Divinity Jam
40 Discussing Dao Insights
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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40 Discussing Dao Insights

The day for the third class came and Jam finally left his cultivation to meet up with Evangeline, and walk over to the teaching department. It was currently six in the morning and Evangeline was in the corner of their room, sulking over the fact that Jam had not come down to see her; leaving her unable to prank him in these seven days.

Jam didn't know why she was so depressed, but since she wasn't cultivating, he called her over so that they can commence their walk to the teaching department. Along the way to the teaching department, Evangeline warmed back up top Jam after he mentioned that he had built five arrays in the cultivation chamber for her.

Then Jam realized that Evangeline was still wearing clothes for women. He quickly said "shouldn't you change back into Jared's appearance?"

"Wait. Your not gay are you?"

"Nope." Jam didn't bat an eye at this very insulting question.

"Oh? Then why do you want me to look like a boy?" To Evangeline, the only reason Jam would want his significant other to look like a boy was because he was gay.

"Huh? I don't want you to look like a guy. If anything, looking at a someone hiding their gender is a bit unsettling. I just thought, you hid your gender for a reason."

"Oh that? I just disguised myself as a guy because it would be a lot less trouble if I hid my real appearance. If I didn't, all the guys around me would just stare at me like I'm some piece of meat, and most would refused to fight me seriously."

"Wait? Then why are not disguised as a guy now?"

"Are you serious? Because I have you. You are the only person in my generation I can fight with and lose to. I no longer have to care about all those other people. And you should be grateful! You should be content with having a wife as beautiful as me."

Most people would be put off by Evangeline's narcissism and arrogance, but her beauty was top tier class. Her appearance would easily outweigh any negative aspect her personality brought upon any shallow guy interacting with her.

Jam wasn't a shallow guy, but he didn't care about her narcissism because in his opinion "she had every right to think so highly of herself; her talent and beauty are undeniable."

This conversation took place wordlessly as both Evangeline and Jam could now speak with energy transmission. This method of communication would not help with completely hiding a conversation, as higher stage cultivators could pick up on the energy signatures of those with lower cultivation bases than them. However, for concealing the information being communicated at a short distance, energy transmission was unsurpassed.

Soon, the couple reached their classroom. There were still fifty minutes before the class began, but there was already someone aside from them in the class. In the classroom, a dumbfounded Alex stared at Jam, and the "unknown" girl standing next to him.

Alex politely told Jam "Jam I see you've made a nice friend. Girlfriend? Anyways, only core disciples are allowed in this classroom, so sorry, but she has to g..."

Alex couldn't finish his sentence before Evangeline overpowered him with her energy and voice. She released her aura, one of someone at the peak of Soul Condensing Stage

"Alex! It's me Jared! You can refer to me as Evangeline from now on." Evangeline might speak sweetly when she was with Jam, she might have the appearance of an angel. But that deep rooted arrogance she had developed all these years was still ever-present, when she dealt with all those she found to be beneath her.

"Jared? What!!!" Alex couldn't believe it. Evangeline's reveal brought the same level of shock Alex had experienced when Jam revealed his demonic beast mountains, back at the end of the hunting competition.

"Yeah, that fucking right. Now step outta the way." This cursing was intune with Jam's hidden personality, and much to his liking. At least now, Jam knew that Evangeline was not against cursing.

"..." Alex thought that at least their personalities — Jared and Evangeline's — were aligned, before letting her enter with Jam holding her hand.

Evangeline had practically dragged Jam into the room, before he let go of her hand and talked to Alex.

"So, was I right about the Enlightenment Stone?" Jam said as a smug smile flashed across his face; a gesture he had picked up from Evangeline.

"Yeah! Thanks mate, I won't forget that favor; none of us will! But what's with you and Jare… Evangeline."

"Oh? We became Dao Companions."

"You fucking what-when?" If Evangeline's reveal shocked Alex into disbelief, Jam revealing their relationship caused him to question reality.

"We became Dao Companions." Jam repeated this sentence as casually as he said it the first time.

