Divinity Jam
39 Before The Next Class
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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39 Before The Next Class

Now that Jam had finished helping Evangeline settle down in his house, he excused himself and went to the cultivation room in the second floor. Before leaving, Jam told Evangeline, that she could go up to the second floor and cultivate with him if she wanted, and that she could call him if she needed any help.

Jam knew that Evangeline was pursuing the Daos of Chaos, Space, Time, and Swords. So, before starting his own cultivation, he set an another three Tier 3 Spirit Attracting Array, Space Condensing Array, and Time Diverging Array, as well as a new array; a Tier 3 Chaos Continuum Array.

Now that Jam was in the Spirit Realm of energy cultivation, his body should be able to bear the brunt of entering the Bone Realm as well. Jam could still vividly remember the pain and suffering that accompanied his journey into the Muscle Realm. He was not happily awaiting this advancement.

But Tzatziki had told Jam that it was always best to immediately advance in body cultivation when the option became available. If a dual, body and energy, cultivator didn't have his body and energy cultivations at about the same level, there would be no logical reason to dual cultivate.

Jam took out his pill cauldron and began to refine the best body refining pill he could currently concoct, the Tier 3 Bone Spurring Pill. After the Muscle Realm all the body cultivation pills become valuable enough to require their own formula.

Jam was no longer concocting higher tier versions of the nameless body cultivation pills, he could use when ascending to the Muscle Realm. Not only would the formulas needed change, as Jam kept progressing his body cultivation, the cost of advancing would rise exponentially.

Tzatziki had explained to Jam that up until the Organ Realm, Jam would be consuming upwards of up to one million Body Refining pills. But after reaching, and unlocking, the Twelve Heavenly Vessels, Jam would only need to consume one pill to breakthrough.

To perfect his former imperfect Flesh Realm body, Jam had to consume a couple dozen Tier 1 Body Refinement Pills. For the Muscle Realm, Jam ate several hundred Tier 2 pills. Following this trend Jam estimated that for him to complete the Bone Realm, he would need to eat several thousand Bone Spurring Pills.

How many pills? That would depend on the pills Jam consumed. Unfortunately for Jam, he was still only capable of producing Tier 3 pills. The best Bone Spurring Pills were Tier 4, and would require Jam to be at the Soul Fusion level.

Since it took Jam three days to improve his soul from 1% to 10%, it was safe to assume he would need a couple weeks to complete the Soul Condensing Stage. It would take even longer, considering he achieved this improvement after only focusing on feeding his soul for that period of three days.

Jam didn't urgently need to improve his cultivation, as he wasn't in a situation similar to the one he was in when he had to advance to the Soul Condensation Stage. Jam couldn't spend all his time cultivating his soul, he needed to start grasping the core skills of his various techniques as well.

Moreover, Body cultivation always took precedence over energy cultivation, as superimposing body cultivation with energy cultivation was not as simple as one plus one equals two. The second these two cultivation system reached the same Realm, Jam would find that his overall strength would increase by several folds.

After Jam's adventures in resource harvesting, back in the Delta Heavy Forest, he picked up tens of thousands of herbs. Many of them were suitable for Bone Refinement Pill, but Jam still needed the recipe for the pill. Tzatziki would have given Jam the recipe if he had it; unfortunately, he wasn't an alchemist.

With Jam's rewards from the competition, it could be said that he was covered in the wealth department. Not only had Jam received his prize from being a member of the champion squad, the academy had also paid Jam — as well as all the competitors of the competition — for the demonic beasts that they had turned in.

Jam had close to ten trillion spirit stones in wealth, he shouldn't have a problem purchasing the recipe for the Bone Refinement Pill. Ten trillion spirit stones might sound like a lot, but in reality, that amount would barely support a small sect for a decade. Furthermore, they were all the lowest level spirit stones.

Jam put his wealth to use, by going to the various departments of the academy, and spending half his wealth on all the resources he needed to reach Tier 7 in all the secondary occupations he studied. Jam bought, jade slips containing all the information the academy had for spiritual cooking, alchemy, illusions, beast taming, artifact refining, talismans, and formation arrays.

The 7th Tier of every secondary occupation was a turning point for those who practiced them. After the 7th Tier, to continue progression, a cultivator had to begin developing their own Occupational Dao: a Dao of Alchemy, Formation, Talismans, and so on.

At that point, following the recipes and instructions made by others would just hinder a cultivator from progressing in their secondary occupation. Any and all things created by cultivators Tier 8 and higher, were made with unique recipes and the personal insights of the cultivator creating them; they could be mimicked but not be reproduced by others.

