Divinity Jam
31 A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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31 A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed

By the time Jam left the natural pocket dimension, there were only two or so days remaining in the competition. Jam was severely lacking Saint Realm Demonic Beast. Upon considering that Jam was now at the Spirit Realm, hunting Saint Realm Demonic Beasts should be even less of an issued than it was previously.

After his experience of being trapped for three days, Jam was no longer in the mood to continue treasure hunting. He would focus on eliminating Demonic Beasts, instead. Not that he would be missing out on much. He had amassed quite the fortune for himself during his treasure-hunting adventure.


Once a cultivator formed their core, they would have energy compacted enough to be able to fly. Jam being in the Soul Condensing Stage and also possessing a Black Hole Core, could now fly even faster than he could run. Now that Jam unlocked the power of flight, the Saint Realm Demonic Beasts started dying at an even faster rate.

Slowly but surely, the Saint Realm Demonic Beasts started dwindling in numbers, and the other living Saint Realm Demonic Beasts started noticing. Saint Realm Demonic Beasts, were relatively intelligent, thus they began travelling in groups, hoping this would make them safer.

Instead, this made them die at an even faster rate, as Jam wouldn't need to move around as much when searching for his next prey. Given Jam's superpower as well as the Various Forms of his Innate Eyes, finding Saint Realm Demonic Beasts wasn't a challenge. But, the travelling between them still existed, so this act of grouping Saint Realm Beasts together truly did help Jam kill faster.

As Jam killed faster and faster, his skills improved faster and faster as well. After reaching the Spirit Realm, even when using his not-so-refined skills like True Gravitational Manipulation, and Thunderfire Cataclysm, Jam could kill Saint Realm Demonic Beasts. Thus, Jam focused on improving these skills to be at the same level as his Styles of the Cosmic Bow and so on.

Additionally, the more Jam killed, the larger the Saint Realm Demonic Beast groups became. By the last day of the competition, Jam was going up against groups of several dozen Saint Realm Demonic Beasts in each of his fights.

As Jam was finishing his business in the Delta Heavy Forest, and prepared to head back to the base camp, to turn in his Demonic Beast Corpses, he made a quick scan of the environment. He was making sure none of the competitors were needlessly left behind in the core section of the forest.

After Jam scanned the environment, he was surprised to find there was another person in the center of the forest. Before, he had not specifically scanned the environment for other cultivators, so he couldn't be sure the person in the center with him had been there all this time.

Anyways, the person Jam found, was facing an unprecedented calamity; It was a single cultivator surrounded by hundreds of Saint Realm Demonic Beasts. Jam was unsure why the Demonic Beasts had yet to kill the cultivator. Even Jam, with a Core Formation cultivation base, could not guarantee surviving a battle against hundreds of Saint Realm Beasts.

The person was still alive, so Jam made his way over to them in an effort to rescue them. But, first he would need some context, to better understand the situation revolving around that seized cultivator.

Jam used his Divinity to activate Invisibility, and the Divinity Form of his eyes to activate Soul Dispersion. The use of these superpowers was evident in their names. Invisibility would make a cultivator see-through, while Soul Dispersion would manipulate the Soul to appear scattered and seem non existent. With these two abilities in place, Jam could sneak over to the Demonic Beasts without having to worry about being found.

Jam's plan of observing the situation was cancelled almost as soon as it started. Once Jam got close enough to see what all the Demonic Beasts were up to, he turned switched superpowers with Divinity and Divinity form to immediately stop the Demonic Beasts.

The person that was seized by the Demonic Beasts was Jared. He was not only surrounded by hundreds of Saint Realm Demonic Beast. These Demonic beasts must have confused Jared with Jam. Assuming that Jared was the person responsible for the recent slaughter of Saint Realm Demonic Beasts. The Demonic Beasts were setting up a myriad of formations, almost treating Jared as if he were a Sage.

Jared was very lucky to still be alive. Jam saw that Jared had only been affected by an illusion array. However, some of the Saint Realm Demonic Beasts were preparing even more formations, to be absolutely certain that Jared would die. If any other formations had been completed, Jam would not have been certain in being able to instantly save Jared.

Now that Jam had initiated a battle, the Demonic Beasts were interrupted and the formations they were setting up were broken.

Jared was still in an illusion formation, though.

After interrupting the Demonic Beast's formations, Jam's next most important task was to wake up Jared from the illusion array.

