Divinity Jam
45 Purple Sunshine
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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45 Purple Sunshine

Jam was recognized in the library by the receptionist, and allowed to go to the third and fourth floor to pick out his two techniques. On the third floor, Jam picked up a technique simply called Intent.

[Intent: An auxiliary technique that suppresses and applies pressure on others through the user's killing intent. The effects of the suppression can range from decreasing the combat prowess of the target(s) to directly killing the target should their cultivation be weak enough relative to the user. The technique's effectiveness is governed by the user's cultivation base, level of killing intent, and Demon Dao level — Maximum effect on Saint Masters and below]

After picking the Demonic Technique in the third floor, Jam moved up to the fourth floor, and started searching for a Yang technique. Because the Library was shaped like a pyramid there would be less books the higher up you went.

The fourth floor was the highest floor in the library and had very few books in its own right; there wouldn't be many books for Yang techniques, that Jam could pick from. Luckily, Jam found a skill he liked.

[Solar Upheaval: Incorporates Yang Dao aspects and energy into already existing skills. This technique allows the user to gain access to the Yang Dao aspects of Purification, Light, Heat, Hardness, and Virtue — 0% | Evolvable]

The Yang Dao was very similar to the Dao of Fire, as they shared two aspects, the aspect of Heat and Purification. However, while these aspects were technically the same, the differed slightly.

The Yang Dao would push these two aspects to the extreme. For example, Heat for the Dao of fire, could be interpreted to be hot or cold, and some Fire Dao practitioners would use a cold flame. However, for the Yang Dao, the concept of "coldness" didn't exist.


With these two techniques picked out, Jam headed back to the receptionist to pick up the jade slips for these techniques. These techniques weren't like the free techniques, that had their respective jade slips in the little book introducing the techniques. Jam would have to take the introductory book for his Demonic and Yang techniques to the receptionist, where he would then be given the jade slips for each of the techniques.

Jam won't back down stairs and received his techniques. He bade farewell to the receptionist and headed for the core disciples classroom. Evangeline told Jam she would be waiting for him to pick up his technique outside the library, and when Jam came out, the two of them headed to their classroom.

On the way to their classroom Jam and Evangeline saw Rina. Jam shouted at Rina and after some formalities, Rina was added to Jam's party. Rina was still not perfectly acclimated to Jared becoming Evangeline, but that didn't influence her too much in the way she behaved around Evangeline.

As they were walking and chatting, Rina suddenly asked Jam "So… what's your IGT?"

"What?" Jam had no idea what Rina was talking about.

"You know, an Internet GamerTag." Rina responded.

"Sorry, I still have no idea what you're talking about." Jam was still confused.

"Do you have a computer?" Rina asked.

"Not here. But I did have one back where I lived, before coming to the academy." Jam confirmed.

"Have you ever used the computer to play games on the internet?"

"Nope." Jam only used the computer in Woody's house to search for the most optimal training methods, or other things related to cultivation.

Rina face-palmed herself before saying "You should get a computer and make an IGT, so you can play with us on The Cloud"

"Who is "us" and what is "The Cloud?""

"You might be the only person in the academy without a computer to play games with, so when I say "us" I'm referring to all the other core disciples. I mean seriously, even Evangeline has an IGT and plays games every once in a while. The Cloud is just the name of the system where people go to play game on the internet, from all over the Mortal Plane." Rina was trying to be friendly with Jam by having him join her friends list.

Jam turned to Evangeline to see her avoiding his gaze, as much as she possibly could.

Jam faced Rina and said "Fine, but won't this take away time from our cultivation?"

"Yeah, but cultivation is boring and dull." This time it was Evangeline who spoke up.

"Well, what kind of games do you play on The Cloud?"

"Lets see. You can play the traditional games, where you look at your computer's monitor, or buy a virtual reality capsule and play games in, well, virtual reality. There are RPG, Action, Adventure, Cooking, Fantasy, History, Romance, … , and even Card games and Board games!"

"That sounds stupid. Why would I play a dumb game, when reality is much more fascinating. We are literally cultivators! Our lives are literally chuck-full of action, adventure, fantasy, and so on."

"Yeah, but it's hard work, and the action, adventure, and fantasy has to wait for you become powerful through the endlessly repetitive training. Don't you want to have a taste of what being super powerful is like, without having to go through the trouble of cultivating and training to reach that level?"

"The would be nice, but every moment I spend pretending to be almighty, is a moment wasted from cultivation that can actually make me that strong!"

There was a long pause after Jam said this, and both Rina and Evangeline were looking at him, in a way that made him uncomfortable. To recover from this apparent blunder, Jam said "However, you're right in saying that cultivation is repetitive, dull, and boring,... I'll get a computer, make an IGT, and play with you guys when I'm relaxing."

Since there was still time before the class started, Jam's party went to the Hall of Affairs, to buy Jam a computer and set up his IGT. The Hall of Affairs was a place that sold almost anything to a disciple of the academy, so long as buyer had enough money.

With Jam's wealth, buying a state-of-the-art computer and virtual capsule combo was not an issue. After buying his computer, Jam made an IGT before leaving the Hall of Affairs. Jam had no idea what his IGT should be, so he asked Evangeline and Rina for their opinion. Oddly enough, they both told him the same thing "Your IGT should be your Daoist name."

"I don't have a Daoist name."

"Well make one up then." Evangeline responded

"Is that how that works? Aren't you supposed to get your Daoist name from your reputation?"

"Nah, you can just call yourself by whatever Daoist name you want."

"Mhmm..." Jam thought about it for a minute, when all of a sudden a name just popped into his mind 'Purple Sunshine!'

This Daoist name was totally random, and had nothing to do with the Daos Jam studied, his personality, or really, anything about him. But after the name appeared in his mind, Jam couldn't forget it, and decided his Daoist name should be Purple Sunshine.

Jam typed "Purple Sunshine" into the computer and confirmed this name to be his IGT.

Evangeline and Rina were surprised with Jam's choice, but the matter of one's Daoist name was up to themselves, so they didn't say anything. They took this opportunity to tell Jam their Daoist name, since he would have to know anyways when they went to the Titanic Beast Mountain Range.

Evangeline's Daoist name was Returning Void, and Rina's Daoist name was Shinestar.

Daoist names would be used when cultivators left their sect — or academy — and interacted with foreign cultivators. Jam would come to know members of other sects by their Daoist name until he reached a close enough relationship to know that person's real name. It was a way for people to recognize cultivators by their own merits, instead of their ancestry.

After Jam finished setting up his computer, virtual reality capsule, IGT, and Cloud account, he stored everything he bought in his Spatial Storage Dimension. Jam's group then left the Hall of Affair, and walked to their classroom.

Jam's group finally made it to the classroom. There, they waited for Cecily to come and pick them up. Cecily would take the core disciples into her flying vessel, to reach the Titanic Beast Mountain Range.

The Titanic Beast Mountain Range is outside of Yhamnigh. In other words, the core disciples would be traveling through space to reach their destination.

One by one, the rest of the core disciples entered the classroom. They passed time by chatting amongst one another. Evangeline and Arnold were the only two core disciples that didn't participate in the chatting. Evangeline still didn't treat the rest of the core disciples as equals, and Arnold was cultivating the aspect of Self, until Cecily entered the classroom.

It was seven in the morning when Cecily reached the classroom. Cecily looked into the classroom, and after confirming that everyone was present said "Good. Seeing that everyone's already here, let's go."


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