Divinity Jam
25 Awakening My Inner Masochis
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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25 Awakening My Inner Masochis

Once Jam reached his house, he showed Tzatziki all the rooms in the house. The two then began to talk about Jam's next task.

"Kid, please tell me you're hiding the rest of your cultivation set up."

"Uhh… this is really it. All I use to cultivate are my Tier 1 Energy Gather Pills and a Tier 1 Spirit Attracting Array." Jam had stopped cultivating after he reached the Palace Creation Stage. Since he had completely created his Dao Palace at that time, and then immediately went to receive a mission, Jam had not yet elevated his Alchemy and Formations to Tier 2; or any of his other secondary occupations.

"Mhmm? Well this is a good thing in a sense. After all, if you've made so much progress with this utterly basic cultivation setup, you'll cultivate even faster after I tell you how to improve it.

The first thing you need to do, is level up these pre-existing resources to Tier 2, then you should set up energy specific attracting arrays like a Space Condensing Array, or a Fire Attracting Array. That way, you will attract only the energies you need to absorb without having to refine all the extra junk that you would be receiving otherwise.

Next, you're going to want to buy pill sets for body refining. After living in your body for a while, I've personally seen how weak it is. You're not going to get very far in the cultivation world without enhancing your body. I know you already have some pills that will help you cultivate your body, but those are far from enough. You're going to want at least 1,000 body cultivation pills to complete the second stage of Body Refining, the Muscle Stage."

"I don't know much about Body Cultivation; can you elaborate on the stages?"

"In total, there are six Realm in Body Refinement. You have already completed the first Realm which is the Body Tempering Stage of regular energy cultivation system, also known as the Flesh Realm, in the body refining system of cultivation.

The next stage is the Muscle Realm, which is equal to the Mortal Realm. After that is the Bone Realm, which is equal to the Spirit Realm. Then the Marrow Realm, which is comparable to the Saint Realm. The final Realm achievable for those in the Mortal Plane is the Organ Realm, which is comparable to the Sage Realm.

The final Realm of Body Cultivation is the only Realm with substages and is known as the Twelve Heavenly Vessels Realm. This Stage puts a cultivator's body at the level of Immortals and Gods.

Right now, you are at the Flesh Stage, which lets you pass Energy through your skin with no problem. The Flesh Stage has no hidden benefits other than letting you pass a rather negligent amount of energy through your body. The next stage, the Muscle Stage, will let you channel dozens of times more energy through your body, and comes with the hidden benefit of Regeneration."

After Tzatziki finished explaining the Body Refinement Cultivation System to Jam, Jam followed through with his suggestions and bought the materials needed to construct more arrays and pills. In total Jam wasted 1 million spirit stones on materials. Then he began constructing five special arrays to further supplement his cultivation.

First Jam upgraded his pre-existing Spirit Attracting Array to Tier 2. Then, Jam built various Tier 2 formations, he built a: Space Condensing Array, Stellar Condensing Array, Time Diverging Array, Fire Attracting array, and a Thunder Attracting Array. These various arrays would attract more of their specified energy types, while at the same time prevent other types of energies from entering Jam's domain.

After practicing his art of formation for a while, Jam was able to perfectly set up these arrays, at the same time becoming a Novice Array Master or Tier 2 Array Master. Jam then began a hellish pill concocting session that lasted for over a day.

During the pill concocting session, aside from making thousands of Tier 1 and Tier 2 pills suitable for the Flesh and Muscle Realms' of body refining, Jam also elevated his skills as an Alchemist to Rank 2 Alchemist or Novice Alchemist.

The reason Jam made pills for the Flesh Realm of Body Refining is to perfect his foundation. When Jam completed the Body Tempering Stage or the Flesh Stage, he did not use any resources. He could not guarantee that there weren't any spots on his body that he missed training. Now that Jam was at the Palace Creation Stage and had internal vision as well as divine sense, he noticed that his Flesh Realm body was not perfect.

Tzatziki told Jam to first reach the Muscle Realm before proceeding with his Energy cultivation, so Jam used his newly concocted pills to start Body Refinement. Tzatziki gave Jam a Body Refinement cultivation manual called the Chaotic Neutral Transmogrification. This technique was best suited for Jam as it let him use any and all energies to practice Body Cultivation.

Much like Energy Cultivation, with Body Refinement, cultivation techniques are just different paths a person can take to progress along their chosen cultivation system. Each technique would have their pros, cons, restrictions, and limits. Each cultivation technique would yield different results for each person.

