Divinity Jam
29 Random Encounter
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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29 Random Encounter

Currently, Jam was learning to use his eyes' Seeking Form. Tzatziki, also being a user of the Seeking Form, told Jam what he knew about the Seeking Form.

"Ok, so I know you have Seeking Form, However, the Golden hue your pupils take in this Form lets me know its not the normal Seeking Form. Normally, your pupils would not change color.

In my case, different colors would glow from the environment with varying intensity. A green glow points towards a spiritual herb, a blue glow indicates a spiritual ore. Additionally, a white glow would indicate a living being, like a cultivator or demonic beast. The brighter the glow of the color the higher the quality of herb or ore."

Jam began to look around. In every direction, there would be glowing colors attracting Jam's attention. After several tests. Jam confirmed his Seeking Form was indeed different than Tzatziki's. Jam could see other glowing colors, aside from blue, green, and white. Jam could see black, purple, gold, and red colors as well.

The blue was still spiritual ore, the green, herbs, however, the white would only point Jam towards cultivators. The black glowing lights would only point to demonic beasts, a purple glow would point to random points in space; with Tzatziki's additional testing it was discovered that these points in space had artificially created pocket dimensions.

Most pocket dimensions would not have anything of value. However, there were certain eccentric cultivators that liked to hide away treasures in these pocket dimensions.

The golden lights would also point to pocket dimensions. However, all the pocket dimensions with golden lights had some form of natural treasure. In fact, just through the testing of these golden glowing lights, Jam found several rare herbs, the he couldn't even use yet. The herbs Jam found were all for Tier 4 and above pills, if he wanted to use them, he would need to reach the Soul Fusion Stage.

The red glowing lights also pointed towards points in space. However, these points were not pocket dimension per say. Rather, they were zones of collapsed space. These zones of collapsed space were extremely dangerous, and only those well versed in the Dao of Space would dare enter them casually.

Zones of collapsed space were the largest contributor of deaths to pocket dimension treasure hunters. Because these zones of collapsed space and pocket dimensions were so similar, many treasure hunters would mistakenly enter these danger zones and perish.

The only reason Jam didn't enter and die in a zone of collapsed space, was because Tzatziki was with him, he could see through the points in space. This might not have worked if Jam was in the Immortal, or Divine Plane. But here, in the Mortal Plane, the space was very weak and unrestrictive. Even in his weakened Soul Form, Tzatziki could easily see through Mortal Plane space.

Now that Jam knew what all the glowing colored lights meant, he began to mercilessly strip away all the resources around him. Spiritual herbs and ores, natural and artificial pocket dimensions were scavenged alike. On his resources harvesting escapade Jam assassinated Saint Realm Demonic Beasts.

Jam also didn't differentiate between superior and inferior goods. Even if the herb in front of him was a useless Tier 1 herb or piece of ore, Jam would still happily store it away in his Spatial Storage.

In just a couple hours, Jam had completely striped away all the reasources within a ten thousand kilometer radius. This might seem like a lot, but the Delta Heavy Forest was several million square kilometers in size; close to the size of Africa, back in Jam's home planet of Earth.

Jam was having a grand old time, minding his business, stripping away the natural resources of the forest, when he saw some of his fellow competitors stuck in trouble.

The situation seemed to be quite bad for the other competitors, as they were surrounded by ten Saint Realm Demonic Beasts. Jam switched over to his Detecting Form to confirm that all ten Beasts were indeed False Saint Demonic beasts.

The group in trouble was also composed of five members, all girls.

Jam was very curious to see how these girls would handle this situation. He figured 'They knew the risk of coming to center zone of the Delta Heavy Forest. They should have a backup for this sort of situation.' Unfortunately for them, they didn't have a 'Plan B.'

"Well I guess this is it… But I ain't going down without a fight!" shouted one of the girls, presumably the leader.

She charged at one of the Demonic Beasts, using a myriad of strange energy techniques to hinder other Demonic Beasts from stopping her assault. Her plan was to go after the beasts one at a time; a very naive plan indeed.

She wasn't supremely broken like Jam. How on earth would her Mortal Realm attacks stop nine Saint Realm Demonic Beasts? Never mind harming another one.

While she was charging at the Demonic Beasts, her teammates snapped out of their shock at the realization that they would probably be dying today. They also joined in the fight, hoping that somehow they would survive this ordeal.

With the help of her teammates, the leader, who initiate the charge, had enough support to make the fight last a bit longer. All of them would still die, even if they fought to the best of their abilities. It was a hopeless situation after all, five Mortal Realm Cultivators v.s. Ten Saint Realm Demonic Beasts. But, these girls were nevertheless still in the top 15 of the Mortal Realm Power Rankings; they managed to drag the fight out for a couple of minutes.

Jam, now understanding that these girls were in serious danger, sprung into action. Deploying fused beams to annihilate the ten Saint Realm Demonic Beasts.

While Jam was fighting Saint Realm Demonic Beasts earlier, he had confirmed that all the other fused beams he had were also deadly to False Saints; he didn't want to resort to only using his demonic-space beam all the time.

Jam's other fused beams might not be able to warp local space like his demonic-space beam, but they would still get the job done.

That being said, Jam didn't have an easy time killing these Saint Realm Demonic Beasts. There were ten of them after all, and Jam could only charge one fused beam at a time. Moreover, this was the first time Jam had to fight against opponents that used domains. Before this fight Jam would always instakill the False Saints he hunted, never encountering their domains.

All Saints Realm Practitioners, be they Cultivators or Demonic Beasts, possessed a domain. Within their domain, they gained the advantage of being one with the environment, while their opponents became extremely disadvantaged.

Jam found that moving within his opponents domains was very difficult. This was in part because he was captured inside the domains of eight separate Demonic Beasts. Jam managed to get rid of two Saint Realm Beasts before the rest deployed their domains.

To offset the imbalance caused by having the pressure of eight domains crashing into his body, Jam switched his eyes to Divinity Form. Jam used his superpower, to give himself a lightning body, and his Divinity Form eyes to give himself enhanced spatial contraction.

The lightning body, coupled with his thunder movement from the Thunderfire Cataclysm, and his upgraded spatial contraction, gave Jam even more speed in the midst of eight domains, than his base max speed without being pressured by domains. Needless to say, with these two augmentations, Jam was covered in the speed department.

Jam thought that as long as he retained, or in his current case, exceeded his normal speed, he would be able to easily finish off the remaining Demonic Beasts. He had seen them fight with the girls, before and though he had a good grasp on their abilities. In reality though, the Saint Realm Demonic Beasts were just playing around with their prey; they had pretty sadistic and animalistic tendencies.

To win in this fight against eight Saint Realm Demonic Beasts, Jam had to use all his tricks. He fought with his trademark style of bombarding his enemies with Beams and stellar arrows. This time though, he also prominently used melee. His Muscle Realm body did not disappoint, being responsible for the deaths of four of the Demonic Beasts.

As more and more Demonic Beasts died, the pressure of superimposed domains exponentially decreased, cause Jam to move faster and attack stronger. Four died to physical attacks, augmented by Jam's singularity-like Points of course, while the remaining four had their vital organs pierced by Jam's Beams and stellar arrows.

When the fight ended, Jam reverted his eyes back to normal and stopped using Divinity. He had to go talk to the girls now that the fight was over, and wouldn't want to needlessly blow his superpower's cover.


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