatziki a nod.

"Well, lets just say you're very lucky to still be in the Palace Creation Stage, as we can still easily fix this problem. From now on, cultivate with your other energy techniques, Thunderfire Cataclysm and True Gravitational Manipulation until their energies reach the same volume as your stellar energy in your Dantian Space."

"Uh ok, but should I also include demonic energy? I never had access to it before coming to the Wolf Range"

"No, stick to the minimum amount of energies and Daos needed to supplement your cultivation base. In the future, you will be able to inscribe demonic energy and insights to your Dantian Space and Dao Palace, adding more energies than you require right now, will just make your cultivation even more needlessly difficult than it already is."

"What would have happened if I didn't construct my Dao Palace and Core with the same amount of my five energies?"

"Nothing much at first, but starting at the Immortal Realm, you can't allow your body to be anything but perfect. If your body was unbalanced due to these non-symmetrical levels of energies in your constructed Dao Palace and Core, you would have to stop cultivation at some point or risk having an unstable Dao Palace and Core."

Jam didn't know the consequences of having an unstable Dao Palace and Core, and Tzatziki had stopped talking to him, so he just accepted his teacher's instructions, and resumed his journey back to the academy.


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