Divinity Jam
42 Training With A Girl By My Side
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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42 Training With A Girl By My Side

Kirin thanked Jam for repairing his armor, and wanted to give him monetary payment, but Jam refused. He left Kirin with the corniest line his imagination was able to conjure "This is what friends are for."

Kirin thanked Jam once and again and left Jam's house. In his heart he had made up his mind to help Jam out if he were ever in a rut.

Now that Kirin was gone, Jam could finally return to his cultivation; or so Jam thought. Not a minute passed after Kirin had left Jam's house, and Evangeline was already before Jam. She seemed to be upset about something, but Jam hadn't the faintest idea why.

Evangeline started the conversation "Tell me Jam, do you ever rest from cultivating?"

"Of course I do. I stop when the time for class arrives, there's an event going on, or someone needs my help. Wait, now that I think about it, I'll also stop every once in a while to rest and relax; you known, with a shower or some sleep. It's been seven days since my last nap and I've also been deprived of a shower for a while, so I guess I'll take another break soon."

Evangeline's face kept progressing with increasing amounts of annoyance, until Jam mentioned that soon he would be taking a shower or sleeping. Then it reverted to her normal expression, and she tried her best to put on a poker face in front of Jam. Since her prank hadn't worked last time, she would surely bamboozle Jam this time around.

Evangeline noticed that there were two seperate array formations in the room. And guessed that one of them was for her as it had all the arrays needed to supplement all of her Daos. She asked Jam and confirmed that Jam had built these arrays form her.

Except in her mind, she attributed the fact that Jam built these arrays for her in this cultivation room because he loved her, and wanted to spend more time together. Which would seem reasonable, if she conveniently forgot that for the first seven days she resided in their home, he hadn't left the cultivation chamber to see her even once.

She hadn't thought that, maybe, Jam had made these arrays for her in the same room, because it was the cultivation chamber, and having formations all over the house would be impractical. Or that having the arrays in the cultivation chamber next to one another, would help them go from fighting to cultivating at a moment's notice.

Upon a closer look at these formations, Evangeline was amazed at Jam's talent. Not only was Jam stronger than her in a battle, he was also a Tier 3 Refiner, Alchemist and Formations Master. It was even more impressive when she considered that he had achieved all this in less than two months after arriving from the mortal world!

Seeing that these formations would help her cultivate much faster, especially with that Spirit Sustaining Array, Evangeline took out a cultivation cushion, and made her way to her little formation space.

Jam noticed that Evangeline finally wanted to cultivate with him, and didn't hesitate to offer her some Tier 3 Energy Gathering Pills, Condensed Time Pills, and Condensed Space Pills. Jam didn't have any pills that could support the cultivation of the Dao of Chaos, but he said that if she wanted, he could concoct some pills of that nature for her.

Evangeline's Dao of Chaos was the hardest Dao for her to improve; it was after all a Grand Dao. Daos were often categorized by the terms Grand Dao, Elemental Dao, Phenomenal Dao, Occupational Dao, Weapon Dao and so on.

Grand Daos were, generally speaking, the strongest Daos perceivable by sentient beings. A tad less powerful were the Phenomenal and Weapon Daos. And it was generally accepted by the world of cultivation, that Elemental Daos were the "weakest" Daos. Occupational Daos could be as powerful as Phenomenal Daos, or even weaker than Elemental Daos.

Most cultivators associated Elemental Daos with the word "weak" because they were the most accessible Daos, as well as the easiest to comprehend. However, the truth was that all Daos were equal, in the end.

Sure, if you compared the power that Dao Contact with the Dao of Fire had against the Dao of Chaos, obviously the Dao of Chaos wins. But, as the level of Dao Cultivation increase, the gap between the power of an Elemental Dao between the other Daos decreases.

If you take the same example, two cultivators fight each other — one for Fire and the other for Chaos — but now, both are at Dao Mastery, while the cultivator with the Dao of Fire still won't win, at least he won't be hopelessly outmatched, and can perhaps flee.

Cultivators were a pretentious lot who wanted credit for doing things the hard which was why they condemned a practitioner of the Fire Dao, yet praise someone at who cultivated the Dao of Chaos.

