Divinity Jam
33 ~Surprise Surprise~
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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33 ~Surprise Surprise~

Amidst a pile a demonic beast corpses, Jared was sitting down, recuperating from the recent intense battle. Jam wasn't that tired, he walked around the battlefield and started retrieving the Saint Realm Demonic Beasts he had killed.

Jam also picked up the array flags of both the illusion array that trapped Jared, as well as the other formations he had interrupted the demonic beasts from completing.

Oddly enough, some of the Saint Master Demonic Beasts had space rings, full of natural treasures. However, the loot from these space rings would be worth less than a thousandth of the total wealth Jam already had in his Spatial Storage Dimension

Jam knew exactly how many demonic beasts he had killed in this battle, and he didn't take from the ones Jared had killed.

After taking all his spoils of war, Jam did another quick surveillance, making sure no one else ended up in a situation similar to Jared. Jam did not find another cultivator, aside from Jared, for thousands of kilometers. While that didn't confirm there weren't others like Jared, it at least confirmed that no other cultivators were in the core of the Delta Heavy Forest.

Jam was preparing to leave, but he had to say something to Jared before leaving. As he faced Jared, a rather peculiar scene developed; he could have sworn he saw stars emerge from Jared's eyes.

Jam had never heard Jared talk. He assumed from the the arrogant manner Jared carried around himself, that he felt that talking to others not at his level was beneath him.

You could imagine the shock Jam experienced when Jared spoke his first words to Jam, and a very, VERY, feminine voice emerged from his mouth. Not only was Jared's voice contradictory to his image, the words he chose were even more inconsistent with his image as an arrogant ten-year-old.

"Jaaaaaam! When did you get so stronggggggg?"

Jam had to process the abrupt change in Jared's character, before responding in his usual nonchalant tone. "Three days ago I broke through to the Spirit Realm."


Jam was starting to get uncomfortable. There was something very disturbing and wrong about Jared's change in personality. Then he came up with a very devious thought...

'These are the behaviors of a very young girl… WAIT! There's no way...' After this though popped into Jam's head, it wouldn't leave.

Jam was even inclined to use his Detecting Form to see if Jared had been hiding away his body's true form. That idea left Jam's head faster than it entered. Jam would rather not invade other people's privacy; unless he was in the middle of a fight, and his life was on the line.

The concept of Jared being a girl intrigued Jam so much, he just had to know the answer.

"Say… Jared, are you a girl?"

Jared didn't hesitate "Yeah."

Jared's nonchalant response flummoxed Jam, he involuntarily cursed "What the fuck?"

"I bet you're trying to wrap you head around why I look and behave the way I do."

Jam couldn't deny curiosity, he nodded his head, not at all expecting a monologue.

"I have been the best since I could understand words, and what the concept of being the best meant. Everywhere I went, I was praised for being a genius, revered for my superpowers. Never in my life has someone of my generation ever even come close to being my equal.

At the age of three years old, I started cultivating. I entered Meridian Connecting at the age of five, Palace Foundation at six, Core Formation at the age of nine, and now at the age of ten, I stand in the Soul Condensing Stage. Never have I ever had to truly compete with my peers in a fight.

You understand where I'm coming from right? Even though we're both at the Soul Condensing Stage, we fight beings that are entire Realms above us.

Knowing you're the best isn't always a good thing… When I was a little girl I used to read a ton of stories about the damsel in distress being saved by her prince. But as I cultivated, and became stronger, there was never anyone from my generation, that could fight with me to a standstill; nevermind save me from danger,

Arnold was the first peer I found myself respecting, he was the first peer of mine to force me to use over 80% of my powers to best him. Even if I respected him, I didn't revere him. No. Instead beating him made me realize, to a greater extent, exactly how much greater I am compared to the rest of my peers.

Thus, I never bothered changing myself all this time until you… You are too close to what I wished for; its eerily accurate. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how you are even stronger than me.

You have saved me from an impossibly difficult situation. Surrounded by hundreds of Saint Realm Demonic Beasts, you saved me from an illusion array, as well as the countless other formations these demonic beasts were setting up. Then as a duo, we wiped out all the enemies surrounding us..."

Jared was going to keep talking but, Jam had to grab her and dodge an incoming attack. Jam had been paying attention to Jared. However, he had learned to keep his guard up at all times, from his experiences in the Wolf Range and in this forest as well.

As Jared was talking, Jam's eyes picked up a projectile flying towards Jared at a hypersonic speeds.

