Divinity Jam
32 Battle
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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32 Battle

There were only five Saint Master Demonic Beasts among the hundreds of False Saint Demonic Beasts. However, each level in the Saint Realm was a massive leap in strength.

Moreover, Jam had to defend Jared from being overwhelmed. Jam couldn't expect Jared to have the same energy reserves he possessed.

Not every cultivator possessed a Dantian Space with as much space as Jam's. And while the Black Hole Core was common in the Immortal and Divine Planes, Jam hadn't heard of it in the Mortal Plane; it was safe to assume that Jared would not possess one.

A pleasant surprise came to Jam when Jared showed spirit energy. After a Cultivator advanced to the Spirit Realm, they would possess spirit energy; Jam himself possessed spirit energy.

It turned out that Jam and Jared made a great duo. With Jam's protection, in the form of beams and stellar arrows, Jared could focus on his attacks; his specialty. Jam was not sure if Jared was showing his strongest attacks, but they were different than the ones he used in their sparring session.

Jared would cast chaos, space, and time energy attacks at the same level of Jam's variant two fusion beams. Even if Jared's attacks weren't at the level of Jam's demonic-space beam, they were still extremely powerful.

Aside from energy attacks, Jared's Dao of the Sword was rather advanced, relative to his cultivation base. Jared had already reached Dao Infusion with his Dao of the Sword. This level of Dao cultivation was above Dao Contact. Jared could use his Dao Infusion level Sword Dao to make short work of any Saint Demonic Beasts that came too close to him.

While Jam had Tier 3 Bow and Beam Essence, he had yet to reach Dao Infusion. Once he did, he would be like Jared; capable of adding Essence as a part of his energy attacks..

All this time Jam had not been using his Essences, as he would have to chose between attacking with his core skills or using his Essences. Given that his core skills were much stronger than attacks comprised of purely essence, Jam would obviously choose to use his core skills.

At the Dao Infusion level, this problem would vanish. Jam would be capable of adding Essence into his attacks without ruining the balance of the energies required for his skills to work.

Jam initially planned on ignoring the False Saint Demonic Beasts and focused on his biggest threats; the Saint Master Demonic Beasts. Even though Jam would have to divert a bit of his energy to deflect some attacks for Jared, he used the minimal amount needed.

Jam's fight against the five Saint Master Demonic Beasts was his most thrilling fight to date.

Jam, after ascending to the Spirit Realm, needed a worthwhile fight to measure his power, and this fight answered that call. Jam used all of the abilities, including the skills from Thunderfire Cataclysm and True Gravity Manipulation, that he had recently finished mastering.

Jam had already mastered 5 core skills from his Thunderfire Cataclysm and True Gravity Manipulation techniques and evolved them into their Spirit Realm levels. Thunderfire Cataclysm gave Jam two skills, while True Gravity Manipulation gave Jam 3 supporting abilities.

From the Thunderfire Cataclysm technique, Jam learned Firebolt and Thuderization.

[(Spirit Realm) Firebolt: Creates projectile out of fire energy that inflicts both blunt and fire damage. Increasing insights of the Dao of Fire's aspect of Essense increases the purity and size of the projectile. All Elemental Dao's have the aspect of Essence, as insights into this aspect increase cultivators can gain access to elements with greater quality — 3%| Evolvable (Restricted by Realm)]

[(Spirit Realm) Thunderization: Coats anything that comes into contact with the user in thunder energy. All things under the effect of Thuderization gain the properties of thunder i.e. increased speed, strength, etc. Increasing insights of the Dao of Thunder's aspect of Essence and Aura increases the gains of coming into contact with thunder energy. All Elemental Daos have the aspect of Aura, as insights into this aspect increase, cultivators can get more out of properties of the elements — 15%| Evolvable (Restricted by Realm)].

Thunderization did the same thing as the thunder body Jam gained from Divinity. It covered Jam in thunder energy and significantly boosted his speed, as well as his strength, albeit to a lesser extent.