However, should either cultivator reach the source of their Dao, no one would be debating over which Dao was more powerful, they would instead fear the Fire Dao practitioner on the same level as the Chaos Dao practitioner for putting in the same amount of effort as the Chaos Dao practitioner in their Dao cultivation.


Evangeline could only shameless ask for Jam to make her some pills, as her Grand Dao of Chaos was very important to her. All of her other Daos were at the Dao Infusion level, so to pay Jam back, she said that Jam could, at any time, ask for her help in improving his Space and Time Dao insights.

Jam didn't mind having to concoct some pills for his friends, and this was his Dao Companion. He would do this for her, even if she didn't want to pay him back. Furthermore, it gave him an excuse to try concocting a pill he would otherwise probably never need.

Jam took out his pill cauldron, and made five hundred Chaos Concentrate Pills over the course of fifteen minutes. He gave Evangeline all the pills and returned to his formation space. 500 pills would support anyone for a very long time, unless we were talking about Jam training his body.

Speaking of Jam training his body, It was currently night time, so Jam took another Bone Refinement Pill, and resumed his "training." Jam might have grown used to the pain, but his body still reacted as if he was dying, especially his face which looked like he was pleading for death.

These expressions of Jam both humored and disturbed Evangeline. But she got used to them after the first couple hours of watching Jam cultivate his body.

She wanted to ask him what he was doing, as this version of body refinement was much different than the ones she knew of. However, disturbing a person while they were cultivating was taboo. Unless there was a crisis, people wouldn't disturb others while they were cultivating.

Soon night turned to day, and Jam had a couple hundred less Bone Spurring Pills. He woke up, to see Evangeline stand up and move over to his side. Evangeline said "Dear, what were you doing all night long"

"Body Refinement training."

"Are you serious?" All the Body refinement methods Evangeline knew of required the use of special environments. For example a fire body refining technique might involve having a cultivator enter a volcano, or a thunder body refining technique require a cultivator entering a thunder valley.

"Yep. Why are you interested in Body Refinement?"

"Not really, I was just concerned about those god awful expression you were making while cultivating."

"Oh. You should really get into body refinement. I heard that after the Sage Realm, it becomes very important to have a solid constitution to continue cultivation."

"I would if the processes wasn't so meddlesome. None of the body refinement techniques I've heard of work like yours, where you can cultivate in the comfort of your own home. There's always a need to go to a special environment, and that would take away too much time from my other forms of cultivation."

"Mhmm" Jam made this sound as he asked Tzatziki for permission to give her his body refinement technique. However, Tzatziki told Jam that this would not be the best option for her. Instead Tzatziki told Jam to give Evangeline a different kind of body refinement technique.

The technique Tzatziki mention was called the Yin Destruction Empress Sutra, and would let Evangeline travel all the way up to the tenth Heavenly Vessel. It wouldn't let her reach all the way to the peak of the Twelve Heavenly Vessels Realm but her time experience cultivating the technique would more than make up for this flaw.

The Yin Destruction Empress Sutra was a very unusual body refinement cultivation technique because, those who cultivated it didn't experience pain. However, the requirements to be able to practice this technique were very demanding.

Still, Evangeline had the prerequisites to practice this technique, as one of her superpowers was Disintegration, a derivative of the Dao of Destruction, she was female, and her talent for Yin affinity had unlimited potential.

By training in this body refinement skill, Evangeline would also enter the world of cultivating the Dao of Destruction as well as the Yin Dao. She could later also learn some abilities exclusive to these Daos into her arsenal of skills.

Evangeline could have learned skills for the Yin and Destruction Daos earlier, as she had unlimited potential for both of these types of energies. However, she thought she had enough Daos on her plate already, from studying four Daos.

Jam's method for Body Refinement would be a good way for her to get into these Daos — Yin and Destruction Daos — while minimizing the loss of studies for her other Daos, as she would have to start refining her body at some point, if she wanted to cultivate after immortality.

Jam presented this technique to Evangeline, and she decided she would cultivate it. Along with this technique, Jam also gave her some of the nameless Tier 3 Body Refinement Pills, as well as some Tier 3 Bone Spurring Pills.

Since Jam was now a Tier 3 Alchemist he wouldn't give her the same Tier 1 and 2 Body Refinement Pills he used, when he could give her much superior Tier 3 Pills.


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