Divinity Jam
34 Tzatziki Played Himself
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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34 Tzatziki Played Himself

The blackout Jam experienced, would happen to all Demon Form users on their first couple times using the ability. After Jam used Demon Form a couple more time, he would be able to leave it without blacking out.

Jam's Demon Form eyes had a connection to the Demon Dao itself. And Jam entering this state for the first time allowed his Demon Dao to finally enter the Dao Infusion Level. He could finally start battling in his Lesser Demon Form while still retaining the his other abilities.

Jam's collapse attracted everyone's attention. But to Jam's squadmates, the most shocking thing event wasn't Jam losing consciousness. Rather, they were staring wide-eyed at Jared.

It should be noted that Jared was the first member of her generation's core disciples. Arnold had been the second. Before she beat Arnold, Jared was already well into the development of her arrogance. Beating Arnold was the catalyst to make her arrogance reach its supreme level. This arrogance led to none of the core disciples, except for Arnold, having heard her voice.

As people started to react to Jam's collapse, Jared started crying and yelling for help hysterically. For the people that knew Jared, seeing him — or as they now came to know now, her — crying in the way she was, set off many alarms.

Everyone who knew Jared almost all collectively though 'Wait Jared's a girl? Jared is crying? Over Jam? What is their relationship? What in the world is going on???'

However, now was not the time to be dwindling their thumbs, Jam looked to be in a pretty bad condition; Jared wasn't better off, but she hadn't reached the point of collapse. The spectators could tell that Jam and Jared had just escaped from a very difficult battle.

Even though Jam didn't look injured, the state of his armor was a telltale sign of how grand his fight must have been. It didn't take a genius to tell that Jam was donning Tier 3 armor.

Given the fact the his hybrid armor was bent and lacerated all over Jam's body, even after so much time passing after his fight finished, told these cultivators that Jam had been fighting with Saint Realm Demonic Beasts at the very least; only they could cause that much permanent damage to Tier 3 Armor.


Arnold had already returned from the field, and as he saw Jam in his unconscious state, he rushed near Jam's side. Then, Arnold began using a healing technique with his light energy. Jam regained consciousness after a couple minutes of Arnold's healing.

Usually, it would have taken a much longer period of time for Jam to leave his borderline comatose state. However, he was a Body Refinement Cultivator. Moreover, he had completed the Muscle Realm, and possesed Regeneration.

Jam's regeneration might not be at the level of restoring fatal wounds to the heart, brain, or viscera. However, speeding up the restoration of minor injuries, like the superficial cuts and bruises he currently had sprawled all over his body, would be no problem. Jam's regeneration would also hasten the recovery of his mental exhaustion; albeit at a much slower pace.

Jam woke up, and thanked Arnold for helping him. He then took out a couple Tier 3 healing pills, and consumed them. These pills would make Jam good as new in a couple hours.

There were very few people that could treat Tier 3 pills like candy, in the same the way Jam was going about it. Most of the people near Jam were still in the Mortal Realm. Those who had advanced to the Spirit Realm, like Jam and Jared, wouldn't be able to advance their alchemy skills as fast as Jam.

The supervisors of the competition that were near Jam, could tell that even though Jam looked to be in a serious condition, Jam was, medically speaking, very stable, and not prone to death. As long as Jam wouldn't die, or become a cripple, they wouldn't help him out.

Everyone in Jam's squad had already made it to the registration point. After they saw that Jam was ok, they made their way over to him.

Kirin: "Jam! Mate! Are you alright?"

"Yeah. I'm good."

Alex: "You look pretty beat up..."

"Yeah. That'll happen to ya, after fighting hundreds of False Saints, five Saint Masters, and three Saint Grandmasters."

Kirin: "Holy shit! Are you serious."

"Dead serious. I wouldn't be in such bad shape if I didn't have to run from the three Saint Grandmasters."

Everyone within earshot: "WHAT?!"

Most people thought Jam misspoke the first time Jam mentioned his fight with the Saint Grandmaster Demonic Beasts. However, upon hearing Jam confirm that there were three Saint Grandmasters for a second time, everyone listening to Jam was either, doubtful, shocked, confused, or scared.

Some were doubtful of Jam's story. Most wouldn't believe that someone taking part in this competition, had the strength to fight hundreds of Saint Realm Demonic Beasts, or even escape from three Saint Grandmasters. Even if Jam did make a breakthrough, he would at most be at the Soul Condensing Stage; an entire five stages below Saint Grandmasters.

Those who were shocked, confused, or scared, found themselves in that emotional state because, to some degree, they believed Jam's story. Who wouldn't be shocked or scared of Jam's power, after escaping from enemies five stages ahead of himself. Some would be confused at how Jam was put in that kind of extreme situation, in the first place.

