Divinity Jam
44 Things Get Spicy
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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44 Things Get Spicy

After telling Evangeline that he was fine, Jam cleaned his cultivation area, and headed to his bathroom. After the ordeal he went through to complete his Bone Realm body, Jam was dying to relax.

On his way to the bathroom, Jam noticed that Evangeline had started moving around. He didn't know what she was up to, but his fatigue made him unable to care about her problems for the moment.

Jam made it to his bathroom and filled his bathtub full of hot water. The house that the academy gave to Jam had an over-the-top bathroom. Not only was the bathroom the size of any other room in the house — excluding the cultivation chamber upstairs — Jam's bathroom had its own separate showering area from the bathtub; it wouldn't be a problem for several people to use the bathroom at the same time.

After learning to clean himself with energy, Jam stopped regularly taking showers. But when he did take a shower to relax, he wouldn't usually use the bath. The fatigue this time was truely top tier, seeing as how Jam felt the need to take a bath.

As the warm bath was being prepared, Jam slowly took his time showering. Jam was very meticulous with his time in the shower, as this was a luxury he didn't enjoy often. But more importantly, after his breakthrough to the Bone Realm Jam had a ton of damaged skin hanging all over his body.

Jam would make sure all this old and broken skin fell of his body before he entered the bathtub. He used a sponge to clear anything he didn't want on his body. This included both the old ragged pieces of skin, as well as the impurities that he had expelled while cultivating.

Jam had reached peak-insanity, when he decided to take the 20 Bone Spurring Pills for each cycle of energy. Sure, that allowed him to quickly complete his Bone Realm body, but it also made him bleed the impurities out of his body. This mixture of blood and cultivation impurities was nasty to say the least. Even if Jam used his energy to dispel the stick mixture from his body, he would find it troublesome. Moreover, that god-awful smell would still linger; he needed this bath and shower combo.

Jam made sure that his body was brand-spanking new, before entering the bath. He wouldn't be able to relax in the bathtub, if there were impurities floating around in his relaxation vessel.

Jam stepped into the bathtub, and managed to relax for a total of three seconds before he heard his bathroom door, open. Jam was greeted by the sight of a VERY exposed Evangeline, only covered by a towel. At first, Jam thought he was still hallucinating, but after scanning Evangeline with his Detecting Form, he realized this was really happening.

"Why?" This was the only word Jam could utter. He couldn't think of any possible reason for why Evangeline would have wanted to enter the bath at this point in time.

"Huh?" Evangeline was surprised at Jam's lack of reaction. She came with the expectation of seeing Jam's face turn red, and kept imagining Jam's flustered behavior in this situation. Too bad Jam was still not interested in the opposite sex.

"Why did you come in now?" Jam clarified his previous sentence.

"To… to comfort my worn out husband. Yeah, that's why I'm here... Why? Would you prefer that I leave?" Evangeline bullshitted her way through her response, and turn back the tides on Jam.

"Nah I don't really care. It's just that your behavior always seems to amaze me. You constantly act in ways contrary to what the books I've read say."

Evangeline didn't understand what Jam meant when he talked about the books he had read, but she blushed at Jam's shameless admission to not minding her presence in the bath with him; at least that was what her mind interpreted.

Evangeline was a true champion of the heart, as she straight up dipped herself into the bath, with Jam still in it. Just to see what expression Jam would make as she raised the stakes. She had been waiting for over a week to prank Jam, and by god, she would get her desired result today!

Jam disappointed her, as he looked like this situation was just another arbitrary moment in his life. Instead the person who ended up with a red face and showed flustered expressions was none other than Evangeline. Because, as she entered the bath and looked at Jam, she saw that he wasn't covered by a towel like herself.

Moreover, Jam seemed to care even less about being exposed in front of her, than when he saw her enter the room. Jam's apparent voyeurism told Evangeline that Jam was a tough nut to crack, and that to get the reactions she wanted from him would require the use of extreme measures.

Evangeline's pride became her downfall today, as in her attempt to embarrass Jam, she discarded her towel, bringing about an equilibrium of nudity to the room. This action certainly got a reaction out of Jam. However, instead of embarrassment, a look of confusion spawned on Jam's face.

