Divinity Jam
35 Alone At Last!
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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35 Alone At Last!

Jam's internal struggle ended, as both he and Evangeline both quietly accepted each other as Dao Companions, even if they didn't verbalize it.

Now that they were in a relationship, Jam suddenly felt a sort of pressure leave him, as he started chatting with Evangeline in a way that would stump those that knew Jam for the social retard he was.

Chatting made time pass by very quickly, and Jam got to know a lot about Evangeline as well. It turns out she had a lot of talent with regards to the various secondary occupations. However, she only focused on cultivation, and had completely disregarded the benefits secondary occupations could grant those who trained in them.

Unlike Jam, she couldn't make her own pills, armor, or talismans. She couldn't tame beasts, cast illusions, or manipulate arrays.

Jam made her understand how important it was to train in secondary occupations, when he offered to repair her armor.

To Evangeline, training in secondary occupations was just a distraction, and only cultivation was important.

Evangeline was a ten year old at the peak of the Soul Condensing Stage, she had three of her four Daos at the Dao Infusion Level, and enough experience with the sword to instantly form Tier 4 Sword Essence the moment she reached the Soul Fusion Stage.

However, as she saw Jam repair her armor, she remembered the pills he had taken after waking up. Evangeline though 'If I trained in refining I would be able to repair my own armor in the field. If I knew the Dao of Alchemy I could feed my dear Jam pills myself, and wouldn't be worried about who would help him.'

Evangeline also started to question the skills she had decided to cultivate. 'All I know are these goddamned attack techniques! The Daos I study have plenty of restoration and healing techniques. All this time I've been waiting for a prince charming to rescue me like in the fairy tales. Yet I've neglected the possibility of my price dying after saving me!!!' Her thoughts were indeed eccentric and a bit nonsensical.

Jam's small act of reparing his Dao Companion's armor brought about a storm in Evangeline's thought process. She now had thoughts about practicing secondary occupations, and learning techniques that didn't encompass the word "battle." Jam's actions were so thought provoking to Evangeline, that she remembered she still looked like an arrogant (male) teenager.

She would have to start dressing like the girl she was. Jam would certainly prefer if she started dressing in a way that resemble how she talked to him.

Jam finished fixing up Evangeline's armor, and finished repairing his own armor set and gauntlets. By the time he finished repairing his armor, not only had his injuries fully healed, the time for the competition to end had come!

The squads were all numbered numerically, and would be going up one by one according to their number. Jam had to wait for half the groups to go in and turn in their corpses, as his group was 21 out of 40.

Evangeline would not leave Jam's side until her squad, Squad 9, had been called up. She reluctantly glared at the announcer as well as Arnold for registering their group so early. Before giving Jam a bright smile, and leaving to go turn in her beast corpses.

Knowing Jam's power, Evangeline knew her squad wouldn't win this time. However, the second place rewards were still very appealing to her.

Evangeline, Arnold, and the three other members of Squad 9 made their way to the inspection zone.

In every single Bi-annual Academy-Wide Hunting Competition every squad needed to have five members. Evangeline and Arnold didn't care who joined their group, as they had a two year win streak, and would pick random teammates from the list of the top 200 power ranking cultivators in the Mortal Realm, aside from their fellow core disciples.

Arnold thought it would be appropriate for him and Jared to make a group and compete against the remaining core disciples; he thought it to be like giving them a handicap. Evangeline, up until now, would only partner up with Arnold, so she was perfectly fine with being in his group.

As for the three other individuals outside the core disciples class. Neither Arnold nor Evangeline would care about them. Evangeline would somehow behave even more arrogant in front of non core disciples, and treat them like air. Arnold knew these power ranking disciples would never be able to challenge him, and would provide very insignificant contributions in the competition. He also dismissed them, as they wouldn't be in a mutually supportive relationship.

The three random power ranking disciples of Squad 9 went up to the inspection zone, and turned in their demonic beast corpses. All together, the three had amassed less than five million Spirit Realm Demonic Beasts.