Jam didn't feel like explaining himself, he just said "If anyone was any doubts, they can just watch me when I turn in my beast corpses."

The competition would end in just a couple hours, so competitors could still be out in the forest killing demonic beasts. After time ran out, each squad would turn in their demonic beasts corpses one by one.

Jam was planning on focusing his attention on digesting the various insights he had gathered throughout his battle alongside Jared. However… Jared seemed to be possessed by the spirit of a worried wife, who was adamantly pestering her sickly husband — Jam.

Every other minute Jared would ask Jam "Are you alright? Or, Do you feel better?" When she wasn't asking Jam if he was alright, she was "uncomfortably" close to him.

At some point Tzatziki became inclined to tease Jam about Jared's behavior. He remarked at Jam's circumstances with "Congrats kid! At only ten-years-old, you have already picked up a Dao Companion."

Jam hadn't developed his energy transmition skills, but if he had, he most certainly would have retorted Tzatziki's statement with a "Huh? Lucky me… If really did have a Dao Companion this clingy, I'd probably died of old age before gaining the strength to restore you!"

Time passed on with Jam having to constantly reassure Jared that he was alright. That was the case until Jam remembered 'Jared is probably not her real name.' As Jam had that though, he finally had something he could ask Jared, to make her stop pestering him with her worrying.

"Say, Jared… If you don't mind me asking, is Jared your real name? To me, it sounds like a boy's name, and since you're clearly a girl, I feel odd calling you by a male name."

"Oh?" Jared said puzzled by Jam's sudden question. She then gave Jam a sort of smug smile — the one that someone gives when they know something the other person doesn't know — and told him "You know… If anyone else were to ask me that, I'd outright lie to their face. But you, you're the only person worthy being my future husband. You obviously need to know my full name. My parent's named me Evangeline and my surname is Seraph."

Jam almost didn't hear her tell him her name, as he was stuck processing Jared's — or now Evangeline's — nonsense about him being her future husband.

"The fuck you mean your future husband?!" Once again, Jam's social retardation was acting up. Jam was very offended at Evangeline's thoughtless remarks towards him. Jam interpreted her statement differently from how she intended.

She was subtly telling Jam that she was a Dao Companion only he was worthy of having, and that she would only be with him in the future. After all Evangeline's personality had shown she was the type to only accept someone stronger than herself as her Dao Companion.

She hid her gender, by dressing "like a boy," and treated everyone around her like dirt. Yet the moment she was rescued by someone of her generation, a peer, from a hopeless situation, she instantly flipped personalities; looking more like a housewife, than a supremely arrogant (male) cultivator.

Jam took her statement as a declaration that he would be subject to being her husband against his will; whether he liked her or not. Jam extrapolated enough information from her statement to assume she meant that she had already considered him her husband. But not enough information, to understand she was going to work hard at charming him into liking her, beforehand.

"Don't worry dear, even if you don't like me now, I'll work hard to make you like me in the future." Jam's rejection didn't demoralize Evangeline, if anything, it made her like him more. Making her think 'wow his moral character is not like those pieces trash that lust after women the moment they get their chance. No, he's the type that likes to get to know his potential partners before even thinking of taking things further.'

Not only were Evangeline's thoughts unfounded, they were borderline neurotic. She hadn't even shown Jam her real appearance. How would she know Jam wasn't the type to ogle at every female he saw? If she based that thought on him looking at her current, male-like, appearance with no intentions. If he really did have "those" intentions while looking at her current appearance, I'd be safe to assume he's gay.

Furthermore, her thoughts on Jam wanting "to get to know his potential partners before taking things further," came out of nowhere. It didn't make sense even if you really thought about it.

Meanwhile, Jam over here, is on the on the verge of mentally imploding. He was having paradoxical emotions and thoughts pass through his brain faster than he could process them.

'Dear? Is she already addressing me as her husband?

Wait isn't this a good thing, though? One of my objectives in coming to this competition was to get friends, and becoming someone's Dao Companion is leagues better than having that person as a friend.

But choosing a Dao Companion is an important choice in someone's life, She can't become my Dao Companion before I even start developing feeling for her. Wait! I still don't understand the feeling of attraction and love, as they were described on the jade slip explaining social relationships!

But on second thought, it doesn't really matter, since its common for guys to have multiple Dao Companions. Maybe I should just roll with her idea and have her be my Dao Companion in name, at least until I start to understand those feeling, and treat her like a real Dao Companion.

Plus, she can help me practice socializing and help me out with my cultivation… That was a pretty dumb idea. How the fuck is she suppose to help me socialize when she's been acting like a god-tier bitch for years. At least the part about her helping me with cultivation still holds true.'


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