Firebolt and Thunderization were the core techniques of the Thunderfire Cataclysm. These technique gave Jam access to the two aspects of a Dao that were universal to Elemental Daos. Aura and Essense were aspects of the Dao found in all Elemental Daos as well as some Phenomenal Daos, like the Dao of Thunder or Ice.

From the True Gravity Manipulation technique Jam learned Time Delay and Gravitational Pressure; he also formally learned Spatial Contraction.

[(Spirit Realm) Time Delay: A supporting ability that allows the user to slow down everything within a certain range. The user is also slowed down by the effects of the skill, albeit at a much more lenient rate. The degree of the technique's effect boiled down to the user's understanding of the aspect of Deceleration. As insights into the Time Dao's aspect of Deceleration increase, so too do the effects of time delay. Current max deceleration rate 10% — 2%| Evolvable]

[(Spirit Realm) Spatial Contraction: A supporting movement-based technique that allows the user to shorten the space around them. As insights into the Space Dao's aspect of Shifting increase the degree of contraction proportionately. Current max gravity manipulation range = 2.5x (x = times) — 14%| Evolvable ]

[(Spirit Realm) Gravity Amplification: A rare domain-based technique that allows the user to manipulate the gravity within their domain range, even if they aren't at the Dao Domain level. The gravity in the domain is applied to everything in its range, including the user. As insights into the Space Dao and Time Dao increase, so too does that range of gravity amplification. Current max space contraction rate ±25% — 5%| Evolvable ]

The battle between Jam and the five Saint Master Demonic Beasts was quite the spectacle.

Jam looked like a divine warrior of thunder, his Peak Armor had reacted to the Thunderization and thunder body Jam was currently brandishing, making the Thunder Dao runes in his armor light up.

In the battle, Jam was constantly moving. He dodged thousands of energy and physical attacks every minute, all the while condensing and dispatching all the core skills he had mastered up to date.

Single Shots, Power Shots, Stellar arrows, Firebolts, Support Beams, Fused Beams, and Points flew across the sky. Some of these attacks cancel the of the energy attacks of the demonic beasts, others hit the Demonic Beasts themselves; those unfortunate enough to be hit, died instantly.

After realizing exactly how handicapped he was by the sheer number of domains restraining him, Jam abandoned the idea of using his Stellar Bow, and instead used his gauntlets to deal the absolute most amount of damage he possibly could.

When he changed the Stellar Bow in his hands for his gauntlets, the same phenomenon which occured to his thunder body, happened to his gauntlet.

Jam then started targeting all the False Saint Demonic Beasts he could, while at the same time, preventing the Saint Master Demonic Beasts from attacking himself or Jared. Fighting with so many domains restraining him, would only consume his energy. This left Jam with no other option than to kill the False Saints, and then the Saint Masters.

In this fashion, Jam and Jared gradually whittled down the number of Saint Realm Demonic Beasts until only the Five Saint Master Demonic Beasts remained.

Now it was a 2 vs 5 and Jam had the advantage. There were only five domains acting on him — granted these five domains, were stronger than all the hundreds of other False Saint domains put together.

By this point in time, Jam had finally exhausted enough of his energy to have the need to conserve the remaining energy he had available. He stopped bombarding the Saint Master Demonic Beasts with stellar arrows and support beams; only firing attacks that he knew would severely injure his opponent, were they to hit.

Jam killed his First Saint Master after it failed to block one of his punches to its head. With this first Saint Master out of the picture, Jam felt the pressure from the domains lessen significantly.

The next Saint Master died to one of Jam's demonic-space beams. Jam had been able to charge and fire off his demonic-space beam at a close enough distance, that the Saint Master Demonic Beast failed to dodge it.

When only three Saint Masters remained, the pressure emitted from their domains had reached a low enough level for even Jared to be capable of seriously harming the Saint Master Demonic Beasts.

Jam killed two more Saint Masters and Jared also managed to kill one as well. Jam finished the battle with a bit more energy than he had estimated. He had enough to fight another horde of Saint Realm Demonic Beasts, as long as no Saint Masters were present.


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