Divinity Jam
22 We’re Going To Need A Bigger Boat!
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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22 We’re Going To Need A Bigger Boat!

Jam finally returned back to the academy. He currently had no urgent matters to attend to, so, he headed to the library to learn more about the various types of beast he had killed. He would also take this time in the library to stockpile as much knowledge he could possibly attain; Tzatziki told Jam that "you can never have too much knowledge."

Jam reached the library very quickly, and once again met with the receptionist. Jam didn't expect the receptionist to prompt their conversation.

"You're back again? What do you want to know about now?" Jam might not have found anything odd about the receptionist tone or facial expressions, but Tzatziki knew that something interesting had happened between those two; if not by the receptionist manner of speaking, then by the "knowing" look she gave Jam.

"Hi! I want all the general knowledge I can get." With Jam's cultivation at the Palace Creation Stage, he could use his divine sense to read even large jade slips instantaneously. With this ability Jam only needed to find the jade slips with the largest collection of general knowledge, and he'd be good to go.

"Here you go." The receptionist was disappointed that Jam no longer wanted to research taboo subjects. She complied with Jam and gave him four different jade slips, each possessing the equivalent to trillions of pages of information. The Jade slips summarized all the general knowledge of Yhamnigh, Herbs and Metals, Beasts and Habitats, and The Mortal Plane.

Even with Jam's cultivation, it took him ten whole minutes to digest the information on these four jade slips. Now, Jam knew about pretty much all the herbs, metals, beasts, and locations on Yhamnigh, as well as the various special zones and various sects. Outside of Yhamnigh, there was a ton of information about all the habitable planets, and their records. However, none of those other planet's records were as extensive and detailed as the one for Yhamnigh; it was after all, a compilation of knowledge for all the recorded planets in the Mortal Plane.

Jam thanked the receptionist and bid her farewell. Now that Jam had the knowledge he wanted he went to the Hall of Affairs; he had a mission to turn in… as well as several hundred thousand other dead demonic beasts.

On his way to the Hall of Affairs, Jam coincidentally encountered Arnold.

"Oi! Jam!" Arnold shouted at Jam to get his attention; he succeeded.

"Hey Arnold! Whats up?" Jam didn't expect to see one of his classmates roaming around the academy grounds. Jam though that all of his classmates were cultivation fanatics that would only leave their habitats to attend class. At least, that was the impression he got, from the fact of not seeing one of them during his first five weeks at the academy.

"I haven't seen you here in a couple days. You want to spar?" Arnold was a fanatic, just not a cultivation fanatic, he would welcome a challenge from anyone, at any time. As for Jam, Arnold wanted to challenge him, in an effort to build a worthy rival.

"Sure, lets do that; but first let me turn in my mission." Jam had just come back from a four day expedition, working only on his Dao centered attacks. Now that an opportunity to train his hand to hand, basic combat skills came his way, he wouldn't dare waste it.

Arnold tagged along with Jam, patiently waiting for Jam to turn in his mission. The duo quickly reached the Hall of Affairs, and Jam met with the same receptionist that gave him his mission.

"Welcome back! I guess you're here to turn in your mission right?" To the receptionist, even if she knew Jam was a cultivator, it seemed weird for a ten year old to travel over 200 kilometers and kill fifty Night Rangers, in just four days.

"Yep." Jam re-engaged his taciturn mode.

"Great! If you could follow me to the inspection zone." The inspection zone was the place where people would go to leave demonic beast corpses for the academy attendants to inspect and organize.

"Ok." Jam and Arnold were lead to one of the smallest inspection zones that were available. The attendant took Jam here because his mission was to kill only 50 Night Ranger; they would never expect Jam to come back with a literal mountain of corpses consisting of hundreds of thousands of Mortal and Spirit Realm beasts.

"Mhmm… I don't think there's enough space here."

"Uh, ok then. I'm guessing you're an overachiever and went the extra mile to kill some more demon beasts. Well then, how many demon beast corpses do you have?"

"278,996 Mortal Realm Beasts, and 13,275 Spirit Realm Beasts." Jam scanned his Spatial Storage, and found the exact number of beast corpses in his possession. To the others it seemed like Jam was either checking his Space Ring, or had already counted the demonic beasts before coming to turn in his mission; techniques like the Spatial Storage technique were rare, and not many would think that Jam would be in possession of one.

Both the receptionist and Arnold gave Jam looks of doubt, but the receptionist, in an effort to be professional, lead Jam to one of the bigger inspection zones. In this new, larger inspection zone, Jam waved his hand, opening what looked to be a rift in the void, which lead to all his demonic beast corpses leaving his Spatial Storage. The demonic beasts formed a small mountain of corpses in the middle of the inspection zone.

Receptionist: "..." The receptionist was in a state of shock; not being able to comprehend how a ten year old could kill so much in just four days.

Arnold: "..." Arnold, more or less expected Jam to be able to do this in the future; he was after all a part of the core disciples class. However, he had spared with Jam just a couple days ago. He knew Jam was a total novice when it came to fighting, so, even he was shocked by the shear number of beasts Jam killed, and how quickly he improved.

Arnold was no newbie. After examining several demonic beast corpses, he could tell that most were killed by precisely targeted attacks, aimed at the beasts' respective weaknesses. Arnold couldn't imagine how Jam would know each of these beasts' vitals and weaknesses, as there were over 80 different species of demonic beasts in the small mountain range.

More impressively was Jam's technique, which only left a small hole in most of the beasts, killing them, without destroying the beasts valuable body parts. The small holes came in various shapes an sizes. After all, Jam was training in two different techniques, his Foundational Beam magic and Styles of the Cosmic Bow; these techniques would inevitably cause different wounds on his enemies.

The receptionist left to go get several attendants to help count and organize the demonic beasts. These attendants would appraise the value of the demon beast corpses; sometimes cultivators would have life and death battles, were they severely damaged their enemies corpses to the point it losing most if not all its value.

These attendants were fairly powerful cultivators being able to quickly organize the demonic beast corpses, by cultivation (while they were still alive), species, and damage very quickly. In total there were about 10,000 corpses that were damaged that had their value reduces.

"Mhmm? The total comes out to be 2,865,000 Spirit Stones, with the 200 spirit stones for the completion of the mission being accounted for. Normally we'd leave it like that, but just for you, for selling to us in bulk, i'll round up your total to 2.9 Million Spirit Stones."

"Thanks." Jam had done the calculations in his head, after learning about the value of these beasts from the jade slips in the library, and was expecting around 2.8 Million. The extra 100,000 spirit stones was unexpected and welcomed.

Jam turned to Arnold and said "Now then. Shall we head to the sparring ring?"

Arnold responded to Jam with a solemn nod, and the two headed for the Teaching Department. This time Arnold was expecting to have a bit of challenge. He knew Jam had immense potential, like all the other kids in the core disciples class, but he never though Jam would be able to provide him with a challenge so quickly.


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