Divinity Jam
41 Helping My Fellow Classmates
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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41 Helping My Fellow Classmates

Before dismissing the class, Cecily reminded everyone that the field trip to the Titanic Beast Mountain Range would be a week and a half from this day. Furthermore, there would be no class next week.

Jam told Evangeline he would be going back to their house later. Jam hadn't forgotten his promise to Arnold about sparring after each class. Jam and Arnold made their way to a sparring ring. Along the way, Arnold asked Jam who that pretty girl in their class was.

After explaining, that she used to be known as Jared, now went by the name Evangeline, and was Jam's Dao Companion, Arnold's reaction was predictable.


Jam and Arnold reached the sparring ring, and started warming up. While it may seem like Jam was wasting his time by fighting someone clearly less powerful than him, fighting with cultivators was much different than fighting with demonic beasts.

Demonic Beasts were normally not restricted by Dao Cultivation. Unlike cultivators, demonic beasts could progress through cultivations as long as their bloodlines allowed them. For this reason, even though Jam had been fighting with Saint Realm Demonic Beasts, rarely did any of those "Saints" have Dao Cultivations that cultivators at their levels needed to have.

Most Saint Realm Demonic Beasts Jam had fought with were still within the boundaries of Dao Infusion. Only on rare occasions, would Jam encounter a Saint Realm Demonic Beast with a True Dao Domain.

Demonic Beasts could exist at these higher cultivation stage because they could produce pseudo Domains. If there was a Demonic Beast in the Saint Realm, but they didn't have a Dao Domain level Dao, they could progress by forming a Pseudo Domain.

This pseudo Domain would be formed of impure energy, Dao insights, and work with the help of the Saint Realm Demonic Beast's bloodline.

Demonic Beasts Bloodlines were integral to each individual demonic beast's growth. The purity and tier of their bloodline was in many cases, what determined how far a demonic beast could grow. However, even the weakest, most utterly useless, demonic beasts could cultivate to become divine or mythical beasts if they stumbled across enough opportunities, and placed immense effort into their cultivation.

In any case, fighting with Arnold would prove to be very different than with some random demonic beast.

After warming up, Jam and Arnold began to fight each other seriously. To keep this fight from becoming pointless, Jam restricted his attacks to mostly rely on melee combat. Jam would only use energy attacks when fighting hand-to-hand put him in a very vulnerable state.

Arnold was very well versed in melee combat, as his fighting style, superpower, and disposition naturally made him fit for this type of fighting. By fighting against an expert in their field of expertise, Jam would be getting the most out of this sparring session.

Arnold was very different than the demonic beasts Jam fought with regards to his intelligence as well. While Saint Realm Demonic Beasts, possess high levels of intelligence, they couldn't hold a candle to human cultivators when comparing strategy and battle tactics.

Arnold wouldn't just aim at Jam's vitals and attack with all his power. He would be calculating and wait for Jam to expose a flaw in his form, or set up feints to mess up the rhythm of the fight. When attacking Jam in an overbearing fashion didn't work out, Arnold would switch to a different style of fighting.

As a practitioner of the Dao of Light and the Dao of Darkness, Arnold had countless variants of battle tactics he could use. The most notable one Jam picked up right away, was Arnolds ability to go from hard battle tactics to soft battle tactics.

With the power of a 60% completed Bone Realm body, Jam was just about able to fight Arnold when he went fully berserk, without relying on his usual strategy of blizgreiging his opponents into frustration and despair.

In this fight, Jam was not risking his life so he focused his energy more on developing his strategies and digesting his accumulated Dao Insight, rather than focusing on obtaining more Dao Insights.

While Dao Insight would come to Jam solely by virtue of him being in sparring session, cultivators could, during these safe fights, divert their concentration with regards to comprension and digestion of Dao Insights.

In a battle of life and death, a cultivators is at the very least on par with his enemies; it's not uncommon for the enemy to be stronger as well. During these times of intense pressure where cultivators are fueled by the wish to stay alive, cultivators will instinctually focus every fibre of their being to taking in all the Dao insight they possibly can.

This might lead them to enhance their Daos recklessly, allowing them to survive their calamities, at the cost of developing an unstable foundation. But the alternative to this is usually death, and Dao Insights can be corrected in the future.

Jam is a prime example of how this is phenomenon manifests in the real world.

Back when Jam was escaping from the Saint Grandmasters, he broke through to the Dao Insight Stage for the Dao of Space, purely because his mind was focusing all its assets into perceiving any and all Dao insight available to him.

Now, in the battle against Arnold, Jam could focus on digesting all the Dao Insights he had stored up from his experiences in the competition, as well as when he was training alone, or when he discussed Dao Insights with his peers, back in today's lecture.

The first Dao to breakthrough to the Dao Infusion level was Jam's Time Dao. Time was very closely connected to Space, and as a Dao which Jam could use most of the time when fighting in this sort of one versus one fight, Jam found it to be the easiest to upgrade to the Dao Infusion level.

Jam's fast progression with the Time Dao can also be attributed to the insights he received from Evangeline and Cecily, as both already had their Time Daos at the Dao Infusion level and Dao Domain level respectively.

