Divinity Jam
38 I Became A God Damn Porter!
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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38 I Became A God Damn Porter!

Now that Jam had finished dealing with Rina, Alex, and Kirin, he could focus on helping himself. Jam said his goodbyes to his friends, and walked back home.

What awaited Jam at the entrance to his house was quite the marvelous scene. A beautiful girl was perched outside Jam's house. She was presumably the owner of all the luggage surrounding her.

This girl was wearing a black sundress, which was covered in yellow decorative patterns. She looked to be about the same age as Jam; which meant almost nothing when you considered that Jam looked like a seventeen year old, even if he was only ten. The girl seemed to have natural silver blonde hair, as the color of her eyebrows matched her hair color.

Jam had no idea who this girl was, but she was bothering him by blocking the entrance to his house.

Jam called out to her "Listen, I don't want any problems. What do you want from me?"

The girl, sounding a bit offended, answered back "Dear, could you have already forgotten about me?"

"Evangeline?" Jam couldn't believe that the tomboyish lass, disguised as Jared, was in fact the beautiful girl in front of him. "Jared" did not have this overtly feminine form.

When Evangeline was disguised as Jared, her hair was blond, but not the near-white silver blond hair she currently brandished. Moreover, Jared had short hair, about 10 centimeters long. While Evangeline had very long hair that reached her waist. Most obvious of all where the feminine assets Evangeline now overtly displayed.

Jam didn't understand the situation, until he remembered the mess about him and her being Dao Companions.

He thought to himself 'she couldn't possibly think of staying in my house… could she?'

Reality was cruel to Jam, as that was the sole intention Evangeline came to his house bearing; and she wouldn't be leaving…

Evangeline looked at Jam with another smug smile and told him "You wouldn't leave you wife to sleep alone outdoors would you?"

"Wife? Not only are we not married, we're not even old enough to be eligible for marriage."

"Future wife, then. Same difference." she said, shrugging her shoulders all the while.

"Did your parents even agree to this? This is pretty insane after all."

"Huh? What was that? The wind blocked your words from registering in my brain. Anyways, are you seriously going to leave me outside?"

Jam understood that arguing with her was a pointless endeavor, so he just complied. Of course, even if Evangeline could easily move all her things into Jam's house, she made him do it instead.

Jam picked up her bags and headed towards one of his spare rooms. After Jam learned the Spatial Storage technique, he had cleared his house of anything related to cultivation. All that was left were some pieces of furniture Jam had bought to decorate his house.

While Jam was bringing Evangeline's luggage to one of his spare rooms, Evangeline noticed his intentions. She promptly stopped Jam before saying.

"And where do you think you're going?"

"To your new room?" Jam's statement came of as a question since he wasn't sure of why she had started scolding him.

"My new room? You are my Dao Companion. My new room is OUR bedroom. We're sleeping together."

"..." Jam was speechless. Perhaps this dominant side of her behavior, was part of why she could disguise and behave herself so similarly to men.

While Evangeline was being pushy, Jam knew that it was nothing out of the ordinary for Dao Companions to be sleeping together. However, they were still just a couple of children that had barely crossed over the double digit mark for their respective year counters.

Even if their bodies were developed far more than their mortal counterparts, there was a part of Jam's embryonic moral compass that led him to think this kind of act was inappropriate.

But what did Jam know? In all the examples he could think of where this situation devolved into something inappropriate, it was always the male counterpart that instigated the inappropriate behavior.

At the moment, Jam, the metaphorical male counterpart, was being instigated by Evangeline, the female counterpart, into sleeping with her; it was borderline incomprehensible for Jam.

Jam thought 'This doesn't make any sense. Usually it's the guy that forces a girl to do something against her consciousness. And usually he does this to get something out of the girl, whether its sex for fiends, money for gigolos, or just pride from whatever humiliating acts they force on the girl.

But she obviously doesn't fit these descriptions. Not only is she not a guy, she shouldn't be after sex, money, or pride. Sex is obviously out of the question; in the jade slip about human anatomy it very clearly specified that women are creatures of of the mind. They aren't governed by the primal urges men are constantly under, and don't go insane at the thought of a male body.

