Divinity Jam
43 Incomprehensible Levels of Pain
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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43 Incomprehensible Levels of Pain

Jam left his body cultivation state, because his internal clock told him it was daytime. During the day, Jam would focus on energy cultivation and training his skills. Jam would spend half the day feeding his soul, and the other half on training his core skills.

Last week Jam had worked on the Styles of the Cosmic Bow, so this week he chose to study the core skills for the Spirit Realm of his Thunderfire Cataclysm.

The Thunderfire Cataclysm technique had three core skills for the Spirit Realm: Fire Combat Armor, Thunder Movement Armor, and Final Resort.

[(Spirit Realm) Fire Combat Armor: A supporting technique that shrouds the user's armor in fire. While covered in flames, the user gains a major boost to his attack and defense, as well as a small boost to their speed. Effectiveness of this technique is determined by Fire Dao's aspect of Essence and Aura — 32%| Evolvable]

[(Spirit Realm) Thunder Movement Armor: A supporting technique that shrouds the user's armor in thunder. While covered in thunder, the user gains a major boost to his attack, reaction time and movement speed, as well as a small boost to their defense. Effectiveness of this technique is determined by Thunder Dao's aspect of Essence and Aura — 35%| Evolvable]

Because Jam's Dao of Thunder and Dao of Fire were at the Dao Infusion level, Jam could stacks these two armor techniques one atop the other, in a fashion similar to superpositioning. This was less impressive than a true fusion of thunder and fire energy, but Jam had to make due with what he was capable of achieving with his current cultivation.

[(Spirit Realm) Final Resort: A calamitous thunderfire fusion attack. The user creates a dense ball of fire and incorporates a spark of pure thunder energy within, isolated from interacting with the fire. Upon activation, the thunder spark and fire interact and a massive explosion ensues Effectiveness of this technique is determined by Thunder and Fire Daos' aspects of Essence — 22%| Evolvable]

The Final Resort technique would take a massive chunk of energy from normal cultivators, so even Jam, with his near endless supply of energy, couldn't spam his opponents with this attack.

However, the skill's destructive capabilities, more than made up for its cost of energy. Once Jam mastered this technique, he could annihilate small mountains with a single Final Resort.


And so the days passed, with Jam and Evangeline cultivating a couple feet apart from each other.

Jam trained for three days until he had to stop, as he had reached the wall known as the 85% completion of the Bone Realm. As Jam got more accustomed to the pain of refining his bones, he upped his dosage of Bone Spurring Pills, sometimes taking four to five pills at the same time; this was the reason he could go from 25% to 85% completion in just three days.

Jam had been processing the energy of his Bone Spurring Pills at full speed as he approached the 85% mark, as Tzatziki didn't warn him about the upcoming pain.

Needless to say, the moment Jam passed the 85% mark and had five pills worth of Bone Spurring Pills assault the inner layer of his bone mass, Jam experienced a pain so profound he felt everything and nothing all at once. Time and space stopped existing for Jam, and he could do nothing but suffer in silence, in what seemed to be an eternity and a moment at the same time.

This was a hallucination people would get, when they recieved pain right along the lines of their sensory limits. Any more pain and Jam would not feel it, and perhaps die of shock. Any less pain, and Jam would not have the misfortune of experiencing this terrifying hallucination; which would still be brutally painful, but the illusion of suffering for an eternity would not be present.

The hallucination was both a miserable experience for those unfortunate enough to go through it, because of the incomprehensible levels agony that accompanied it. But, it would also be a great tempering device for a cultivators willpower. After this experience, Jam would have very few to no qualms about being inflicted pain.

The hallucination made time and space feel nonexistent and Jam felt like he had experienced this pain for trillions of years. Jam's expression when passing the 85% mark and returning to reality, didn't become more exaggerated. Rather, the ghastly expressions plaguing his face up until that moment, stopped existing.

Since Jam became immune to pain he started upping his dosage of Bone Spurring Pills once again. However, Tzatziki warned him not to take more than twenty at a time, as even the strongest bodies couldn't handle the process of destruction and reforming with more than 20 pills in their system, even if Jam could mentally tolerate the pain.

Jam did as Tzatziki said and only took twenty pill each time, but the result were extremely gruesome. Even though Jam's body had reached 85% completion of the Bone Realm, the first time he took twenty Bone Spurring Pills at the same time, Jam's bones turned to mush, and he began bleeding from all his orifices, as well as the pores in his skin.

This blood contained the impurities Jam would be slowly releasing as sweat if he kept with his previous pace of 4-5 pills per cycle of energy. Even though Jam looked to be in a very bad shape, his body was rapidly fixing itself.

Jam would repeat this process of demolition and reconstruction of his bones over and over again, until he finally reached the 100% completion of the Bone Realm; which was achieved by the next morning.

Evangeline, had started following Jam's trend of cultivating the body at night, while cultivating her energy and skills during the day. Because Jam didn't make any noise throughout the night, Evangeline was shocked and worried when she opened her eyes to see a bloodied Jam, lying in a pool made of more of his blood and sweat.

Evangeline instantly got up on her feet and rushed over to Jam's side. Ever since she learned about the shortcomings of only knowing attacking abilities, Evangeline started learning other types of skills. Among those skills was a Time Dao skill known as Temporal Restoration, which came from the Seraph Clan's inheritances.

She had already mastered this skill — at the Spirit Realm level — and with her Time Dao being at the Dao Infusion level, Evangeline could quickly heal Jam body.

Jam wasn't unconscious, it's just that when he stopped cultivating to take a short break, his body became unresponsive. Jam had to admit, Evangeline's time healing skill was very impressive. In just a couple seconds the majority of Jam's injuries had healed. He made up his mind to learn the same technique or one belonging to the same vein in the future.

However, Jam's own Regeneration was the main reason the healing became this fast. If it were any another person in Jam's position — without the Regeneration of the Muscle Realm — Evangeline would need a couple minutes to heal them to the same degree as Jam.

Moreover, Jam's Regeneration had evolved after he completed the Bone Realm, in the same way it would evolve every time he crossed a realm or stage in body refinement. Now in the Bone Realm, Jam's regeneration would extend to his entire musculoskeletal system. If Jam survived a blow that broke all the bones in his body, he would be good as new in less than a day.

Jam's Bone Realm body now also possessed the hidden ability exclusive to those with a Bone Realm body and above; Shapeshifting. Shapeshifting was an ability that humans could only attain through the complete control of their bones and muscles.

At the moment, Jam's shapeshifting was limited to his physical features; he can't become a giant or shrink in size. However, after Jam completed the Organ Realm of Body Refinement, he would be able to completely change his body.

Like with all advancements in Body Refining, Jam gained the ability to channel even more energy through his body, after completing the Bone Realm.

Shapeshifting would continue to improve as Jam's body kept progressing through the Stages of Body Refinement, just like his Regeneration; this was the case for all the subsequent hidden abilities of the Body Refinement Cultivation System.


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