At the Soul Condensing Stage, Jam would not be at risk of dying in the upcoming battle; the same could not be said for Jared. The sooner Jared became aware of the situation, the less danger he would be prone to.

Even though these Saint Realm Demonic Beasts possessed such high cultivation basses, and a good amount of intelligence, the highest Tier Formations they could create were Tier 4. Fortunately for Jam, or rather, Jared, he had only been trapped in a Tier 2 Illusion Array; obviously, these Demonic Beasts did not specialize in Illusion Arrays.

After advancing to Tier 3 Formation Master, or Intermediate Formation Master, Jam could instantaneously dispel Formations below his level; this attribute carried on as an Array Master became stronger.

An instant before Jam had attacked the Saint Realm Demonic Beasts and interrupted their formations, he had given himself a thunder body and enhanced his spatial contraction with his Divinity and Divinity Form eyes. After saving the group of girls, Jam had grown fond of this combination of superpowers, and had used it in each of his subsequent battles with the Demonic Beasts in the forest.

Immediately after interrupting the Demonic Beasts attacks, Jam had condensed a rune in his hand that could dispel the illusion Array that trapped Jared. Jam speed had been augmented immensely in his current state, as he seemed to teleport from outside the encirclement of Demonic Beasts to Jared's side, and made his rune enter Jared's forehead.

Jared came to his senses and noticed Jam in front of him. He then noticed the hundreds of Saint Realm Demonic Beasts surrounding them. Jared knew he was trapped in an illusion array, but before being affected by the array's effect, he hadn't seen any demonic beasts around him. This made him ease up as the situation could have been much worse — even though in reality the situation was much worse.

Jared was not a formation's expert. He had no clue how to leave a basic array, not to mention the Tier 2 illusion array that trapped him. Since he had entered an array abruptly, and wasn't in a fight, Jared assumed he had ran into a naturally formed array.

He thought he could escape the illusion array by travelling through it, and he was correct in his guess. However, since he wasn't a Formation's expert he didn't know that, while he thought he was travelling in a straight line, in reality, he was moving in circles, never exiting the boundaries of the array.

Jared had been stuck in the illusion array for a very short amount of time, so he had yet to begin panicking. Imagine how he would feel after waking up abruptly to one of his classmate — which he thought he was above — as well as the sight of being surrounded by hundreds of strong enemies.

Jam wasn't the only person strong enough to hunt in the core of the Delta Heavy Forest. Jared was also very strong, he had been hunting Saint Realm Demonic Beasts in the core of the Forest as well. However, while Jam was going toe-to-toe with groups of dozens of Saint Realm Demonic Beasts, Jared could, at most, handle twenty to thirty single handedly.

Jared has only ever considered Arnold to be worthy of his respect; he was the only person who could force Jared into using more than 80% of his power. All the other core disciples, while being extremely talented, could not hold a candle to to either Jared or Arnold, in terms of overall combat prowess.

Even Jam, after "beating" Jared in the sparring match, had not won over Jared's respect. This was because Jared had not considered the battle to be representative to each parties respective limits.

At the time they sparred in class, if Jam had fought with Jared to the limits of their powers, Jam would not have come out on top,. Jared attributed Jam's victory to his ungodly supply of energy and stamina; which was valid assessment at that time.

Jared processed the circumstances of his situation extremely quickly. Jared saw the hundreds of Demonic Beasts surrounding him and Jam, he saw Jam's hand on his forehead, he saw the remnants of the formations that had been broken around him.

While he was stunned at the hundreds of Demonic Beasts encircling him, he was even more shocked at Jam, who had clearly arrived to save him. Jared saw the hundreds of Saint Realm Demonic Beasts begin their attack, and stopped wondering how this situation developed. Instead, he began to focus on surviving this current calamity.

Now that Jared was free from the effect of the illusion array, the two began their fight with the Saint Realm Demonic Beasts. Over the course of his battles, Jam had constantly been developing a resistance towards the domains of his enemies. However, this was the first time he had to go against several hundred domains superimposing themselves one atop the other, working against him.

Worse still, Jam had to go against a group of Saint Master Demonic Beasts in this battle; those a level above False Saint Demonic Beasts. Jam made up his mind that if the situation became too hectic, he would just take Jared and flee.

If worse came to worst, Jam could always head toward the registration point of the competition. That way the higher leveled academy members could deal with the Saint Realm Demonic Beasts.


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