After collecting all the jade slips, Jam made his way back to his house, and started concocting pill like there was no tomorrow. Jam made 5,000 Tier 3 Bone Spurring Pills before stopping. He was hoping that 5,000 pills would be enough, but was sure that even if it wasn't enough, he had enough herbs to make another 5,000 pills.

In the jade slips Jam had purchased, he found an array to support Spirit Realm cultivators, called the Spirit Sustaining Formation. Jam set up two of these formations, one for himself and another for Evangeline, before commencing his Body Refinement. This array would make a cultivator's soul powerful enough to handle 50% more energy, while they were feeding their soul.

Jam then took a deep breath, and with a look that spelled his wish for death, consumed one Bone Refinement Pill and revolved his energy through the Bone Realm route, as indicated by the Chaotic Neutral Transmogrification technique. This training was still unbearably painful to Jam, but it was only a bit more intense than his experience with training in the Muscle Realm.

Jam credited his willpower for making the pain not increase by much. This would be all fine and dandy until Jam had finished reforming the outermost layer of bone mass in his skeletal system. Once Jam started supplying energy to the inner layer of bone mass, the pain would go from zero to a hundred real quick.

Jam would "probably" be fine at that time, as he would only enter the inner layer of his bone mass in the last 15% of the refinement process. The days preceding Jam's completion of the outer layer refinement of his bones, would temper his will to resist pain. Hopefully, he wouldn't die of shock when he was finishing up the last 15% of the Bone Realm.

The core disciples class had been suspended for the week of the hunting competition, because everyone in the class was participating. So, Jam had another seven days to himself, before needing to attend the upcoming class session. In these seven days, Jam trained his Styles of the Cosmic Bow Spirit Realm core skills as well as his energy cultivation during the day, and refined his body at night.

Jam's soul, with the help of his new Spirit Sustaining Array, grew to be 50% of his body's size, and his body had reached 60% completion of the Bone Realm. Jam had also learned to be able to tolerate the pain of cultivating his body, and no longer needed to rest every 12 hours; even though he had to stop before then to train in other aspects of cultivation.


The Styles of the Cosmic bow had two core skills in the Spirit Realm: Stellar Atmosphere and Heart of the Bow.

[(Spirit Realm) Stellar Atmosphere: An upgraded version of Stellar Control, improving the amount of stellar masses the user can generate and control as well as the speed and power behind all masses generated by stellar energy. Stellar Atmosphere's efficiency and effects are governed by the users insights into the Stellar Dao's aspect of Atmosphere — 34%| Evolvable]

[(Spirit Realm) Heart Of The Bow: A devastating attack that combines the principles of Single Shot and Power Shot. The resulting attack's power and speed are governed by the user's insights into the aspects of Mass Genesis and Weight Shifting. Pursuit gives this attack the property of homing and further boosts speed, attack, and effective range — 31%| Evolvable]

Before the next class arrived, Jam reached the Dao Infusion level with the Dao of Bows. Now Jam could incorporate Bow Essence into all his Styles of the Cosmic Bow techniques, making all of them a couple times more dangerous.

Strangely enough, Evangeline never came up stairs to bother Jam in the cultivation room. Jam thought to himself 'she probably likes to cultivate alone,' and left it at that.

However, reality was oftentimes more interesting than fiction. The truth was that while Jam was cultivating, Evangeline was in their bedroom, waiting for Jam to come back down and sleep.

Evangeline wasn't the type of cultivator to always be cultivating; even though entering that state was not a problem for her. Instead, she preferred to act mischievously, usually to her parents or clan members. But now, that mischievous nature of her's, was directed towards her precious little husband.

She did cultivate in their bedroom, but stopped after the sun when down. Then, she prepared to prank Jam, by welcoming him into their bed wearing exceedingly flashy "clothes;" they could be better described as very thin pieces of cloth.

She certainly didn't mind Jam seeing her dress so provocatively. After all she considered him to be her future husband. However, she couldn't wait to see Jam show her a flustered expression. And so for the next couple hours, she posed on their bed, waiting for Jam to come down and bless her with his priceless expressions.

But he never came down. He didn't leave his cultivation chamber for seven days… After the first day Evangeline was pissed, but she couldn't fault Jam for being so "passionate" about his cultivation. So she just kept cultivating during the day, while waiting for Jam in a similar manner as her first night, during the night.


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