Divinity Jam
27 Operation T.T.N.D.W.F.A.E.T.R.H.T.A.O.O.S.
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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27 Operation T.T.N.D.W.F.A.E.T.R.H.T.A.O.O.S.

Time passed like a flash and it was already the next day. From the time Jam's squad left his house and he had his talk with Tzatziki, to now, where he is seated in the cafeteria waiting for his squad to roll up, Jam spent his time think about what Tzatziki said to him.

He thought about the conversion and even repeated it to himself over and over again, before deciding that he would take this event as his chance at making friends. The only problem was, he didn't know how to make friends; it just wasn't a skill he had ever used.

'What do friends do? How do I make myself other another person's friend? Mhmm...' Jam couldn't make up his mind on what this friendship business was about. So, he decided to stop thinking about it now, and worry about it later.

At 6:50 in the morning Rina and Cynthia came to the cafeteria, they were surprised to see that Jam was already there. Jam saw them walking towards him and decided this would be a good time to try striking up a "friendly" conversionsion with them.


'What the fuck do friends say to each other? Wait we aren't even friends yet. Saying things to them as if we were friends might infringe on our current relationship. But I've already started a conversation! How am I going to fix this shitty situation? Fuck!!'

While Jam was fighting himself internally, Rina and Cynthia noticed his strange behavior and started a real conversation, in what Jam considered an act of god, salvaging their relationship.

"Good morning Jam." The two girls both said.

"Good morning… Rina… Cynthia."

Rina: "Anyways, last year the winning team for the Mortal Realm's power ranking was again taken by Arnold and Jared's team with a total of 15 million Spirit Realm Demonic Beasts. Our team only had 10 million, and all of us have made about the same amount of progress. So, you'll be our hidden weapon this time around. But don't feel too pressured and try doing something crazy like trying to single handedly kill dozens of millions of Spirit Realm Beasts by yourself, we all know you're still new around here. "

"Well how much time do they give us to in the competition?"

"One week."

'What the fuck? Why is the number so low then?' Jam thought to himself, as saying this outloud would be rude.

It should be noted that even though it took Jam four days to kill about 13,000 Spirit Realm Demonic Beasts, he could have easily killed millions if he wasn't focused on training his skills and only went for the highest possible kill count. That was back before he reformed his Dao Palace. Now, he could probably kill dozens or even hundreds of millions in a weeks time.

Moreover, now that Jam has a perfect Dao Palace, a Muscle Realm physique, as well as all the other improvements to his fighting strategies and techniques, he wouldn't bother around with Spirit Realm Demonic Beasts. Instead he would focus on Saint Realm Demonic Beasts.

Rina, Cynthia, and Jam continued chatting for ten minutes when both Kirin and Alex entered the cafeteria. Now that everyone was present, their group could head to the Delta Heavy Forest and register for the competition.

On their way to the forest, the group began talking about their hunting strategies.

Alex: "So, are we going to stay as a group this time around or do you guys want to split up."

Rina: "It depends on how we decide to hunt. If we go for quantity over quality, we could split up and go after Spirit Realm Demonic Beasts. If we chose to adopt this strategy, each of us needs to kill at least 20 million Demonic Beasts. The other option is to hunt Saint Ream Demonic Beasts as a group. It'll be way more dangerous, but the reward massively outways the risk."

Rina proposed each member of the squad hunting 20 million to get a combined total of 100 million; the extra millions of Demonic Beasts are what Rina estimated Arnold and Jared could get after improving since the last hunting competition.

Cynthia, Alex, and Kirin already knew this, the point of this artificial conversion was to get Jam up to speed, with regards to the two main strategies people take in this competition. They all looked at Jam waiting to see what his response would be.

Seeing that the choice was up to him, Jam chose to vote for the option of hunting Saint Realm Beasts as a group. After his talk with Tzatziki, Jam would take more opportunities to make friends; he reasoned this was as good a time as any to try bonding with his classmates.

The group followed through with Jam's choice. It might be extremely dangerous, but all these core disciples had trump cards that they could use to save themselves if things went south. Moreover, the group wasn't going to go after Saint Gods, they would hunt the weakest Saint Realm Demonic Beasts, the one's comparable to False Saints.

False Saint Demonic Beasts, much like False Saint Cultivators, were at the very beginning stages of the Saint Realm; they were still in the process of converting their spirit energy into Saint Energy, and had yet to expand their Dantian Space's capacity.