Money? Her parents are VERY well off; anything of monetary value she could want from me, can be given to her by either of her parents. Not to mention, she is the little princes of her father's Seraph clan; even if her father can't give her what she wants, the upper ranking members of the Seraph clan, probably could.

Pride? This is Evangeline we're talking about. Before I rescued her, she was practically the personification of pride and arrogance.

I can only reasonably concluded that she seriously loves me, as none of the other options I have thought of make sense. If she truly does love me, I'll try to learn how to like her, as no one other than Woody has every given such care to me before.'

Jam had another internal discussion, but outside of his mind, only two or three seconds had passed. Since he concluded that she must have truly loved him, he moved Evangeline's things in to their bedroom.

As Jam was moving Evangeline's things to her wishes, Tzatziki was silently contemplating this situation in his head. He didn't know or care about what Jam had thought, but solely on the principles of the cultivation world and cultivators, Tzatziki put up his guard against Evangeline.

Even though Tzatziki could not hear Jam's thoughts, he was confident that he had not dealt with the extremities of the cultivation world. Tzatziki, was correct and Jam had not put up his guard against Evangeline. Jam hadn't considered the possibility of her coming to live with him for malicious reasons.

Tzatziki is a god, he has lived through most scenarios a human could experience. Among the many situations he had experienced, the ones that reminded him of Jam's situation were of when he had dealt with women trying to live with him because of his power, talent, fame, or money.

Perhaps one of Evangeline's parents had forced her into trying to make Jam her Dao Companion to secure her future. Jam was after all an extremely talented cultivator, and would probably go on to become a Sage in the future, if not an Immortal, in their eyes.

Or maybe, someone was plotting for Evangeline to kill Jam in his sleep. Tzatziki had seen similar situation like that happen time and time again.

Even though Tzatziki put up his guard against Evangeline, he wouldn't tell Jam to do the same. If she really did come with malicious intentions, Jam had to figure out a way to save himself. Tzatziki was well aware of how valuable this lesson would be if Jam learned it the hard way.

But more importantly, Tzatziki wasn't certain that Evangeline had come with malicious intentions; maybe she truly did love Jam. Forget about his status as a god, purely on his experiences as a man who's lived for millions of years, Tzatziki had learn how fickle and random women and their romantic tendencies tended to be.


Jam had finally finished setting up Evangeline's luggage. He then remembered 'Why the fuck is she making me carry her luggage, when we have space rings? I have my own god damn Spatial Dimension!'

Jam confronted Evangeline about this issue, and her response came out of left field. In her words, she said "Don't you think it's romantic for a husband to be carrying his wife's belongings into her new home?"

"I don't know if its romantic or not, but it sure is impractical."

"Jam, you gotta start looking at life in a new light. If you just look for how practical something is, how will you ever find joy in the things that make life fun?"

Jam had no concept of what fun meant. Because Jam had only focused on training, he had no idea how to enjoy life's peculiar moments. Jam was also fairly certain that he had never experienced fun, as cultivation rarely involved aspects associated with fun.

Energy cultivation brought with it a mild pain, and only when a breakthrough occurred would a cultivator experience a pleasant feeling across his body. Body Refinement was literally self-torture, so clearly, it couldn't be considered fun. Especially, since Jam wasn't a masochist.

Jam unintentional uttered "Fun? What's fun?"

Evangeline was taken aback, as Jam sounded as if he truly had no idea what activities were considered fun. "Everyone has their own concept of what makes something fun… Personally, I find it fun to utterly wreck the dreams of those around me with my borderline god-tier talent."

Evangeline's "borderline god-tier" narcissistic opinion of herself would have appalled most people, but Jam didn't mind. She was right to think so highly of herself, after all even Tzatziki admitted that she was a talent that could reach his previous level.

"Well I don't really find anything fun. Do you know of something else, something that is universally fun?" Jam responded, somewhat half heartedly.

"You mean like a festival?" Evangeline also responded without much thought.

"A festival? That's right! People go there for fun. But isn't that only for friends and couples?"

"No. people go to festivals by themselves too. Besides we ARE a couple, we should go to one."


Evangeline took Jam's silence as consent.


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