"Go-good luck with that..." Those were the only positive words Alex could give Jam at the moment, as he was still trying to comprehend this revelation.

Jam and Evangeline passed the time by chatting, though it was mostly Evangeline making plans for them to go to a festival or something. Alex was in the midst of processing Evangeline's reveal as well as Jam's relationship with her.

Soon other people started entering the classroom. Arnold was the first, and with him cultivating the aspect of Self, Evangeline didn't register in his mind. However, he would be in for a rude awakening after the class started. Cynthia came after Arnold, and as she started greeting Alex and Jam, Jam initiated a conversation with her.

"Let me guess, your Enlightenment Stone was of the Wind Dao?"

"Whoa! How'd you know."

"After gaining enlightenment from it myself I learned how to read the energy signatures inside the stones. I knew that your's was of the Wind Dao so I didn't bother you last week, but you can ask Alex, Kirin, or Rina. I helped them rotate their Enlightenment Stones, so they wouldn't be wasting each other's opportunities."

Cynthia was amazed at Jam's ability to tell which Dao essence was inside the enlightenment stones, and suggested that Jam should visit the Sect Head, and help her organize the Enlightenment Stones in the Academy's inventory. Jam could probably get a lot of resources from the academy that way.

Cynthia then noticed the pretty girl sitting next to Jam, and teased Jam by saying "Wow Jam, you've been here for less than a year and already have the guts to bring in your girlfriend into our class!"

Jam didn't respond. Instead, Evangeline, in a similar way to when she handled Alex, said "Girlfriend? We're Dao Companions."

Cynthia was surprised by this girls lack of shame when admitting these things, but reached Alex's level of shock, when Jam told her that Evangeline used to be Jared.

More time passed and Kirin and Rina entered the classroom. They greeted everyone, except for Evangeline since she was unknown to them, and they hadn't heard of a new core disciple entering the academy. Kirin and Rina thanked Jam in the same vein as Alex. Before Jam introduced them to the Evangeline, and explained that they were Dao Companions.

Again, near incomprehensible levels of shock were put on display by those who heard of Evangeline being Jared, and her relationship with Jam. It was at this point that Jam thought back to his talk with Evangeline about fun, and realized he found it to be fun, when he shocked people.

It was finally seven o'clock in the morning, and Cecily had entered the class. She knew that Evangeline was a girl, so she wasn't that bothered by her change in appearance. What really set her off, was when she learned that Jam was her Dao Companion. However, that was none of her business, so she just proceeded to teach the class.

"Today is the long awaited discusion day. You know the routine, I'll give you guys insights I've had towards your Daos, and then you can discuss insight with your peers."

Cecily majored in the Daos of Time, Ice, and Earth, but she had mastered a bunch of skills which required insights into all sorts of Daos. Because of this, even though Arnold, Cynthia, and Rina didn't get as many insights as the rest of the core disciples, they could still learn a thing or two.

Jam learned a bit from everyone in this class, except from Alex and Arnold; Jam didn't care for the Earth Dao or the Dao of Emotions, Light, and Darkness. Cecily taught Jam the most about the Time Dao. Evangeline, taught Jam about both the Space and Time Daos. Cynthia taught Jam about the Stellar Dao, and a bit of the Space Dao as well. Rina taught Jam about the Dao of Fire. And Kirin taught Jam about the Dao of Thunder.

Everyone that taught Jam something, would receive a bit of insight from him as well. Even Cecily found the insights Jam and Evangeline shared about the Time Dao useful to her. This was the case because perspective was a key component to progressing in Dao cultivation.

If a cultivator wasn't exposed to new perspectives, and only formed their Dao from insights that came purely from themselves, they would be at risk of having their Dao collapse before they could realize their true Dao. The people who never realized their Dao mostly came from this branch of cultivators; those who weren't willing to have their Dao challenged.

This wasn't an issue now, it wasn't even an issue to become a god. However, if a cultivator wanted to reach the limits of godhood, they needed to realize their Dao.


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