By the time the group finished discussing their strategy, they were already at the registration point in the Delta Heavy Forest. Jam's group registered as Squad 21, then proceeded to wait for the competition to begin. The competition would begin in about an hour, so the group had some idle time and the members of Squad 21 started chatting again.

During this time, Jam spent most of his time talking to Kirin, as he was the friendliest person in the group. Jam learned a lot about Kirin, more specifically he learned why Kirin had such ostentatious hair and clothes; his hair color and the runic imprints on it, we're marks of his Frigid Kirin bloodline, and his clothes were the mark of his family.


The time for the competition to start came, and all the Squads departed at the same time. Squad 21 chose to rush straight into the heart of the Delta Heavy Forest. They did this because even at the center of the forest, the strongest Demonic Beasts were only about halfway through the Saint Realm.

Jam became the group's scout since his divine sense had the largest range of any of the members in the group. With him leading the way, the group managed to reach the heart of the forest without encountering any problems. At the heart of the forest, Jam began to use Void Detection again, in an effort to reduce the time needed for finding Saint Realm Demonic Beasts.

Within the 1,500 kilometers Jam was capable of searching with his Void Detection, he found 387 potential Saint Realm targets. When Jam's Dao Palace was reconstructed, the quality of his soul had improved by 50%, making his divine sense reach up to 15 kilometers, and his Void Detection range 1,500 kilometers.

Jam lead his group to the nearest potential target and confirmed with his team if they would go hunt this specified target. There were no dissenting opinions, thus operation "Try To Not Die While Fighting An Enemy One Realm Higher Than All Of Our Squadmates" began.

Before Squad 21, was a towering Rhinoceros, more specifically it was a Bruting Rhinoceros. This Demonic Beast boasted physical strength much higher than others in its league. However, it was lacking in speed and energy empowerment.

Before the competition started, the group decided on their member's positions. Kirin and Cynthia would focus on attacking, Alex on defending, and Rina and Jam would work as support, either helping Kirin and Cynthia attack, or helping Alex defend, depending on the circumstances.

However, Jam had yet to test out his strength after reforming his Dao Palace. Before reforming his Dao Palace, Jam's strongest attack trumped those of his current members. He now wanted to know the extent of what kind of power was brought along with from his Perfected Five Energy Fused Dao Palace.

Jam told his squadmates he would launch the first attack, and to wait for him to initiate the fight. Jam wanted to see what kind of mayhem he could create with a newer, stronger version of his demonic-space Beam. He demonified his hands, and charged his strongest attack.

At 10% maximum charge, his demon-space Beam was already stronger than the one he used to rank 2nd in the power rankings.

At 50% Jam began to fear that his attack would be noticed by the Saint Realm Bruting Rhinoceros. However, that fear was washed away when he noticed that none of his teammates reacted to his charging attack. He was much closer to his teammates than he was to the Rhinoceros, so for them to act like his attack didn't exist meant the rhinoceros would not be able to detect it.

At 100% max power, his teammates finally started reacting to his attack; it was starting to distort the local space. If the Rhinoceros had been deploying his Domain, it would have easily found the anomaly of space distortion caused by Jam's attack. However, the Beast was in its territory, and this was just another day to it. The poor Rhino had no reason to suspect an ambush.

Jam shot his fully charged beam at the Saint Realm Bruting Rhinoceros… Even Tzatziki could not anticipate the ridiculousness of Jam's upgraded power.

First of all, Jam's Beam travelled at least several dozen times faster than before; it gave no time for the Saint Realm Demonic Beast to react.

Secondly, the concentration and synergy of the fusion between space and demonic energy reached an unprecedented level, making the attacks power rise to an even higher level.

And last of all, the essence of Beams shined the most it ever had under the hands of Jam up to date. Beams were about laser focused projectiles, whose sole purpose was penetration. Up until now whenever Jam used Beams, they would landed on something then explode, not penetrate.

This time, instead of creating an explosion, the Beam penetrate through the entire head of the Demonic Beast, into the hill behind it, and off into the distance, behind the hill as well...

Tzatziki, Jam and his squadmates, all stared at the corpse of the Bruting Rhinoceros.

"Yo! Holy Shit!! DID YOU JUST INSTAKILL A SAINT REALM DEMONIC BEAST?!!" Kirin screeched at Jam, in an even more over the top manner than what he usually displays.

Alex, Rina, and Cynthia just looked at Jam with shock and confusion. Each and every one of his teammates had different thoughts, but more or less they followed the lines of 'Are you serious? Who said this kid has been training for less than two months? What a monster.'


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