The Chaotic Neutral Transmogrification technique had a path from the very bottom of the Body Refinement system, the Flesh Realm, to the end, the twelfth Heavenly Vessel. However, not many would dare try cultivating with this technique even if they met the prerequisites needed to attempt it. Every Realm, or Stage, would be increasingly more demanding from a cultivator's resources and willpower.

For the Chaotic Neutral Transmogrification technique, anyone could cultivate it. However, the technique required a cultivator to consume dozen or even hundreds of times the number of resources other body cultivation techniques required. Moreover, the energy channeling routes for this technique were designed to pass through every cell of the body.

These two attributes were the only negative aspects of the technique. However, they prevented nearly everyone who wanted to train body refinement with this technique, from attempting it. Not many could handle a second taste of the soul crushing pain brought by the shredding and reforming of each and every cell in the body.

Jam had just started channeling energy through his body along the route indicated in the Chaotic Neutral Transmogrification technique and immediately pain flooded his senses. This pain was negligible to Jam, but for him to feel pain… The experience could be imagined, if you consider that Jam could tolerate the same amount of pain as Spirit Realm Cultivators. Moreover, this was only Jam training in the least painful route in the Chaotic Neutral Transmogrification technique; the one for the Flesh Realm.

Jam persisted through the pain, and after popping several dozen pills for the Flesh Realm, he finished perfecting his foundation and could move on to the next Realm. Jam examined his now perfected Flesh Realm body and tested how much energy he could pass through his body. Unsurprisingly, he could channel a bit more energy through his skin all over his body.

Jam stopped looking around in his body and resumed his Body Refinement. Since Jam was now cultivating the Muscle Stage, his energy channeling route had upgraded to be able to reach all over the muscular system in his body.

This time the pain was much, much worse than before; it was almost unbearable. Jam even had to use Divinity to cast ice energy around him, to tolerate the burning sensation that the Body Refinement brought him.

In any case, Jam suffered for over a day, constantly popping Muscle Realm suitable pills, before having to take a break. Once Jam stopped cultivating, he checked his progress and was saddened by the fact that he was just shy of completing half the Muscle Realm.

Even with a 50% completed Muscle Realm body, Jam could feel just how much of an improvement there was in his ability to infuse his body with energy; his base-state punches now had to power of non-fused Beams.

During his break, Jam thought it would be stupid to just waste time, so he made himself some armor. Perhaps Jam was the only person in the academy how would think of Artifact Refining as a break.

Back when Jam went to the Wolf Range he only took his Stellar Bow and his uniform, completely forgetting about armor. He only thought about his lack of armor when he noticed that all the other students in his class were sparring with armor over their uniforms.

Jam took out some metals and quickly trained his skill level to enter the ranks of Novice Refiner. Then Jam created a rather "unique" set of armor for himself; he didn't like the look of bulky armor sets like the one that Alex had, or the loose robes of Jared and Kirin, and he couldn't dress like the girls, even if he did really like their armor.

Instead, Jam modeled his armor set after Cynthia and Rina's armor sets; it was a balanced combination of robes and metallic armor. Jam's armor covered most of his body, exposing only his forearms and shins.

Jam added space, time, fire, and thunder energies to his armor. He would have added more energy types like demonic and stellar energies. However, his skill as a Tier 2 Refiner would only allow him to add four types of energy to his artifacts.

The colors and aesthetic of Jam's armor closely resembled his Dao Palace; especially the evil aura emanating from it.

Jam also made a pair of gauntlets, they were not as a part of his armor set. These gauntlets would be used when Jam was relying on melee to fight. After becoming a body refiner, Jam was expecting to be in many close-quarters-combat situations.

The gauntlets, much like his Peak Armor, were tainted with dreary colors and an evil aura. This time, to maximize the power outputted by his gauntlets, Jam used time, space, thunder, and demonic energies when inscribing the runes.

After completing these artifacts, Jam felt he had taken a long enough break and resumed his Body Refinement. After another of torture, which spanned a course of 13 hours, Jam completed the Muscle Realm of Body Refinement. As Jam analyzed his muscles he was very surprised by the results. Jam had essentially shredded his muscles and reformed them, cell by cell, to the most optimal state they could presently be.

With a body at 100% completion of the Muscle Realm, Jam could channel dozens of times more energy through his body than before; mind you, he still had to Refine his Bones, Marrow, and Organs, before being able to channel energy throughout the totality of his body. At his current level, Jam could trade blows with a Berserking Arnold without needing to charge his melee attacks with Points.


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