Divinity Jam
28 Innate Eyes
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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28 Innate Eyes

Squad 21 surrounded the Bruting Rhinoceros's corpse.

Alex: "You know on second thought, how about we just split up. With Jam going around assassinating Saint Realm Demonic Beasts, we should have no problem winning the competition this time."

The group looked at Jam to see what his opinion is. After this display of power, Jam had solidified his place as the strongest person in the group. He might not be the wisest, but the group would take Jam's opinion more seriously going forward.

Jam agreed that splitting up would make their harvest more plentiful. Given his extremely overpowered demonic-space beam, Jam did not need his teammates help in taking out False Saint Demonic Beasts.

Begrudgingly, Jam split the group up. His plans to make friends with his squadmates was thrown out the window.

Tzatziki suddenly called out to Jam "Hey, you have a week to kill, so how about I give you another technique?"

"I already have several techniques, some of them, like Thunderfire Cataclysm and True Gravity Manipulation, aren't even up to par yet. Shouldn't I focus on training those skills?" Jam still remembered Tzatziki's rant, about him not taking cultivation seriously.

"Yeah, you should. BUT! The technique I'm about to give you is an auxiliary technique, it is similar to the Spatial Storage technique I previously gave you. This technique is very useful, it's not just used for fighting."

"Ok drop the suspension already. What technique are you talking about."

"The Innate Eye Technique." One of Tzatziki's favorite pastimes, was to annoy those around him in minor ways; kind of like now, where he kept stalling Jam for no reason.

"Are you going to elaborate?" Jam was starting to get annoyed by Tzatziki's sense of humor.

"The Innate Eye Technique is a less of a technique and more of an instruction guide to awakening a person's innate ocular talents. Every person is different, thus every person's body will have different innate talents or attributes. The Innate Eye Technique is one of the techniques of the Innate Technique Set which lets a person awaken a unique ocular power."

"Ok, but how is that useful to me?"

"The answer lies in what your ocular power turns out to be. At the weak end of the spectrum there are some people who awaken their innate eyes to barely augment their eyesight. Others on the strong end of the spectrum, can see through the world to find treasures, they can see through higher beings' cultivation bases, or in some cases unlock fantastic ocular attacks."

"Alright, I'm game. Give me the technique." If it's just an auxiliary technique, Jam didn't mind having another one. Worst case scenario is that Jam gets a useless ocular ability.

Tzatziki gave Jam the Innate Eye technique, in the same way he gave Jam the Spatial Storage Technique; by transferring his memories to Jam. Then waited to see what the results would be of Jam's ocular power.

At first, Jam questioned why Tzatziki didn't give him this technique back at Wolf Mountain range, but after reading through the technique's instructions, he understood. The Innate Technique Set required a person to be a Body Refiner as well as a Energy Cultivator.

The Innate Technique Set was a set of instructions used to awaken a person's innate abilities. the first first technique in the set was the Innate Eye Technique, then came the Innate Constitution, followed by the Innate Soul.

To unlock ocular powers via the Innate Eye Technique, a person had to at least at be both the Qi Collecting Stage and the Muscle Realm. Basically, a person needed a Mortal Realm Body and Energy Cultivation base.

To meet the requirements for the next technique in the Innate Technique set, Jam needs to have an Immortal Realm Cultivation Base, and open the outer barrier to the Twelve Heavenly Vessels.


Jam flushed his eyes with his energy. If Jam wasn't at the Muscle Realm of the Body Refining cultivation system, his eyes would probably explode from the surge of energy. However, aside from a tolerable pain to his eyes, Jam did not experience anything. Once the energy filled his eyes completely, Jam followed the path instructed on the Innate Eye Technique, cycling energy from his eyes to his brain and then his Dantian.

Every cycle of this process would turn a bit of Jam's energy into ocular power. This cycle of energy continued until the conversion of energy to ocular power ceased. Once Jam could not generate anymore ocular power, his Innate Eyes were ready to be awakened.

Jam once again flushed his eyes, this time it was with pure ocular power. After completely filling his eyes with ocular power, blood began to leak from his eyes and the color and shape of his pupils began to change multiple times. The pupils of his eyes would change from the standard circle to a crescent, then a vertical slit, followed by a horizontal slit, and finally a cardioid shape.

After he acclimated to his new ocular power, Jam could actively change what state his eyes were in. Jam found that the shape and color of his pupils would give him access to different types of ocular abilities.

When he changed his eyes' pupils to vertical slits, his black irises would become golden, and he would be able to see weird colors dancing all around him. In the distance he could even see some colors underground, and even in the sky.

When he changed his eyes' pupils to horizontal slits, his eyes irises would become purple, and the world would appear monochromatic to Jam. In this monochromatic world only living things possess a light, where some lights were brighter than others.

Jam changed his eyes' pupils to a crescent shape, his irises automatically shifted to a brilliantly glowing pink color. Jam had no clue what this ability could do.

Last but not least, Jam changed his eyes' pupils to have a cardioid shape. This time, the color of his irises did not become a solid color. Instead, the solid colors of his irises became more like gradient between gold and purple.

Unbelievably, this ocular power of Jam's, formed a sort of manifestation of his superpower, Divinity; albeit much weaker. Jam could look at his surroundings, and powered only by ocular power, summon all forms of energies.

As Jam was testing out the function of his ocular powers Tzatziki could not help but shout "Holy Fuck! Four Forms Divine Eyes."

Jam stopped his testing and started talking to Tzatziki "What?"

"Kid, your talent… ugh." Tzatziki took a moment to calm himself down. Yes, a several million year old god was actually agitated by a ten-year-old.

"Normally, when someone awakens their Innate Eyes, they don't even get a Form. Before you ask, a Form is what we called when you change your pupils shape or color. Your awakened eyes have four Forms.

Let me give you an anecdote, when I awaken my Innate eyes I got two Forms. Even then, with only two Forms, I was praised for being the first person in over 50,000 years that managed to awaken Two Forms Immortal Eyes.

Where I'm from, a person gets a title for the number of forms their eyes have. One form, gave you the title of One Form Mortal Eyes, then Two Forms Immortal Eyes, Three Forms Heavenly Eyes, and Four Forms Divine Eyes.

You are the second person to ever awaken Four Forms, moreover you even unlocked a form even I've never heard of, that cardioid shaped Form. The other three I know about.

The golden vertical slits are called Seeking Form, their purpose is finding spiritual items. This Seeking Form might not seem that impressive when compared to divine sense or other detection methods and superpowers. However, it would undoubtedly be the best way of searching for spiritual materials, as the intensity of the objects' glowing lights would tell its user how precious the material they were looking at was.

The purple horizontal slits are called Detection Form, they will 'detect' other living beings and even tell you their cultivation realm, even if they are way stronger than you.

The pink crescent shaped pupils are called Demon Form, which will automatically deploy when you are in a state of distress, and will augment your power to ridiculous levels.

Even though every person has a unique ocular power, most of the time their awakened Forms will fall under already documented Forms. Rarely is there someone like you, who comes out with a Form no one has heard of."

Tzatziki told Jam that all all the members of his sect used this technique, thus his sect had a very extensive documentation on the types of Forms of Innate Eyes. Tzatziki himself had Seeking Form and Timeless Form. Timeless Form, as Tzatziki described it, let him perceive time at a faster rate.

"Well, seeing that this is a new Form that's unique to me, I'll name it Divinity Form. After all, it does mimic my superpower.

Anyways, now that I have awakened my Innate Eyes, let's go treasure hunting while killing the Saint Realm Demonic Beasts." Jam planned on using his eyes Seeking Form to hunt for natural treasures."


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