Arnold went up next, and turned in three million Saint Realm Demonic Beasts. Even at the Core Formation Stage, Arnold had the strength to fight with False Saints. Now that he had reached the Soul Condensing Stage, his killing prowess had grown exponentially.

Evangeline went up to the inspection zone, and everyone stopped what they were doing to see what she would turn in. Every single year without fail, she would turn in an absurd amount of demonic beasts; this year was no different.

Evangeline went up to the inspection zone and completely emptied out six of her space rings, also discarding a bit over half of the space from her seventh. Her mountain of demonic beast corpses, looked like it contained well over ten million Saint Realm Demonic Beasts.

Her total came up to be thirteen million False Saint Demonic Beasts as well as a single Saint Master Demonic Beast; the one she managed to kill with Jam's help.

The group's total was then added up together to be 1 Saint Master Demonic Beast, 16 million False Saint Demonic Beasts, 891 thousand Soul Fusion Demonic Beasts, and 3.87 million Soul Condensing Demonic beasts.

The point system for calculating the score in this competition goes as follows: 1 Core Formation = 1 Point, 1 Soul Condensing = 5 points, 1 Soul Fusion = 50 points, 1 False Saint = 2,500, 1 Saint Master = 100,000 points, 1 Saint GrandMaster = 1,000,000,000 points.

It was almost impossible for these competitors to kill Saint Master, never mind Saint Grandmaster. For that reason the people who organized this event would only provide points for beasts between the levels of Core Formation and Saint Grandmaster.

The calculated score of Squad 9's point total, came out to be 40,019,494,500 points. It was quite a record breaking score. Last time they only killed 15 Million Soul Fusion Demonic Beasts, receiving about 750 Million Points. To go from 750 Million Points to 40 Billion Points was an increase of about 5,333%.

After calculating the points for a squad, that squad would be moved another section of the registration point. They would then wait until the rest of the squad were finished turning in their demonic beast corpses, and the results of the competition would be announced.

Before being "escorted out," Evangeline gave Jam a promiscuous wink. Of course, Jam didn't pick up on the undertones to her gesture. He just waved at her until she finally left him alone.

While waiting for his number to be called up, Jam passed away the time by talking with his squadmates. He had finally been separated from Evangeline and could at last discuss how many beasts her group had hunted.

Cynthia: "Where do I even begin? I have so many questions about your relationship with Jared but I guess it'd be rude if I try to pry at your secrets." No one knew of Jared's real name and Jam didn't know why she was hiding her real name. He decided to keep calling her Jared when they were out in public.

Rina: "Yeah, I'd also like to know… But right now, we should talk about how our hunting sessions went."

Rina: "I guess I'll go first. After we separated, I went back to middle section of the forest and hunted around three and a half Million Spirit Realm Beasts. During this week, I broke through to the Soul Condensing Stage, and also managed to kill twenty three thousand Saint Realm Demonic Beasts."

Cynthia: "I was at the Soul Condensing Stage to begin with. After we separated, I stayed at the core section of the forest and killed about half a million Saint Realm Demonic Beasts."

Alex: "I managed to breakthrough to the Soul Condensing Stage as well. During this week in the Delta Heavy forest I managed to kill about ten thousand Saint Realm Demonic Beasts, as well as almost three million Spirit Realm Beasts."

Kirin: "Well, well, well. It looks like everyone in the core disciples class is now in the Spirit Realm, cause I also broke through to the Soul Condensing Stage. I got about a million Spirit Realm Beasts as well as another million Saint Realm Beasts."

Kirin broke through to the Soul Condensing stage in less than a day after seperating from the squad. Moreover, he was like Evangeline, in that both of them prioritized attacking prowess. If these two variable didn't aligned themselves in Kirin's favor, he wouldn't have been able to kill so make Saint Realm Demonic Beasts.

It was supposed to be Jam's turn in sharing how many beasts he killed, but the announcer interrupted them before he could even speak.

"ATTENTION! Squad 21 please make your way to the inspection zone, and turn in your demonic beast corpses."


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