Jam's eyes, even in their normal state, were always under the effects of the various forms of his awakened Innate Eyes; though, the effects of his innate eyes were heavily weakened if he wasn't using the appropriate Form.

Jared was confused by Jam sudden actions, but she didn't resist him. Jam had won her trust after he saved her from the horde of Saint Realm Demonic Beasts. If he wanted to harm her, would he have bothered to help her in the first place?

Jam took a defensive stance, and waited to see what kind of enemy he would have to fight. After being out of a fight for a couple minutes, Jam's Black Hole Core had restored around half of his energy reserves.

Jam's expression darkened as he saw three figures descend into the battlefield. Jam's Detecting From told him that all three demonic beasts were Saint Grandmaster Demonic Beasts. Jam knew that even if his energy reserves were at their maximum capacity, he wouldn't be able to fight one Saint Grandmaster; never mind three at the same time.

Jam told Jared to not resist his technique, then promptly stored her in his Spatial Storage dimension. Jam only kept things like spiritual herbs in the true space area of his personal dimension, since Jam's Spatial Storage Dimension had 1,000 cubic meters of true space, Jared would have plenty of space to live within the dimension.

Jam assumed his battling form, once again displaying his thunder body and space contraction superpowers. Jam then proceeded to run for his life.

The Saint Grandmaster Demonic Beasts, wouldn't let Jam easily leave after killing so many Saint Realm Demonic Beast, and started catching up with him. The demonic beasts fired energy attacks at Jam, and were utterly shocked at how Jam managed to dodge their attacks while being under the influence of their domains.

If the domains of False Saints were said to be comparable to a wireframe mesh, the domains of Saint Grandmasters would be comparable to wicker log baskets. Even though the baskets still had a bunch of holes, they was thousands of times more complete than the wireframe mesh.

Jam was under the most pressure he had ever come into contact with. Three opponents that outclassed him, were doing their best to keep him at bay and he wasn't even in his peak condition. He was under so much pressure that his Space Dao broke through to the Dao Infusion level.

The most immediate benefit Jam received from having his Space Dao reach Dao infusion, was for his ability to contract space to instantly quintuple. Before, could only enhance his speed by 2.5x, now he could shorten the space around him by 12.5x.

The effects of his breakthrough were very noticeable, as Jam actually started to pull away from his pursuers. However, Jam had to postpone celebrating, as the the Saint Grandmaster had one more trick up their sleeve.

The Saint Grandmasters retrieved their domains, which made Jam's speed increase by a factor of 10 times. The Saint Grandmasters then pooled their energies together and charged a fusion attack, not unlike Jam's fusion beams.

This attack was charged extremely quickly, and as the Saint Grandmasters fired it, Jam felt for the first time, death encroach upon him. Time seemed to stop, and Jam knew for a fact that getting hit by this attack, would instantly kill him.

Jam could not evade this attack, as it followed the principles of Beams; something Jam was all too familiar with. The stronger the beam, the faster it would move. This beam powered by three Saint Grandmasters moved several dozen times the speed of sound.

As Jam felt that he was about to die, his body instinctively changed his eyes to Demon Form. In his Demon Form, Jam was only concerned with dodging the attack, and thus used his Demon Form powers exclusively to get away.

In his Demon Form, Jam was hundreds of times more powerful than in his base form. However, Demon Form would only activate upon Jam entering a state of extreme distress. Since this was the first time Jam had entered Demon Form, he didn't know if he could rely on its power to fight with the Saint Grandmasters; he didn't want to test his luck.

On a side note, Since Demon Form only deployed when Jam was under extreme distress, the Form he took when testing Demon Form, back when he awakened his eyes, only showed an incomplete Demon Form.

Jam was currently assuming the completed Demon Form, and it changed Jam's eye to have both a crescent shaped pupil, as well as an additional star of to the side of the crescent. The "star" was also a part of Jam's pupil, it just seemed to be divided at this point in time. The star was also tinged with a pink hue.

Jam hadn't realized his eyes had changed to Demon Form. To him, it looked like the Saint Grandmasters' attack had slowed down and weakened in power.

Jam, now out of the pressure of the Saint Grandmasters' domains, burst forth with speed comparable to a peak Saint Lord.

In mere moments, Jam had escaped from both the Saint Grandmasters' attack, as well as their range for detecting him. Jam landed at the registration point, where he saw some of his squad mates. Jam was about to greet his squadmates, but he suddenly felt the world dim. Before he blacked out, Jam released Jared from his Spatial Storage Dimension.


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