Jam's Thunder Dao was upgraded next, as he started using it in almost every battle after mastering Thunderization. Kirin's superpower and bloodline also let him share very profound insights with Jam about the Dao of Thunder.

Unfortunately, Jam couldn't upgrade his Stellar Dao to the Dao Infusion level as his sparring time with Arnold had ran out, and both of them had other things to do. However, he did get very close to breaking through; he had one foot in the Dao Infusion level of the Stellar Dao.

Overall, this sparring session was fruitful for both Jam and Arnold. Jam got to improve his battle tactics against cultivators, as well as upgrade two of his Daos to the Dao Infusion level. While, Arnold, had the pleasure of fighting with someone several times stronger than himself; it was quite an enjoyable experience for a battle-hungry psychopath like Arnold.

Jam and Arnold separated, and Jam headed to his house. One his way back home, Jam had to pass by the several Divisions for each of the secondary occupations, and outside the Refiners Division, Jam found Kirin.

Jam might be socially retarded, but he at least knew to greet his associates should he ever cross paths with them outside of the classroom. Jam said "Hi Kirin."

"Jam? I didn't expect to see you hear. Do you also need to repair your artifacts?"

"Uh, no. If I needed to do that I could just repair them myself."

"Wait, what's your refining rank?"

"Tier 3, Intermediate Refiner."

"Damn… Wait can you repair Tier 4 Armor?"

"Sure, but the runes have to match the energies I am familiar with."

The dividing line for the Tiers of artifacts in Artifact Refining, were the quality of the runes created in engraving process. At the moment Jam might only be able to create Tier 3 runes, but repairing Tier 4 or even Tier 5 artifacts with the energies he was familiar with, shouldn't prove to be too difficult.

"Ok then, can you repair my Tier 4 Armor? It's made with pure thunder runes."

"Sure, let's go to my house. It shouldn't take that long to fix."

Kirin gave Jam a nod, and the two headed towards Jam's house. Once they reached Jam's house, Jam called out "Hey I'm back."

Kirin was confused, since every disciple of the academy, no matter how low their status or stage in cultivation had their own house.

Logically speaking, only other disciples of the academy could sleep in these houses, so Jam's family would only be able to stay in his house if they were a part of the academy. But, that didn't make sense, because Kirin had heard that Jam's only family member was an elderly mortal woman named Woody. A person was considered a mortal until they stepped into the Meridian Connecting Stage, so Woody being a part of the academy was out of the question.

The only leftover possibility was that one of Jam's friends were sleeping over. A possibility Kirin tossed out his mind before it even finished developing. Kirin's perception of Jam was that he was a cultivating anomaly, even when considered that he probably cultivated in every waking moment of his life. The thought of Jam wasting his time with friends sleeping over, while at the same time being able to keep up his pace with cultivation made Kirin feel faint.

Kirin was still trying to figure out why someone would be in Jam's house and right as he was remembering the events of this morning, Evangeline popped into view. She was wearing her full set of white pajamas, which included a nightcap, and looked very cute. But the menacing face currently plastered on her face, made Kirin avert his eyes from her appearance.

"Hi, I'll be upstairs repairing Kirin's armor." Jam said to Evangeline, he didn't even bat an eye towards Evangeline's sleepwear. Jam then turned to Kirin, and told him "You can make yourself at home here, or come with me to the second floor. I don't mind letting you see me work."

Even though Jam gave Kirin two options, Evangeline's expressions said otherwise. Thus, Kirin had no choice and followed Jam up to the second floor. There, Jam took out his Refining Furnace and started repairing the exterior damage to Kirin's armor. With Jam's skill at the third Tier of Refining, Kirin's armor looked good as new in just a couple minutes.

Next, Jam had to repair the damaged runes, by revitalizing engravings in the armor. Jam studied the patterns of the armor and found them to be lacking; at least when compared to what he could engrave with his insights. So, instead of just reforming the same crude engraved runes, Jam used his energy to increase the degree of profoundness in the preexisting runes.

Kirin was a bit concern as he watched Jam alter the patterns his amor's engravings. Kirin wasn't an expert in the field of artifact refining, but he knew that to repair artifacts, all a refiner had to do was reform the damaged runes, and fix the shape of the armor.

By the time Jam handed him back the armor, he was already making plans to go to his clan to ask more another piece of armor. However, he didn't say anything to Jam, as Jam had helped held him get the most suitable Enlightenment Stone in the previous week.

But then, Jam asked him to test the conductivity of thunder energy passing through the armor. Kirin didn't want to embarrass Jam by showing that he had ruined the earlier engraving. However, Jam kept insisting that he tell him if the conductivity of thunder energy had changed, and when Kirin finally complied he couldn't believe the results.

The conductivity of thunder had indeed changed, but for the better. Kirin would pass about 15% more thunder energy through his armor than back when his armor was at its initial and best condition.

Somehow Jam had altered the Tier 4 engravings of Kirin's armor, reverting it back to Tier 3 armor. Yet the armor had not deteriorated, instead it was enhanced! This was yet another miracle most people would not believe could be achievable by human means, that Jam had created.


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