The books he had read on social affairs made him certain that the chances, of Evangeline revealing herself in such a manner, happening were impossibly low. It wasn't even an option Jam had considered for this situation.

However, Evangeline was a girl and Jam had yet to see a living example of their "partless" crotches. She seemed to not care about the awkwardness of nudity between the two genders, so Jam wouldn't let this chance go to waste. Jam started speaking.

"Hey, I was wondering… could you stand up for a second." These words might have been acceptable in other situation, but they were directed by a boy to a girl, who was naked in his bath; it wasn't appropriate for these circumstances, to say the least.

'Oh, shit. I've seriously fucked up this time around. He's my future husband so I don't mind letting him see me naked, but if he tries something funny...' Evangeline thought to herself. She didn't think of what would happen if Jam "tried anything funny," but the result wouldn't be pretty...

Evangeline took a deep breath, gave Jam a glare full of complex emotions, and stood up, revealing herself in the totality of her perfection.

It should be noted that Evangeline had been seriously cultivating her body, and had even reached the beginning phases of the Bone Realm. Each time a person made a breakthrough to the next Stage or Realm in body refinement, their body would become closer to that of the ideal body. This in turn made Jam look like a devilishly handsome eighteen-year-old, and Evangeline looked like an eighteen-year-old world class beauty.

Honestly, the scene of both of them in the bathroom, looked less like a bunch of derpy ten-year-olds playing around in the bath, and more like a mature couple acting out some sort of soft foreplay.

As Jam looked at the the now exposed Evangeline, he couldn't help but mutter under his breath "It really is true… they really do have partless crotches..."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Evangeline had heard Jam's mutterings as clear as day.

"I read a book on anatomy, but up until this very moment, I've never managed to see a real woman's crotch. I had always been skeptical about the rumors, but they were really true! Men and women have different crotches!"

The ridiculousness of Jam's explanation diffused how tense the mood was, and Evangeline felt atmosphere lighten up. So, she sat back down, and the two enjoyed their bath for a while. Evangeline, while wanting to trust Jam, still couldn't help but be on guard against him during their bath. Jam on the other hand, closed his eyes and fully enjoyed his bath for the span of its duration.

When Jam felt relaxed enough, he got out of the bath, dispelled any lingering drops of water still stuck to his skin with his energy, and put on his uniform. Whenever Jam was out of combat he would walk around in his bare uniform.

Evangeline was still pulling herself back together after that experience she shared with Jam in the bathroom, but soon followed after Jam's steps in re-clothing herself.

The two Dao Companions were trying their best to understand the others intentions. Jam acted completely different that what was expected of a boy his age, and the same could be said for Evangeline.


After this desperately needed break, Jam returned to his cultivation room and resumed his energy cultivation. Now that Jam had completed his body cultivation for the Spirit Realm, he could focus more time on his other core skills and energy cultivation.

Jam and the other core disciples, had about a weeks worth of time to prepare for the trip to the Titanic Beast Mountain Range. During this time, apart from improving his relationship with Evangeline, Jam managed to reach the peak of the Soul Condensing Stage, as well as master all the core skills available to him from the Thunderfire Cataclysm.

After Jam's willpower had been strengthened through his experience with the Bone Realm of body cultivation, Jam's souls grew to be several times more resistant. Therefore, allowing him to feed his soul larger amounts of energy at a faster rate. This resulted in him being at the peak of the Soul Condensing Stage by the end of the week. Jam's soul was now the same size as his body.

Right before the core disciples would meet in the classroom to leave with Cecily to the Titanic Beast Mountain Range, Jam also collected the techniques he was promised for being in the champion squad of the hunting competition.

Tzatziki recommended that Jam should take a Demonic technique for the Saint Realm technique, and a Yang technique for the Sage Realm technique. Jam could understand why a demonic technique was picked. Jam had his True Demon Form, but it had no skills aside from the transformation. But, the Yang technique? Why on earth would Jam need a Yang technique, after all the Daos he was currently studying?

Jam tried to ask Tzatziki, why he could possibly need a Yang technique. But all he did was giggle non-stop and put on a peculiar face — ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). In the end Tzatziki finally put together a complete sentence through his laughing "Your going to need it in the future. TRUST ME."


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